Larry Kudlow explains how coronavirus stimulus plan will help Americans
Fox News
Stocks rally after Senate reaches deal on stimulus; White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow weighs in. #FoxNews
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  • Indy Dude
    Indy Dude

    Capitalism is so awesome it has to be bailed out by socialism every ten years.

  • brazilnuts1

    Air tight moron

  • Kara here
    Kara here

    If your on Social Security and you don't have to file a tax form because you get under 25000 and it's your only income for the whole year how will they or will they even give you a check?

  • kensley Jean
    kensley Jean

    How long will this last?

  • kensley Jean
    kensley Jean

    Up next, Mark of the Beast 👁

  • Take Over
    Take Over

    Iam on social security don’t file taxes do I still Qualify

  • Jake-E-Bacon

    Just think, had we had a competent president in office, (Republican or Democrat,) this could have been avoided. No matter what side you stand on, it’s takes the dumbest of dumb to see how much of an idiot we have running this country.

  • Jake-E-Bacon

    When did Republicans get so interested in socialism? Well I’ll be!

  • jasonauslander

    Lol, Can't wait to cash that check. Thank you Mr. President, you dirty socialist! lololol

  • Joseph Johnson
    Joseph Johnson

    We have been down this road before and the out come is the same, short run gain and a long term fall. President trump please send this bill back to the house and senate.

  • Sir Sid Fosse
    Sir Sid Fosse

    Somehow I'm gonna get shafted.

  • Nekoback

    Is this the same guy who said they contained this almost airtight?

  • Martin Ersatz
    Martin Ersatz

    Love it, GOP blows out the budget every time they're in office, have done for decades, and the rubes commenting here ignore truth and fact and talk cos they're too invested in GOP BS and don;t have the balls to accept reality.

  • Joe Smith
    Joe Smith

    HERE IS THE GUY TRUMP IS LETTING ROLL THE DICE WITH OUR ECONOMY---As George W. Bush took office in January 2001, America was in the fourth consecutive fiscal year of federal budget surpluses and the CBO projected increasing surpluses in each year through 2010, totaling over $5 trillion. Days before Bush signed his tax cut plan in June, Kudlow predicted it would cause future budget surpluses to rise. Instead, there were budget deficits in every fiscal year of the Bush administration]Kudlow was a strong advocate of George W. Bush's substantial tax cuts, and argued that the tax cuts would lead to an economic boom of equal magnitude. After the implementation of the Bush tax cuts, Kudlow insisted year after year that the economy was in the middle of a "Bush boom", and chastised other commentators for failing to realize it. Kudlow firmly denied that the United States would enter a recession in 2007, or that it was in the midst of a recession in early to mid-2008. In December 2007, he wrote: "The recession debate is over. It's not gonna happen. Time to move on. At a bare minimum, we are looking at Goldilocks 2.0. (And that's a minimum). The Bush boom is alive and well. It's finishing up its sixth splendid year with many more years to come". In a May 2008 column entitled "'R' is for 'Right'", Kudlow wrote: "President George W. Bush may turn out to be the top economic forecaster in the country". By July 2008, Kudlow continued to deny that the economy was looking poor, insisting that "We are in a mental recession, not an actual recession". Lehman Brothers collapsed in September 2008, creating a full-blown international banking crisis.AND THE RECESSION WAS ON--JUST LIKE NOW.

  • Fra Diavolo
    Fra Diavolo

    "Playa, turn your head round Lay on the ground, you've been robbed Wake up, open the door Lay on the floor, you've been robbed" - Biggie Smalls🤦🏿‍♂️


    What no


    what I don't know

  • Muscle Headquarters
    Muscle Headquarters

    Ur giving time to for banks and house owners the rich to have forbearance for mortgages what about those who RENT !

  • OG Big Worm 2
    OG Big Worm 2

    the people who are funding this bill the working man and woman are getting less than crumbs.

  • Jerry Kinnin
    Jerry Kinnin

    Why? When will the congress Trump and the rest of those inbred fearmongering money wasting asshats fix the 23+ trillion dollar debt? If you don't have the money on hand. You cannot spend the money. We need a balanced budget admendment. Congress should work for free. And the rest of the Federal government go on an immediate $5.00 hr minimum wage. If you get a government check. Your a bum.

  • Mike Pondo
    Mike Pondo

    F. K trump and cilt members. Dump this low life grifters and scum.

  • John Keith
    John Keith

    Adult dependents do NOT qualify for stimulus check stiffing families that take care of there loved ones out of check. See page 146 on the stimulus bill.

