Kayla Braxton goes crabbing with Lacey Evans: WWE’s The Bump
Kayla Braxton of WWE’s The Bump heads to South Carolina to learn what it truly means to be a Sassy Southern Belle.
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  • j-unit

    I didn't know the Evans lived in sc

  • Skylar Novak
    Skylar Novak

    Mock my words in 12 years Summer Evans is going to get called up to WWE developmental.

  • Arturo Almazan
    Arturo Almazan

    shes beautiful with no makeup on. Lacey Evans a great mom

  • Terry Beal 2
    Terry Beal 2

    Ha ha! Always great to see Lacey and Summer. 😍🇺🇸

  • KysKissMemes

    People hate lacey but when you get to really know her TRUE life style she’s amazing

  • coldste

    Kayla is so fricken adorable

  • Brie Nebula
    Brie Nebula

    This family is cool,her daughter is much cooler than me.😅😊✌

  • Stephen Greene
    Stephen Greene

    Damn, that kid is..........sassy!

  • shefin mathew
    shefin mathew

    Lacey goods so look without makeup

  • Jon Hawkins
    Jon Hawkins

    Using the Ronda Rousey schtick

  • Bobby Ginder
    Bobby Ginder

    After seeing this I have a different outlook of her👍

  • Deana Rupe
    Deana Rupe

    Am I the only one waiting for the Iconics to pop up and start yelling"Hey Kayla!" Summer was ready to give Kayla the women's right for complaining and slacking.


    Funny clip. Summer is sassy momma's girl

  • Darren Taylor
    Darren Taylor

    Lacey seems super cool.

  • Norman Gabbard
    Norman Gabbard

    Lol..I love it.. Crabs,shrimp,chickens.. I think I found my gal..

  • Oliver Lewis
    Oliver Lewis

    Lacey is perfect wife material.

  • jim Moore
    jim Moore

    So Lacey Evans is trailer park trash.

  • Mergie MERGE
    Mergie MERGE

    Poor crabs, I guess lacey doesn't live close to a grocery store?

  • Jamis Dog
    Jamis Dog

    Lacey’s daughters getting a bigger push than EC3


    OK she is sASSAY


    she ain't sassy but she is sothern


    She looks diffrent then a sassy sothern mama

  • Jacob Brinkley
    Jacob Brinkley

    I've gain so much respect for lacey now, thanks for your service to our country

  • ryan king
    ryan king

    This is dumb as hell

  • Shaz_ Ney
    Shaz_ Ney

    2:37 soo cutee😱😍

  • james johnston
    james johnston

    Lacy's cool but her daughter is going to be the real star!

  • Alyssa_ Popovich
    Alyssa_ Popovich

    I would love to spend a day with Lacey Evans she seems so nice and so loving she’s not as bad as I thought

  • Greg Sayre
    Greg Sayre

    Semper Fi sister

  • dawg Nation
    dawg Nation

    Put lacey and stone cold on the same ranch and watch the sharks fly.

  • Miss Rhossel
    Miss Rhossel

    Wait why did they bleep Lacey when she was waking up Kayla?! What did she say?!!!

  • xLttPx

    Lacy looks way hotter without the clown makeup

  • The Skull
    The Skull

    Lmfao i like lacey now

  • mottledtoast 391
    mottledtoast 391

    I used to go crabbing every sunday but i cant anymore cause my dad's foot is broken

  • Debbie Belden
    Debbie Belden

    Finally, a normal Mom, cute episode

  • beautifulob fan10
    beautifulob fan10

    these a egg.kayla ahh but theres a chicken tho. really i thoght it would be a bear in there


    Her daughter is cute as a button

  • Jen_ _A_Purr420
    Jen_ _A_Purr420

    I’d hang out with Lacey. She seems so down to earth.

  • mukabutera christine
    mukabutera christine

    2:37 Who else loves summer lee laughter ?????

  • Jac Jeans
    Jac Jeans

    @SethFreakinRollins your right she is gorgeous without makeup too

  • J0rdanTheG0atYt_

    1:40 my mom😂

  • mhad_evanray


  • Laura Silva
    Laura Silva

    Eu amo a lacey evans

  • Sean Bateman
    Sean Bateman

    Cookin' with Lacey should be a thing

  • Alan Lan
    Alan Lan

    What is his daughter name?

    • Kimberly Arrington
      Kimberly Arrington

      Alan Lan Summer lee

  • Hellfire Bloodcross Productions
    Hellfire Bloodcross Productions

    Bloody hell, Summer's just like her mother. This is hilarious.

  • Natoya Bookal
    Natoya Bookal

    Lacey is a good mother she thought summer well😂😂😂

  • Mark Burns
    Mark Burns

    I love it that's the Marine in her once a Marine always a Marine

  • Darryl Sanders
    Darryl Sanders

    Welcome to the lowcountry

  • DJ A7
    DJ A7

    I really love lacey personality


    ? 0:31 ??? ? ? ??

  • Anees Sarwar
    Anees Sarwar

    Lacey has a really stern voice, everything she says sounds like an order from a drill sergeant, guess that military stuff really helps with kids.

  • Anees Sarwar
    Anees Sarwar

    Lacey has a really stern voice, everything she says sounds like an order from a drill sergeant, guess that military stuff really helps with kids.

  • Simpleplanqueen5

    omg tbh I love this

  • Laid back Headbanger dude
    Laid back Headbanger dude

    Lacey is strong, So was her daughter.

  • Adrianus Wijaya
    Adrianus Wijaya

    that's a mother

  • MissAvier _
    MissAvier _

    Goes crabbing - Presenter : "WHOOO!?@" Lacey: "That was your own jacket sweetheart" 😂

  • Phil Brazil McCarron
    Phil Brazil McCarron

    Lacey have pitbulls...awesome!!!

  • the garbage of tomorrow
    the garbage of tomorrow

    They should've brought Sasha and Bayley...

  • Hunter Night Wolf
    Hunter Night Wolf


  • Dquan IsSavage
    Dquan IsSavage

    Lacey Evans Is Awesome!!🙌😎😎