Jim Himes - Laying Out the Facts in Trump’s Impeachment Inquiry | The Daily Show
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Rep. Jim Himes discusses why he believes Trump committed an impeachable offense and why Republicans use the phrase “quid pro quo” instead of “extortion.” #TheDailyShow #JimHimes
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  • obsidianet

    We’re NOT a democracy!!!!!!!!!!!! Dems try to ban the Pledge of Allegiance to brainwash the Left.

  • tenacious645

    It's safe that partisan politics has us to a point where we argue over fucking facts. We've allowed the wealthy to corrupt our minds.

  • Denise Enos
    Denise Enos

    I love you Trevor!!! You are the "Best Talk Show Host" of all of them. You are the funniest!! No matter how I feel, when I watch you I feel so much better. You always make me laugh. I have watched Denture Donald so many times, but it doesn't matter how many times I laugh into tears.

  • Rich Caudell
    Rich Caudell

    I love how they guess on statistics, our only using Democratic polls. Democrats are hell bent removing this President and will not stop tell they get what they want. "GOOD LUCK" #Trump2020

  • James Wanjau
    James Wanjau

    To GOP/ right-wing/MAGA folks crying that the impeachment is unfair: Who's the snowflake now?

  • tinnin fran
    tinnin fran

    Abuse of power? These talking heads have never studied our government. The ambassador was not fired, she was just removed from the Ukraine because she was getting involved in their politics. She was participating in marches for gay rights. The Ukrainian government didn't like that

  • Ican FeeLIt
    Ican FeeLIt

    who the fuck cares bout corrupt ukraine fuck them

  • MrMferg240

    December 9th will be a historic day in the history of American politics.


    I am surprised Jim didn't mention Trump's approval rating. So even if they were right about letting the people decide the approval rating speaks for itself

  • C Schroeder
    C Schroeder

    Its funny how delusional the left is, the big moment goofball again was a big BUST. HAHAHAHA. TRIED OF LOSING YET!!! BLAHHHH

  • Howard Sharrott
    Howard Sharrott

    When asked what he wanted, Trump said, I want nothing, no quid pro quo, I want selinski (Ukraine prez) to do the right thing. Its in the transcripts which were in front of both parties during the hearing. In fact Jim Jordan read it word for word and got Sondland to admit it. Quid pro quo debunked, yet media headline: Ambassador Sondland says there is a quid pro quo so media runs with it of course not waiting for later on in hearing when repubs questioned and totally debunked the quid pro bs which was "presumed" and in Sondland's opinion.

  • Nicki nurse
    Nicki nurse

    The congress had already determined that Ukraine passed the corruption test before they voted to give them the money. The whole Bidden thing per Fiona Hill the Russian/Ukrainian specialist is conspiracy nonsense & furthermore she has stated they were carrying out Russian propaganda misinformation. The congress has the power of the purse & the POTUS is outside his constitution rights to decide Ukraine should not get what congress said they should get.

  • RustyTube

    So, was it a coup when Bill Clinton was impeached?

  • A W
    A W

    Republicans aren’t known to be fair and not cheat in an election. If Hillbilly Lindsey wants an election to “remove” the president, he’s pretty sure all the Republicans Tom Foolery regarding a Presidential election is a sure thing or at least stacked in the Republicans favor. Like the Republicans stacked the US Court system with Republican Judges, only worse and with more cheating; such as, what happened to Stacy Abrams with her contender that ran against her and headed the election board for Georgia and that stood up. No way if roles were reverse and that happened to a Republican would they have stood for that. Seriously, according to Rachel Maddow, Russia has hacked into our power grid and utility infrastructure here in America. I think it should be put into law that every voting poll station in the country must have a back up generator and paper ballots. We all know Trumps tell.... He accuses others namely Democrats in office of cheating or unscrupulous acts he is about to do or has recently done that we don’t know about, yet.

  • tava ramirez
    tava ramirez

    So they want the people to decide. Let's go!. Let us vote right now. He would be out and in grave danger of jail real real fast. Then we could take a good look at his enablers.

  • C21, The Vinc Group
    C21, The Vinc Group

    Ukraine SHOULD investigate gross corruption in the country starting with why VP Biden threatened to withhold 1,000,000,000 in US aid if they didn't kill the investigation into Hunter. Then openly bragged about it. He boasted at a fkn news conference, but that's perfectly acceptable, right? Morons...

  • drjstrangepork

    This guy read the Democrat messaging points. I agree that Trump did something improper/illegal, but it is tiring to hear the same points over and over.

  • Cynthia Browne
    Cynthia Browne

    "All over the world the United States government tries to promote clean elections, clean economy...." REALLY NOW?????? pffft!!

    • Friedemann Kindt
      Friedemann Kindt

      @Cynthia Browne Sucks that conspiracy theorist, social justice warrior, feminist and alike are dirty words thanks to hyperverbal, cringy fucknuggets. I don't know, maybe i should get a tin foil hat, but the Zeitgeist documentaries are my favorite source of examples for perspective on our history. If you can stomache that narcoleptic narrator and the av delay, you're in for a treat. Consider them audiobooks with visual aides ;) Disclaimer: they pull no punches. Religion, government, whatever nutsack needs a kicking gets it. Enjoy ^^

    • Cynthia Browne
      Cynthia Browne

      @Friedemann Kindt its so blatant in the face of what they've just done to Bolivia....!! I love that John Perkins exposed their agenda!!!! The world can do without the USA's bullying, thanks ;)

    • Friedemann Kindt
      Friedemann Kindt

      Right? :D I loved "confessions of an economic hitman", it showed beautifully to what lengths powerbuilding will go in the name of compassion

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones

    So what trump said is a crime/impeachable.... But biden accepting millions from them, extorting them with 1billion in aide unless they fire the ag going after his son

  • Justin Jones
    Justin Jones

    You anti trumpers just keep totally denying reality....