  • Light Dancing
    Light Dancing

    That whole "Kennedy Center" fund is just a scam, a way for Pelosi's Dems to launder that money and fill their pockets with it.

  • Arslan Khan
    Arslan Khan

    Is that how they make profit for themselves? It is wrong and unacceptable... In Hungary you need three days working 8 hours a day to make 50 euro.

  • Arslan Khan
    Arslan Khan

    I am not angry at ibkr.. but we need an explanation as to why they are taking money out of the account like that. I made 160 plus in 2 minutes of trade and it's down to 110. They stole 50 plus euros slowly... From 2300 to 2290 then 2270 and now 2252

  • Reflecting You
    Reflecting You

    I’m on hydroxychlorqine for years as a treatment for lupus. CNN MSNBC and others who are questioning its efficacy are stupid liars.

  • Andrew Macdonald
    Andrew Macdonald

    We are praying that Larry doesn’t contract the virus. With his age, and underlying conditions, as well as his alcoholism he would likely die. Stay on that wagon Larry! We are rooting for you!

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode

    Crack head kudlow

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode

    Cocaine kudlow

  • Dan Rode
    Dan Rode

    Cocaine kudlow

  • Tim K
    Tim K

    we are handing our children a big bag of poo

  • Suh Steven
    Suh Steven

    Well. It is weird that people in America are infecting and dying by coronavirus, but stock index keeps raising up and up due to helicopter money.. See! United States is not democracy but plutocracy at all. As long as stock market restores, no doubt about Trump re-election! The world will be more painful even rather than coronavirus catastrophe!!!

  • Jon Glazer
    Jon Glazer

    10,000 from 401k with no penalties as well as no taxes would have been way better but they care more about market the us. Arrest them all

  • China citizen
    China citizen

    FoxNews is the dog of Trump!

  • Dana William
    Dana William

    Larry Kudlow was the same guy who said Bill Clinton's tax increases would hurt the economy. He could not possibly have been more wrong.

    • Scott Sullivan
      Scott Sullivan

      Plus hillary clinton helped bill out it was her idea to put like 10 or 11 million into the economy from their rest of campaign funds to helped America get caught up on taxes, as we was well over on the plus side, bill clinton was making peace treaty's around the world.

    • Scott Sullivan
      Scott Sullivan

      Ok don't know why you're attacking me when we're on same page. Yes i agreed with you he was so wrong. But America is a joke now of voting system will always be supression with Republicans they don't play fair, they're the ones that stop the president from running four time terms.

  • Richard Willette
    Richard Willette

    Give $ to the poor and they’ll just spend it. Give it to the billionaires and they’ll save it

  • Billder Inbaja
    Billder Inbaja

    If the goal is STIMULUS, give the money to people who (1) will spend it and (2) need it due to employment disruption. This is true direct economic stimulus. If the goal is PROTECT INDUSTRY, give bailouts to large corporations and banks.

  • dave m
    dave m

    This will make Trump the biggest SOCIALIST in history

  • James S.
    James S.

    "... a trillion here, a trillion there.... pretty soon we're talking real money!" People have no concept of what ONE trillion dollars is. Let me enlightening you. A $1 bill is .005" thick. If you STACK one trillion $1 bills, the stack will be over 78,000 MILES high. That's more than 3 times around the Earth at the equator.

  • Chatla Suresh
    Chatla Suresh

    Larry Kudlow what's a Burma🇳🇪 triangle business connecting3 point's? It's a ☀ circle with triangle's net working applied mechanics semi-conductor's inter netting media. Must command spyders to cast the web to catch the flies listed in FIR🇺🇸😡🗡🗡🏹.

  • Mario Alberto :P
    Mario Alberto :P

    In other countries ppl already looting the grocery stores so

  • Michael Miller
    Michael Miller

    Corporate socialism

  • Simply Jef
    Simply Jef

    this reporter belongs at cnn !!!!!!!

  • Iron16head

    Investing the check

  • Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast
    Hope Sorrowgrave, The Outcast


  • Zachary Smola
    Zachary Smola

    I have a small business with no employees. Does anyone know how this stimulus package can help me, if I lose revenue because of the Coronavirus? The revenue is my income.

    • Tim K
      Tim K

      I'm self employed with no employees. I get no help. This bill ignores everyone in the gig economy.

