Kyrie irving, Hayward & Tatum Full Highlights 2018.09.30 Boston Celtics vs Hornets | FreeDawkins
September 30, 2018 - Kyrie irving With 20 Pts , Hayward With 4, Tatum With 16 Full Highlights Celtics vs Hornet FreeDawkins - NBA Video'
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  • Malik Gladden
    Malik Gladden

    Love seeing Kyrie hoop without Bron

  • Jokim TV
    Jokim TV

    God bless you Kyrie Irving and the Celtics team in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord amen

  • Devante Pearson
    Devante Pearson

    No lie, I thought it was 2k when Tatum popped up 😂😂😭

  • immasoxfanbaby

    let's go Mr. Indian

  • Adrian Kenton
    Adrian Kenton

    I think Washington can beat Celtics

  • Sir Damian
    Sir Damian

    Best player in the league

  • King YT
    King YT

    Now you see me now you dont Kyrie to the hoop

  • Lord Gaben
    Lord Gaben


    • Deans Kingdom
      Deans Kingdom

      Lord Gaben Nah look at the deceptive crossover at 3:28

  • njm9

    They can beat gs

  • Green Runs Deep
    Green Runs Deep

    Good thing LeBron is in the west, it upsets me every year and I cry myself to sleep every night every time we lose to him.

  • MetalFace MovieReviews
    MetalFace MovieReviews

    Will look good against a weak conference. Get handled out west tho . Facts

    • MetalFace MovieReviews
      MetalFace MovieReviews

      silent mental aporoach lol keep dreaming celticpoweryay

    • Mitsubishi Sony
      Mitsubishi Sony

      MetalFace MovieReviews Celtics really got niggas shoot LMFAO. Wonder how y’all gonna feel when we possibly pick twice in the top 10 during this Years draft

  • hoodSafari

    Kyrie turned Kemba whos the Android version of himself into bbq chicken

  • LeBeautiful

    Kyrie with a headband damn!

    • Ty Lev
      Ty Lev

      LeBeautiful have returned,sire

  • Bryl Jay Monte
    Bryl Jay Monte

    Rozier wear puma shoe 😍👌

  • Phat Melo
    Phat Melo

    brooo the celtics are a fucking UNIT

  • Ian Jericho
    Ian Jericho

    Robert Williams looking like a stud

  • Pete The Master
    Pete The Master

    Kyrie in Uncle Drew mode, Tatum got bigger and more comfortable at 3s. Good start for the new season

  • Kay Jackson
    Kay Jackson

    Headband Kyrie is more patient and deadly added those give and go spot up 3s looking like golden state playbook out there....ilikeit bruh lol

  • gadson92

    Tatum basically Paul George 2.0 Brown is like a young Jimmy Butler Kyrie looks like a uncle named drew

    • Drake

      Troll God Butler isn’t a top 10 player, top 15 forsure

    • Vannara Phoeuk
      Vannara Phoeuk

      Auston Matthews honestly yeah, i wouldn’t give up tatum for pg or russ

    • Vannara Phoeuk
      Vannara Phoeuk

      Troll God sike

    • JWhack7

      Auston Matthews He could easily be better than PG by far.

    • Shemz Love
      Shemz Love

      Nah don't call Tatum PG 😂😂😂 that's a curse

  • Oldm.a.n

    Once Haywards gets more comfortable its a matchup nightmare for these teams. Who do you focus on because their starting 5 can hoop.... Don't sleep on Jaylen Brown either.

    • Oldm.a.n

      @Refund HD Incorporating Hayward into the defense, yes... But I disagree. They were pretty solid during that 17 game winning streak. I believe they were #1 if not top 3 in defense..... Marcus Smart got injured and they went downhill...... This year with so many scorers. Kyrie ,or really whoever, doesn't have to put much enery into offense. I feel like the real challenge is ego, & injuries...

    • Refund HD
      Refund HD

      The challenge for thems going to be on defense

  • elijah gardunoo
    elijah gardunoo

    Hoh got iy

  • Sunami

    kyrie out here wanting to play tennis ;)

  • Sanjith Vijay
    Sanjith Vijay


    • Deans Kingdom
      Deans Kingdom

      Christian CiDDKaST Harden is a 2 Guard Hes a Shooting Guard Fool 😂

    • Drake

      Sanjith Vijay Kyrie is so undervalued as a player but Steph is the leagues best point guard. Kyrie makes a strong case for #2. Can’t sleep on Westbrook and Cp3 though

    • Thanos

      Christian CiDDKaST Harden is a SG.

    • Z CiDDKaST
      Z CiDDKaST

      Sanjith Vijay Curry 1, Harden 2, Kyrie 2b. That's how I have it

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau

    best team in the East when healthy, i hope Kyrie dosen't get hurt this season but hey its championship or bust for them, if it dosen't work out, Kyrie future Knick next summer

    • Mitsubishi Sony
      Mitsubishi Sony

      Green Runs Deep Knick fans stupid as shit bruh. They really think he’s gonna give up 50 million to go to the Knicks 🤣🤣😂. Bottom 3 management in the league

  • Riva13bulleTs

    this man tatum, ain't no joke bro

  • first name last name
    first name last name

    steph had 21 points in 19 minutes 🤷‍♂️


      @Sanjith Vijay pretty sure curry had 50 points on kyries head last time they played

    • Mitsubishi Sony
      Mitsubishi Sony

      King Loso Kyrie is better. And I’m a Celtic fan

    • Killblixxy

      first name last name curry is better but not “easily” better and what the fuck does that have to do with this video ?

    • The OG Prodigy
      The OG Prodigy

      @first name last name No shame in being the 2nd best pg in the league. And this is a preseason game lmao.

    • first name last name
      first name last name

      King Loso yeah he has 4 alls stars on his team, still averages more with less shots and more accurate...”easy for him to get open shots” even though he stays getting doubled team 😂 steph is better in ever category over kyrie and the most efficient pg in the league

  • I really like Lettuce
    I really like Lettuce

    Best team in the east for sure. Looking foward to seeing what the celtics can do this year with everyone healthy

    • Jay

      @Adrian Kenton never said he did

    • Adrian Kenton
      Adrian Kenton

      @Jay Hayward has done nothing special

    • Adrian Kenton
      Adrian Kenton

      Lol only a Celtic fan will. Believe we just have to wait and see they play Toronto second game we'll see u guys get crushed in the dot

    • Surrealist

      btf the Celtics won this game though and were blowing them out by like 20 last game till they put in their third string bench

    • Anto

      @Green Runs Deep More legitness

  • wweecwwcwaewtnanba1928

    I predict 65 wins for this team this season

    • Johnny Damns
      Johnny Damns

      @first name last name warriors 82 wins

    • first name last name
      first name last name

      wweecwwcwtnanba1928 i predict the warriors to have 74 🚫🧢