Kudlow says proposed coronavirus stimulus package is roughly $6 trillion
Fox Business
National Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow says the administration and lawmakers are making headway on the coronavirus stimulus package.
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  • Ted Striker
    Ted Striker

    Kudlow will go down in the history books as the greatest economic blunder the world has ever seen.

  • Corben

    It was 2 trillion dollars just a couple days ago. What happened?

  • Q Cunno
    Q Cunno

    Exchange stabilisation fund....not long ago talking about that meant you were a conspiracy theorist

  • J C
    J C

    You hate socialism please send the check back if you took it shut the hell up

  • mistydhudd

    I owe back child support. I really need help though. I make dental crowns and implants which basically has stopped since dentists can only treat emergencies. 🙄 I understand taking my tax refund and stimulus checks past but this is different... Its supposed to help people survive through lost income not just extra money to have fun with.

  • tarheel 23
    tarheel 23

    Us the public get nothing but scraps while these people and their friends say how you going to pay for it are people blind really there giving 4.5 trillion to big business it would take a fool to think most Americans should be broke there's plenty of money they just don't want you to have it. In George Carlin's words it's a big club and you ain't in it

  • HuMan Being 34/7
    HuMan Being 34/7

    Five more trillion and we will have matched what mysteriously disappeared.

  • Wormell Glover
    Wormell Glover

    last time I checked Bernie Sanders would have given this to bailout common folk. You know healthcare Free college. You know the things that will help the people of this nation. OH YEAH this bill will Federalize GUN OWNERSHIP AN CREATE TAES THAT WILL KEEP US FROM GETTING OUR GUNS. AND IT ALSO INCLUDES THE GUNS YOU OWN!!!!! READ HE FINE PRINT PEOPLE

  • Yvette Q.
    Yvette Q.

    Make that money work for the progression of man kind so that we arent at home scared fortified with toilet paper and food, as freaking if!

  • Yvette Q.
    Yvette Q.

    Lies. Coercion. The US needs to use that money to help its states update water systems and provide clean water that never gets polluted. Work to fix our sewer systems so they dont pollute our oceans. Liars not leaders.

  • Roberto Ramirez
    Roberto Ramirez

    This guy was against bailouts when Obama was president. What a turd. He's Bernanke on steroids.

  • Roberto Ramirez
    Roberto Ramirez

    So after 3 weeks Trumps economy collapsed? I thought it was the best economy ever. Lol!

  • Roberto Ramirez
    Roberto Ramirez

    Trumps economy is a con. Ludlow is now a socialist. Lol.

  • Zilonte Clark
    Zilonte Clark

    This virus helped the world get reparations and stability. Folks whom never struggled or been in fear untill this pandemic.and the grandchildren of slaves still in captivity and exiled in their own land. This is truly the land of the satan. Manipulation and mind control

  • Randy Tonner II
    Randy Tonner II

    This is why you save money people!! Don’t live about your means.

  • Adam N
    Adam N

    I don't get it, is this a 4th Stimulus package now? Or part of the 2 trillion dollar Stimulus?

  • James S.
    James S.

    "... a trillion here, a trillion there.... pretty soon we're talking real money!" People have no concept of what ONE trillion dollars is. Let me enlightening you. A $1 bill is .005" thick. If you STACK one trillion $1 bills, the stack will be over 78,000 MILES high. That's more than 3 times around the Earth at the equator.

  • TK Smith
    TK Smith

    VETO the corruption President Trump .. Congressional salaries ? Green deals ?broadcasting ? Transparency please ...I'm not smiling are you America? .. This debt will affects generations to come ..our children.time to reelect officials with terms ... What's in the bill ??? All of it??? Please... Oh don't forget the invisible pandemic...like anyone could ..that's why all the medias harping continuously..promoting fear and panic among the masses... Next pushing the billion dollar vaccine for big pharms...may God have mercy on the people

  • Mike Noelck
    Mike Noelck

    Another bailout of corporate America. Throw a little in for the peasants. The corporations will take the money and wait the grace period before laying people off. The executives will take a limited salary but will make a fortune in gifted stock options. Prove me wrong America.

  • Miguel Arredondo
    Miguel Arredondo

    "One day you will see a 100 dollar bill on the street and not pick it up"

  • the loki
    the loki

    No worries if they keep playing this game it will come to a end

  • Kay Will
    Kay Will

    I just cant belevie this is this real want get out free money to pay it back later in raised taxes

  • Harley

    So basically......all the Heroine & Crack addicts will get the big bucks 🙄

  • lithgrapher

    People need to come out to spend the money to make a real difference.

  • Paul Bae
    Paul Bae

    Better raise corporate income tax to 50% on companies that take a grant or a loan from this mess & get rid of all loopholes. Take no tax from households making less than 150k. We are going to be f’ed for couple generations after this.