  • paradigm respawn
    paradigm respawn

    I sense a chance to reinvent the small business community with this Stimulus Package! I really feel an excitement like never before!

  • Dan M
    Dan M

    They keep printing money like this - and you people can use the check they send you for toilet paper. Absolutely the OPPOSITE of what America is supposed to be about.

  • Nissan370Z

    What a sham. I won't get a dime. I'm so wealthy that I rent a room off a lady to cut down on expenses!

  • Jeremiah Sarbacher
    Jeremiah Sarbacher

    Down with dems. Not one dem 2020

  • anger & rage
    anger & rage

    The Liberals are at it again, trying to push their liberal ideas agenda and Concepts, onto companies that could possibly go bankrupt and or struggle. The Liberals wants to give the stimulus package to companies only if they have diversity plans, they want to give the stimulus package to airplane companies if they go more green, airplanes run on diesel engines. The Liberals are demanding that they go green in order to get the money. That is what I hate about liberals. These companies could go under, the stimulus package is about saving them so that won't happen, but the Liberals are pushing their agenda in a time like this.


    The holdup on this bill was the unemployment beef up and the Democrats are the ones that fought for that fought for people like myself who are unemployed because of this crisis to have close to the same pay as they would be normally. All the additional concessions which I don't agree with needing to be on the stimulus package that's done by both sides all the time. Both sides will ask for ridiculous things that they know the other side will never go for that way they have leverage for the things that are real important like in the case of the Democrats the beefed-up unemployment. And if you're wondering why this package is so high you'll see it's because of all the money that is being handed out to wealthy corporations and if you think it was the Democrats idea you need to take off your red shaded glasses because we all know who supports wealthy corporations

  • texmexspm


  • TopCarsPH

    Murderers of 2020 * World Heald Org * Chinese Communist party * CNN ---- Justice for the world

  • Christopher Simon
    Christopher Simon

    Fox you need to fix your volume soon

  • Beyond Mind
    Beyond Mind

    CORONA CURE: Gather all infected people and ship them all to China and let China deal with the problem.

    • David Chorak
      David Chorak

      Beyond Mind : I get carried away sometime to. I feel bad when I do it. You’re alright when you know you’ve gone to far. My dad always taught me your learn to walk by falling’ my mom said, ‘it’ll all come out in the wash and rinse cycle’. You’re fine. Thx

    • Beyond Mind
      Beyond Mind

      @David Chorak I;ve been self isolated so long that I got carried away with my comments on USsofts. I need to start reading more books. Thanks for the wake up. Cheers

    • David Chorak
      David Chorak

      Beyond Mind : I’m sorry I was so harsh.

    • Beyond Mind
      Beyond Mind

      @David Chorak OK, I am sorry

    • David Chorak
      David Chorak

      Beyond Mind : Fearful whacko whacko

  • David

    If the base of a pyramid is not secure the entire pyramid goes down. The very top is small potatoes.

  • David

    This is what we pay for?

  • Ben Shannon
    Ben Shannon

    I ran out of toilet paper, how do I clean my stinky anus?

    • Ben Shannon
      Ben Shannon

      dave m which nozzle setting? Jet?

    • dave m
      dave m

      Garden hose

  • Sherrie T
    Sherrie T

    From what I’ve seen, we nobodies get an advance on tax refunds for 2020. So we have to pay it back. It’s typical Washington BS. These people think they own us.

    • dave m
      dave m

      No it is just like 09 where it gets taxed with your other income not paid back. So what does that come out to 12%?

  • Alexis Thompson
    Alexis Thompson

    So, 20 years old, in college and working and I filed taxes this year BUT my parent put me down as their dependent, will I get the $1200 or no?

    • Yanira Alanis
      Yanira Alanis

      Alexis Thompson you might because u work and u file ur own taxes either way right. U just get less back because ur parents also put u as their dependent. Plus ur parents won’t get the $500 for u since ur not under the age of 16. So who knows, you might get $1200 🤞🏼

    • James Laudermilk - Virtual Reality Veteran - IMVR
      James Laudermilk - Virtual Reality Veteran - IMVR

      You’ll get $500.00 via your parents!

  • Glenn Goins
    Glenn Goins

    Increase my social security disability and I'll spend some in the economy.

  • Humble Rumble
    Humble Rumble

    There wont be any race quotas right?

  • David

    This is our protection?

