emma chamberlain
this is embarrassing honestly
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-emma chamberlain

  • Sakwaz

    Why do I think it’s Ethan

  • Reina Lerma
    Reina Lerma

    She’s tryna to impress Ethan

  • kylarenee x
    kylarenee x

    i clicked on this video not knowing it was Emma Chamberlain..okay then.

  • gachalover baby
    gachalover baby

    His name is ethan

  • Guess Who
    Guess Who

    Why do you dress like that plus the “skater boys” are just posers you can tell if they skate by looking at their boards it will usually have some wear and tear on it and skaters don’t paint there nails or where those damn chains and don’t dress all depressed af

  • everett ward
    everett ward

    emma: talks about boys her cat in the back round zzzzzzzzzooooooooommmmm

  • Francesca Hatheway
    Francesca Hatheway

    Eathan skates

  • Angelica Yazzie
    Angelica Yazzie

    PICKLE RICK !!!!!!!!!

  • megan g
    megan g

    Can we have a part 2

  • Cyril Infuze
    Cyril Infuze

    10mn of blabla for 1mn of skateboard. The titled need to be change :)

  • Not a KoRkOwSkI
    Not a KoRkOwSkI

    Napoleon dynamite is pretty rad

  • victoria viaz
    victoria viaz

    bruh ethan skates....

  • ishxylaiii

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="209">3:29</a> LMAO YOU ARE SO FUNNY

  • PumpSZN

    i hate this biggity bimbo big mouth bitch now what happened she used to be so good still love u tho but

  • Shookkxxkie

    yeah let me just throw away my penny board...not like it wasn't my first ever board...ahah.........

  • PeytonPanza _
    PeytonPanza _

    Nobody: Ethan Dolan:👁👄👁

  • Jemin jemin
    Jemin jemin

    skateboard not about to impress boy.U are making this sport joke

  • Danika Huff
    Danika Huff

    she’s straight up simping for him

  • Miranda Woodall
    Miranda Woodall


    • UwU Life
      UwU Life


  • jordan robito
    jordan robito


  • Mia Donegan
    Mia Donegan

    I skateboard and I literally only like skater boys to ha but also I'm in middle school and I ride a skate board

  • Fandi Hastomi
    Fandi Hastomi

    when emma says she nvr played REAL skateboards ok how did she do that moves?!?!?!

  • ImJayVlogs

    U look like a poser

  • Nazneen kadir
    Nazneen kadir

    U r making it akward but it was ok u r just making us feel awkward but it's not🤦

  • Marko Mihajlović
    Marko Mihajlović

    you are better then ne xD

  • Abigail Stupi
    Abigail Stupi

    Uhm... Ethan fs

  • lily.editssx

    Emma u are literally the best person ever ur just a huge vibe like i-🛹🖤

  • Felix Martinez
    Felix Martinez

    me watches this video i need a skateboard now

  • Lesley Luland
    Lesley Luland

    Ethan skates? Ahaha

  • cool.

    imagine being emma chaimberlain's crush and not knowing it

  • Kelly Liu
    Kelly Liu

    emmas voice is like---

  • a_n_n_a

    She 100% likes Jack Dylan Grazer.

  • Lila Mahurin
    Lila Mahurin

    She’s not *BoArD* <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="155">2:35</a>

  • mel bel
    mel bel

    I’m kinda doing this ... I’m just trying to attract skater boys😂

  • Keyla Castillo
    Keyla Castillo

    Girl don't be scared but honestly, you could of went to Walmart or Target.

  • Riky Aji
    Riky Aji

    Step one- get some comfy flat sole shoes

  • Pup Kitty
    Pup Kitty

    I will buy a skateboard and I need you to teach me

  • Camila Marques
    Camila Marques

    Ethan Dolan who??