  • Mr E
    Mr E


  • James Nutt
    James Nutt

    No don’t sellout to Dem it’s not worth it, what selfish individual, please Lord Jesus protect us from the enemy, I wonder how someone looks themselves in mirror. I believe in free speech and of different ideas, but why does someone or others continue push a reckless ideas on American people. I believe you feel strongly about something you don’t the right push ideas and demand people your only your way, environment, flying ,cars, trains, why our you not using different types of transportation, like mules, horse and buggy, bicycle, or tricycle if you can’t the reach pedals ?

  • TentacleFunTime

    alot of people complaining 1200 is not enough, stupid cunts dont want the stimulus then haha

  • pike vena
    pike vena

    I seen all the packages about going to those that are effected. What about those that are risking their lives having to work full time in food service. My lung capacity is about 70%. Coronas virus would cut my lung capacity to 40%. I am having to go to work as normal when its spreading. If there was a tornado I probably be expected to work as normal.

  • Salvatore Pellitteri
    Salvatore Pellitteri

    too soon too much crazy stuff

  • backpackingonline

    How about? 25 million the Kennedy Center 75 million National Endowment for the Humanities 350 million for “migration and refugee assistance” 25 Million “increased salary” U.S. Congress Only employed? How about seniors, SSD or SSI disability? The most vulnerable. Where is $1,200 adult, $500 every child Do not have Trump sign this hideous bill. Democrats even inserted more money unemployed than employed. It will keep people out of work the full 16-weeks. Democrats have no interest in small business employing 60% of all employed. Democrats have shown their contempt for this country.

  • Jason Dame
    Jason Dame

    If you survive covid 19 long enough to even see the checks .


    Going to disney....waite it's closed😟

  • cabebet

    You guys do realize printing that kind of money with a almost zero interest rate is going to create MASSIVE inflation. So buy assets that appreciate.

  • Stuart Little
    Stuart Little

    Everywhere else says 2 trillion

  • Isabella gacha moon
    Isabella gacha moon


  • Jorge Gallardo
    Jorge Gallardo

    What if you owe the IRS money from the 2018 tax return? Will you still recieve the stimulus check or would you get nothing?? I’m confused

  • Roddny Jones
    Roddny Jones

    Pestilence is one of the major signs of the end times🗣😷🌊🌪🌩 Keep in in Prayer🙏😔

  • Aaron Alvarez
    Aaron Alvarez

    I can’t believe these mother fuckers failed us

  • RezetRoy

    American citizens, i highly recommend to spend your money wisely. Invest it to plant carrots and potato at your backyards. And this is free advice, i don't need your thanks

  • RezetRoy

    C'mon Larry we both know that it's not because of coronavirus

  • tom jones
    tom jones

    This should be in the form of a loan that you have to pay back interest free. For the good of the country.

  • MaxVestors

    F U Kidlow Why dont you come bail me and those who built a business for many years and paid taxes and its failing now or had failed before. YOU SOB Why dont you bail out our vets that fought for “freedom” for your CEOs freedom. You POS. F U and all those CEOs today that are waiting to rob us again.

  • Anonymous User
    Anonymous User

    Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell voiced skepticism Monday over the massive economic-stimulus package being drafted by Democrats, likening Barack Obama's first major initiative to a "trillion-dollar spending bill" that could leave the country saddled with an unsustainable debt.


    The media says it's a two trillion package not six trillion. where's the truth?

  • Pgwins Smith
    Pgwins Smith

    Trump virus still killing people

  • dmj78

    Is everyone forgetting about the people still going to work to help keep the country going, risking their life to assure all the food and etc is shipped out

  • GDPops

    *If you paid 1 million dollars a day to pay off a 2 trillion dollar loan, it will take you 5,479 years to pay it off. That’s without interest. I guess getting this bill paid off will NOT be my problem!!!*

  • Choon Seng Yeo
    Choon Seng Yeo

    May we all be reminded of our 'national motto', “In God We Trust” and "be more faithful to Him only"

  • Tim Dog
    Tim Dog

    The sexual predator trump recession is upon us

  • Sonia Nicole
    Sonia Nicole

    How are they going to determine who gets a check and do we have to fill out some type of application in order to benefit from the stimulus package? I'm a bit confused

  • Worley MGTOW
    Worley MGTOW

    This is not going to work. We are on our own people. Better arm up.

  • Dustin Brandel
    Dustin Brandel

    How much bs was crammed into the bill

  • Michael Ortiz
    Michael Ortiz

    Another corporate bailout from the treasonous do nothing gop parasites

  • Tended Olive
    Tended Olive

    That's 4 trillion federal reserve repayments by Uncle Sam....principle plus interest....to be paid by....you guessed it....the tax payer....over the next 20 years.