    • Ben Shannon
      Ben Shannon


  • David

    Yall haven't even handled this the way it should be. I've seen more predictable faster reactions in hollywood. What has the American people paid for soo long for? Is this it?

  • David

    This is wrong WRONG

  • David

    You make it off of 1200.

  • Sergio Marron
    Sergio Marron

    Scam, they have the cutoff at 75k USD, Yet million dollar companies can get a free loan! What a joke!

  • Mike R
    Mike R

    I loves bailouts that pays me more than actually working😆😂🤣

  • Johnny Gills
    Johnny Gills

    Larry comes off as untrustworthy


    F35 lockheed bail out incoming trillion is for military no body using trillion on meds hahaah funny good try T6616

  • David Staley
    David Staley

    I like to see what is in it before it passes..

  • MMO Archives
    MMO Archives

    look at it through an economic standpoint, to relief hospitals alone for this virus, you only need $10 billion, if you want to pass an actual relief bill that freezes and compensates housing rates (rent, lease, mortgage) and also compensates disrupted workers nationally, you're looking at $100-$200 billion at the max, what republicans are wanting to pass is $2 trillion, this should have every american worried about this blank check they're trying to hand out, because other than the $110 billion that workers won't ever see, where is this money really going? even if they bail out the travel industry, you're only looking $10-$15 for the travel industry, something smells really foul here, what no one is saying out loud, is that in order to get this money you have to apply for approval of this money that could take months, and even then it's a loan, not relief funding that it needs to be, if anything, this bill will make things worse as people facing bankruptcy gets desperate

  • tone loc
    tone loc

    This is only a long term loan with interest and repayments through payroll and property taxes.

  • Okie Hillbilly
    Okie Hillbilly

    Disgusting .

