Kevin Gates Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex
Kevin Gates goes Sneaker Shopping with Complex's Joe La Puma at Stadium Goods in NYC and talks about his friend Odell Beckham Jr. inspiring him to get into shape, his love for VaporMaxes from playing soccer and getting his charisma from Muhammad Ali.
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  • Complex

    What is your favorite sneaker to work out in?

    • Spaghetti Boys
      Spaghetti Boys

      Solar hu

    • The Red Goatee
      The Red Goatee

      Y’all gotta put Gates on them Pusha joints🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • isaiah bryan
      isaiah bryan


    • Ray BanDz
      Ray BanDz

      Complex K Swiss

  • Dahiana Varona
    Dahiana Varona

    I Love Me Some Kevin Gates🥰🥰🥰

  • Esco KickS
    Esco KickS

    This should be interesting he only wears one kind of shoe

  • Terrance Green
    Terrance Green

    I pray to Isla you read comment big dawg cause I don't gotta social media lane wave nun cause I'm very anti lot 💯 anti a lot of shit....fam but im the reincarnation of u really need to reach back

  • makalya jones
    makalya jones

    3000.00????? Tripping

  • Arun James
    Arun James

    5 panel hats are ugly

  • Jayy Hicks
    Jayy Hicks

    This nigga been happy asab. 😭😭

  • Yoga Wolf
    Yoga Wolf

    these the shoes i where when i eat booty......

  • jbiz

    Kevin Gates energy and vibes is all dat!!! ❣️🙏🏾❣️



  • Benito Avila
    Benito Avila

    anybody else think this was raekwon from the wu-tang

    • Joe Reed
      Joe Reed

      Let me know how many likes you get off your post...dude looks nothing like him 😐

  • waynek11

    Nike air vapormax $1600 This makes no sense More like $160

  • Aww Skit
    Aww Skit

    He’s pretty annoying

  • Kvng .901
    Kvng .901

    Gates gone pick up a shoe and be like “ aw these right here these really retarded “

  • Aliken Zander
    Aliken Zander


  • jayy quan
    jayy quan

    Musically , Kevin gates is a more gangster flo rida lol.. wack

  • vGunni

    NBA Youngboy: Hopefully Kevin Gates : Hopefully

  • Juan Tamad
    Juan Tamad


  • Nyron Adams
    Nyron Adams

    Nigga got 2 shoes Nd 2 hats tht he prolly not gonna wear after that day nd cost more than rent😭🤦🏾‍♂️


    Over 3k for that little shit damn Gates bruh you got Jacked !!

  • Brooklyn Loading
    Brooklyn Loading

    Kevin on here looking like Melo


    He just couldn’t wait for Black Friday

  • Jayden Jackson
    Jayden Jackson

    Thank you so much yes lard

  • Ross Deshotels
    Ross Deshotels

    Taking care of my lil feet

  • N. Pippen
    N. Pippen

    $1280-$1300 pair of shoes??? Maaaan fuck dem shoes

  • Alex's Custom Life
    Alex's Custom Life

  • Augie

    Yo what pants is he wearing bro?

  • Meaux Gainz
    Meaux Gainz

    I don’t see the hype of this guy..

    • Wallace Thompson
      Wallace Thompson

      He' just a cool dude.

  • Franco Cerella
    Franco Cerella

    Favorite sneaker to work out is nike free 4.0 5.0. Kevin sounds like a humble guy. Get nate diaz on. Bay fam🌉

  • Xola Qetsemani
    Xola Qetsemani

    Lol I didn't know Troy Deeney raps as well. EDIT: When he spoke about playing soccer, I'm definitely convinced he's related to Troy now.


    They Taxin

  • Zayd Joomun
    Zayd Joomun

    "I'm half man, half amazaing" 😂😂

  • Marjo Deep
    Marjo Deep

    I love how he is ... but Im dissapointed because I taught I was gonna be with MONICA but they were only friend and she was still married lol

  • Kevin Gualberto
    Kevin Gualberto

    He looks like Ali

  • G GG
    G GG

    his personality dont change regardless of how serious the interview or whatever

  • Toxic Cxrtz
    Toxic Cxrtz

    Kevin gates only good song=two phones

  • Austin Ryan Koevoets
    Austin Ryan Koevoets

    7:26 that dap up was hard af

  • Connor Fleniken
    Connor Fleniken

    Sneaker Shopping and Hot Ones are the two best series on USsofts right now

  • Amri Mrisho
    Amri Mrisho

    Kevin Gates looks like if Anthony Anderson grew up with YG

  • TMT Lamonte
    TMT Lamonte

    Nobody ... Absolutely nobody .... Kevin Gates - Right Now Today