  • Tended Olive
    Tended Olive

    Nothing is what seems folks. Billions of dollars will end up in secret slush funds....never to be heard of again.

  • Tended Olive
    Tended Olive

    Kudlow always wears the most beautifully cut suits.

  • G G E Z
    G G E Z

    So what will happen to people like me who are working hard, got affected by is crisis but live alone in a different state with no family whatsoever to rely on, I'm 24 years old, no mom, no dad, no brothers or sisters, no kids, no wife, only but my two dogs, how can I claim a check that requires a family of up to 4 members to get 1,300$

  • Canadian Man
    Canadian Man

    6 trillion is what China owes America.

  • ZER0 13420
    ZER0 13420

    The banks never have any consequences. They just get to write new laws and print new money. God forbid THEY lose any money.

  • Ronnie Carroll
    Ronnie Carroll

    These people do not give a "F" about the people in America. They only care about the biggest business owners. Cash injections? American Airlines are going to get more money than the American People! The American People are getting chump change while their businesses and doners get most of the money

  • J Pearl
    J Pearl

    Were the dems able to inject their failing green old deal into the pot?

  • รquคяε σหε
    รquคяε σหε

    Fyi. If you didnt work on the books this year you get nothing. I pay beer tax daily. Wheres my check??

  • Nix420

    In 2017-2018, 45 million Americans got the flu, 61 thousand died, according to CDC. WHERE WAS THE HYSTERIA THEN? Something's not right here. GOD BLESS

  • David Dennison
    David Dennison

    Larry is recommending Stock Purchases in Coffins and Cremations. Trump's daddy Satan is happy with all the Deaths he has and will cause!

  • jon davis
    jon davis

    At this rate a loaf of bread will cost about $50,000 soon.

  • FanofDocumentaries

    The Dems slipped into the bill the "New Green Deal."

  • Uhhh JustPhil
    Uhhh JustPhil

    Cool, instead of big companies cutting bonuses by 90% the gov decides to give them money so they can then pay higher bonuses which will happen! If you keep carrying your baby they’ll never learn to walk.

  • Nibor Narwhal
    Nibor Narwhal

    Draining the swamp.... I think they’re talking about us, you guys!

  • Nibor Narwhal
    Nibor Narwhal

    Awesome!!! As long as the super rich corporations are taken care of by the tax payers for an eternity, I’m in!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Craig Bigelow
    Craig Bigelow

    Where's the news at!😴

  • Luis Marin
    Luis Marin

    We just crossed over the line to bankruptcy. Lets get ready because we will be heading in the third world direction. Start learning mandarin or Cantonese. 🤦‍♂️



  • Love Life
    Love Life

    If i am still working get a check ?

  • 1000

    Trump wont get reelected now im 100% sure

  • dusty b
    dusty b

    what happened to every American gets a stimulous once again the poor left behind, but not the large corporatios lol what a scam this whole charade has been

  • Quel Simmons
    Quel Simmons

    Can 19 year olds get a stimulus check ? I've been wondering about that

    • James Shoemaker
      James Shoemaker

      Don't carve this in stone. If you filed taxes in 2019 for 2018 or 2020 for 2019 I think so yes you would also need to meet the minimum requirement of income not sure what that is but it's very little.


    Tired of winning yet?

  • idor ski
    idor ski

    Why is Kudlow lying about the cost of the package? How can we trust any government official when they deliberately misinform us? The bill just passed at 2 trillion, not 6 trillion... unless he knows something we don’t.

  • malcolm clark
    malcolm clark

    All about money, the market is Based on Soros " Alchemy of the Market " otherwise known as " overage ",,, people all 6 noble gasses which make up our barrier membrane, have a weight heavier than air. This weight has been bought and sold bartering blue chip market value on OIL painting artifacts, for which there is no ceiling. Markets are being controled, and purposely posturing a pandemic, so you can again be injected with ignorance. Stay away from needles, and be aware we still have missing Fentynal, and God only knows what they're doing with used diabetic test kits. But most of all, dont handle money. Truck routes have been reversed ever since the 1982 #12 Mileage Guide in the States, which is why shelves cleared so fast, and product went under ground. This is a fake polar shift event manufactured by white collar globalist. If you need to shoot an azimuth out of this athiest compound, you may want to keep an eye on Hawaii. They're now trying to put the 0° longitudinal Prime Meridian Line on the 180° International Date Line, Calendar Start Date Line, on the illusion of a globe, from a flat map. This is a changing of the Axis of Power, and a white collar conspiracy of networks, Cartels, and mob tactics of the deep state. How long are we going to watch this ? -DO NOT let them put an observatory in Hawaii.