  • Darrick Brown
    Darrick Brown

    Every week the charge changes, why do Democrats talk to America like we are stupid! You can’t beat trump in the next election so you want to get rid of him now, you know that won’t happen so do we. You want to use the impeachment to run on because you have nothing else. On both sides your full of shit and none have you have changed you all lie and talk at us like we are stupid.

  • Michael Duffy
    Michael Duffy

    The same people that scream for Trumps impeachment had absolutely no problem with Bush lying to get us into Iraq. Not even a whisper of impeachment. This is so phony.

  • Stu Ghira
    Stu Ghira

    Trevor is not a US citizen. Why is he giving his opinion on our political workings. He's a fucking comedian. Stick to comedy you cunt

  • Da Hawk
    Da Hawk

    6:06 - "...it's not just to the president." YIKES. I suggest you go back and read your Oath. It is not to the president _at all._ The foundation that everyone in these positions of public trust are sworn to protect is the Constitution. You eventually get to that point. But you tripped up in a big way in getting there.

  • jimmymckay73

    Can they bring back jon Stewart and the humor to this show

    • Jeffrey Odolski
      Jeffrey Odolski

      @jimmymckay73 The interviews tend to be pretty serious with a little humor peppered here and there. But silly jokes are always thrown in during his regular segments. Most of them are funny, if you appreciate some of the long running gags such as, "Look at all these people!" when he points at all of the democrats running for presidency (including some obscure fictional character). For whatever reason, his sense of humor is often slapstick humor and it appeals to me.

    • jimmymckay73

      @Jeffrey Odolski they are trying to be serious it seems, I don't watch so I really don't know . All the clips I see are not funny .

    • Jeffrey Odolski
      Jeffrey Odolski

      jimmymckay73 it isn’t humorous now?

  • Project Contractors
    Project Contractors

    *Comedy gone to hell!*

  • D W
    D W

    So I'm layin' here... toasted.. dying.. learning.. and it occurs to me that spirit of youthful rebellion, I hate Trump, We're gonna save the world stuff centers conspicuously on the internet, am I right? ALLLL this shit you claim you're doing or gonna do to save the world is gonna happen on your phones, right? It just dawned on me... You crazy kids don't even have to LOOK at each other any more, do you? Fascinating...

  • Donald Frederick
    Donald Frederick

    100% Bernie 2020

  • A T
    A T

    I was following Jim Himes until he said that Trump's opinion on the media being an enemy of the people was a wrong/bad. If Trump didn't call out media Americans would still be prey to malicious media networks.

  • Angrybirds neyugn
    Angrybirds neyugn

    Fucking T must have done it all the time in his private life in order for him to do it again as a public official. Such a shit show.

  • Anibal


  • Sharon Beardslee
    Sharon Beardslee

    Our president Trump has thrown tantrums over many, Latin America, the eloquence of the white house decore... bla bla he over and over demands COMPLIANCE to his will everywhere. With everyone. If they don't comply they get de-funded aka Central America where the Guatemalan government was "asked" to sign the safe 3rd world refugee agreement so that the funds could be granted. This was when the caravans from Honduras were walking thousands of miles to look for safety. From gangs, cartels and thugs. We in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador the 'northern triangle' ARE THE VERY COUNTRIES where thus is an issue. Guatemala did sign the agreement. And for what? So Trump could release the mire 1.5 million in aide to the 5 countries of Central America? 1.5 million divided between 5 countries is a spit in the bucket. His true addenda is to halt and dismantle ASYLUM. Thank you for your service

  • DD2DL


  • Miss. Danni Tiger
    Miss. Danni Tiger


  • Miles Puckett
    Miles Puckett

    shit hole news!!!

  • YoucancallmeDEE Schroeder
    YoucancallmeDEE Schroeder

    I WILL SAY IT AGAIN. Testimony at the impeachment hearings Wednesday Sonland ask Trump "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM UKRAINE? Trump SAID "I want NOTHING"

  • YoucancallmeDEE Schroeder
    YoucancallmeDEE Schroeder

    No the Polls were rigged with 49% of people being democrats and the others were small numbers.. 31% Republican 10% Independent and 10% anyone.. (SO ADD THE LAST 10% TO THE DEMOCRATS)

  • YoucancallmeDEE Schroeder
    YoucancallmeDEE Schroeder

    funny how these liberals who hated Trump from day one.. HAVE EGG, OATMEAL AND BACON ON THEIR FACE.. SONLAND WAITED TO GIVE THE FACTS.. THE TRUTH.. Testimony at the impeachment hearings Wednesday Sonland ask Trump "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM UKRAINE? Trump SAID "I want NOTHING"

  • YoucancallmeDEE Schroeder
    YoucancallmeDEE Schroeder

    Testimony at the impeachment hearings Wednesday Sonland ask Trump "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM UKRAINE? Trump SAID "I want NOTHING"

  • Doug Hutton
    Doug Hutton

    It's clear to me this impeachment is going nowhere and is completely doomed to failure. Since it is being run by Democrats, I am not surprised.