  • Ela B
    Ela B

    How the Democrats are handing over the keys to the country to Donald Trump: The emergency coronavirus legislation that the Senate agreed to on Tuesday can only be described as an outrage. It is not an economic rescue package, but a sentence of unprecedented economic inequality and corporate control over our politics that will resonate for a generation. It represents a transfer of wealth and power to the super rich from the rest of us, with the support of both political parties ― a damning statement about the condition of American democracy. Final text of the bill has not been released, but according to a legislative draft, the new law would establish a $4.5 trillion corporate bailout fund overseen by Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, with few substantive constraints. Some outlets are reporting this as a $500 billion fund, but $425 billion of that can be leveraged 10 times over by the Federal Reserve, resulting in a multi-trillion-dollar program. The bill permits bailed out companies to lay off up to 10% of their workforce over the next six months, with no restrictions thereafter. Mnuchin would have authority to waive any upside for the public in its new investments, and the bill’s restrictions on stock buybacks at bailed-out firms are too temporary to be significant. Bailed out companies could even pay dividends to their shareholders. Bailout money will flow to the shareholders of large corporations, otherwise known as rich people. The oversight terms that Democrats secured are purely cosmetic, replicating the toothless provisions of the 2008 bank bailout that enabled watchdogs to report abuse but not actually prevent or rectify it. “If you give vast amounts of public money to a single person with no real accountability, you won’t like what happens next,” Damon Silvers, the deputy chair of the oversight panel for the bank bailout, wrote on Tuesday. In exchange for this takeover, Democrats got four months of more generous unemployment benefits for the millions who will be laid off and a one-time check of $1,200 per adult, eliminating a Republican restriction that would have limited poor people to just $600 and phasing out payments for six-figure incomes. These are not bad provisions, but they pale in comparison to the handout offered to the rich. “$1,200 isn’t enough,” the Economic Security Project, a liberal think tank, tweeted on Wednesday. By agreeing to the deal, Senate Democrats in effect accept a horrendous future in exchange for a somewhat less burdensome present. “It is a panicked and reckless legislative response,” Sarah Miller, executive director of the American Economic Liberties Project, an anti-monopoly advocacy group, said in a statement on Wednesday. It’s one that “will repeat most of the mistakes made in the 2008-2010 bailouts” and “fundamentally transform the American economy,” she added. There is, in fact, an economic emergency right now - just not for the super rich or massive conglomerates. On Monday, the Federal Reserve announced essentially unlimited support for the banking sector and, for the first time, used its authority to directly finance corporate debt. Large corporations can get money, as Boeing CEO David Calhoun made clear on Tuesday when he said his company would “just look at all the other options, and we’ve got plenty of them,” if Congress were to demand an equity stake in the companies it assists. Bailouts will eventually be necessary, but Congress has plenty of time to craft serious programs designed to save industry, not merely people who own stock in industry. Unnecessary Corporate Welfare Working people, by contrast, do not have time to wait. The coronavirus layoffs have already begun, and when official numbers begin rolling in on Thursday, they will be shocking. Democrats and Republicans have essentially decided to hold a pittance of relief for the people hit hardest hostage to the most reckless and, at the moment, unnecessary corporate welfare program ever conceived. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) boasted that the package is “a wartime level of investment into our nation.” But nothing about the legislation resembles the way a nation prepares for an ambitious military operation. The legislation provides nothing of substance to address the coronavirus pandemic itself. New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) has already said the package will do next to nothing to assuage the disaster unfolding in his state. It mobilizes no new resources, organizes no production, improves no medical supply delivery and trains no new nurses. Instead, it moves an enormous amount of money around and puts the Trump administration in charge of its movement. The dissonance between the actions of Senate Democrats today and those from just a few short months ago is mortifying. In December, House Democrats voted to impeach President Donald Trump for withholding congressionally mandated aid to a national ally, arguing persuasively that Trump’s actions were designed to undermine his political rival for the presidency, Joe Biden. Democrats literally tried to remove Trump from office for abusing the public purse for personal political gain. On Wednesday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and every Senate Democrat were preparing to authorize more than $4 trillion for Trump’s top lieutenants to pass around. For too long, Democrats have ignored the suffering and dysfunction caused by structural problems with the American economy, trusting that social welfare payments will be sufficient to counter the power disparity between the rich and the rest of us. They are wrong to accept such a bargain now. We live in an era in which the wealthy and the well-connected dominate almost every aspect of our society. The rich not only live different lives than the rest of us ― they live significantly longer lives, a trend that is likely to be exacerbated as the medical system cracks under the pressure of the incoming coronavirus caseloads and as working people lose access to basic care. A Warning From 2008 The financial crisis of 2008 and the bank bailouts it inspired did long-term damage to the American social fabric. The financial sector essentially became a criminal syndicate, as fraud settlements became a simple cost of doing business for bailed-out banks like Wells Fargo. The government’s unheard-of largesse for wealthy bankers made an infuriating contrast with the unemployment lines and foreclosure signs that became commonplace across the country, and our politics were transformed as a result. The campaigns of both Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) largely grew out of the anger and resentment that the bank bailouts and the outrageous inequality of both the crash and the recovery inspired. We are about to replay this nightmare with a more frightening cast of demons. The small business relief the Senate has agreed to authorize on Wednesday will be too little to stem the tide of failures, and will arrive too late to help too many firms that will go under, while the biggest companies in America feast on the fruits of the bailout. “We will be lucky if most small businesses see any assistance in less than two months,” law professors Adam Levitin and Satyam Khanna wrote in a New York Times op-ed on Tuesday. “That is time they - and their employees - do not have.” As with the bank bailouts, big companies will grow larger and more profitable and demand further control over the way what we still call a democracy is organized. But these horrors will only be realized if the House of Representatives approves this monstrosity. The House voted down the first bank bailout bill in 2008. It could do so again, and demand instead a simple relief bill for people who really need it ― working families ― and emergency measures to actually fight the coronavirus pandemic. Democrats control the House. They can pass any bill they like and dare Senate Republicans and the president to oppose a serious bill for a serious problem. Or they can rubber-stamp the Senate bill and help Donald Trump foreclose on the next generation of American democracy. Zach Carter is the author of “The Price of Peace: Money, Democracy, and the Life of John Maynard Keynes,”

  • Julie Maher
    Julie Maher

    I'm surprised you're not praising Bernie Sanders! Might as well. Republicans have turned socialist and don't even know it! 🙄

  • Muhammad Dawood
    Muhammad Dawood

    This will push the US debt to $29 trillion, 130% of GDP 😱😱😱

  • Suzy

    *Are we getting cash payouts or not?! And who is getting them? If so, when & how much?? Let's get specific here... stop beating around the bush*

    • Mike Pondo
      Mike Pondo

      Thanks for that quick statement. Straight to thbje. Poimt unlike our. Gov. Officials. Take care.

    • Ethan Perkins
      Ethan Perkins

      The bush has been thoroughly beaten around.

  • Billy Jack
    Billy Jack

    Larry Kudlow is not a very convincing messenger.