  • Londyn B
    Londyn B

    Yessss u don’t skate with ur foot facing forward bc most girl do dat and I have the same wheels 👀

  • Londyn B
    Londyn B

    there’s different types of skaters it’s okay be yo self😌✌🏼

  • Londyn B
    Londyn B

    I feel like if u call your self a skater girl then u a poser I’m not saying Emma is but I just feel like it

  • Sofia De Gioia
    Sofia De Gioia

    i think its ethan

  • Gravity inverse
    Gravity inverse

    Ethan Dolan skates

  • Aika Nawaita
    Aika Nawaita

    Its obviously Ethan

  • -blossom- :p
    -blossom- :p

    Im sad it was only like 3 min of skate boarding

  • D.G 2007
    D.G 2007

    Ethan Dolan skateboards 😏😏


    On a girl to.

  • Nicole Dabrowski
    Nicole Dabrowski

    dont do it for a boy do it bc u love it D:

  • Zara Austin
    Zara Austin

    Hello, my name is Aaron Kyro, and i’m a professional skateboarder from the San Francisco bay area.

  • Cassandra Tran
    Cassandra Tran

    Okay but like she can actually skate, that's talent right there-

  • Mystical Koala
    Mystical Koala

    Hehe Aaron would be so proud

  • Jaiden Del Rosario
    Jaiden Del Rosario

    what dickies fit/style is she wearing

  • Kiowa Pike
    Kiowa Pike

    Like if yk who the boy is

  • Alejandro Osorio
    Alejandro Osorio

    can you donate the skateboard to me plis :)

  • BlitzCreed

    Ok you are the most down to earth person I’ve seen on the internet

  • Preston Simao
    Preston Simao

    Pls tell me he can actually throw down

  • Noah Franklin
    Noah Franklin

    why are the bushings so squeaky

  • Olivia Betts
    Olivia Betts

    I just learned how to skateboard but I know no skater bois :(

  • Maddie Livesey
    Maddie Livesey

    Ethan Dolan!

  • Laura Family’s
    Laura Family’s

    Why are ppl doing this for a boy and not for themselves no hate just SAYING 🧐

  • ellzsxlbs

    I’m a girl and I skateboard But none of my friends do😢 *sadness*

  • Sierra Voorhies
    Sierra Voorhies

    coffee is comforting maybe switch to tea or matcha for the same comfort

  • mwah

    i just thought of this randomly but like i barely have the energy to like a video so how do people have the energy to dislike a video

  • Kong 77
    Kong 77

    Sick board

  • kim katana
    kim katana

    her board is so small LMAO but it still goes

  • LPSMoonLight

    how bout you get a otter box then so you don't crack it

  • adam leonard
    adam leonard

    Didn't her voice sound like jojo siwa at the start when she said whoo hey guys


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  • Sophie Ayre
    Sophie Ayre

    Emma: im gonna learn some tricks ....... Jumps off skateboeard Me: 😂😂😂😂

  • Alberto Rodriguez
    Alberto Rodriguez

    That’s cringe

  • jaz :3
    jaz :3

    i just got this feeling it was ethan... :/😔

  • Bella IDK
    Bella IDK

    When you were trying to do a trick I cried

  • Claire Timour
    Claire Timour

    Every 12 year old boy : OH I SKATE EMMA DATE ME Me depressed because the skater boy I liked didn't like me back: EMMA LETS CRY TOGETHER

  • Jessie Li
    Jessie Li

    One word “ Ethan”

  • Oougla Boougla
    Oougla Boougla

    Ok ik she’s trying to learn how to skate and that’s fine but she just struck me as the biggest poser fukin ever

  • West Patterson
    West Patterson

    her trucks are hurting my ears

  • Gweneth Evans
    Gweneth Evans

    i love emma’s energy in this video

  • Pet person!
    Pet person!

    The boy is Ethan

  • Aêsthêtic. Cløuds
    Aêsthêtic. Cløuds

    Who else is here from 5/26/2020

  • Kate Land
    Kate Land

    youre pretty fucking good for it being your first time