Welp, time to cross some names off my list.
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  • Athony Nesbitt
    Athony Nesbitt

    Some ones been drinking😂😂😂😂😂

  • Gabriel Macedo
    Gabriel Macedo

    Have a greater mic for recording the greatest backfire ever!

  • Samuel Wait
    Samuel Wait

    Shat ap you ain’t ever gonna beat the blackwidow

  • James Robinson
    James Robinson

    Calvin in this whole video "WAH PA"

  • Joe Owen
    Joe Owen

    5:19 snare drum

  • Behram Khan
    Behram Khan

    This really fucks with the microphone....

  • simon bader
    simon bader

    Tj : loudest car I own. Supra : ratatatatatatatataaa

  • KyZa

    anyone know where tj bought his 2step from?

  • Riot Blackout
    Riot Blackout

    7:47 is what you guys are here for.

  • Jekku


  • G8GTJav

    A little over dramatic, maybe? Have you heard a Top Fuel Dragster in person? That is the definition of LOUD. Over 150 decibels that shakes the ground with enough force to cause a 2.3 earthquake in the vicinity. The pressure waves hit you in the chest like you got shoved.

  • midnights Star
    midnights Star

    Worse show ever

  • Lil Pop
    Lil Pop

    Funniest vlog ever hahaha

  • Jekku

    10:51 pfft

  • Ethandgreat555

    What 2 step

  • Shehan Harshana
    Shehan Harshana

    it's loud but no one can beat the black widow supra

  • nav vue
    nav vue


  • Chris Orchard
    Chris Orchard

    Hey bud can you shoot me your tunners info. Need a supra tuned out here on the west coast

    • Chris Orchard
      Chris Orchard

      @JUSTIN .h2r appreciate it man. I'll look him up

    • JUSTIN .h2r
      JUSTIN .h2r

      Turbo joe tuned is the best tuner in los Angeles go to him

  • Garay arvin
    Garay arvin

    Tj made the loudest supra witgout flames

  • Garay arvin
    Garay arvin

    Tj says i made the loudest supra Black widow says are you sure

  • Jason Andraos
    Jason Andraos

    I live in Australia and tag my location as Mexico when I hoon 😂🤣

  • Ryan Colburn
    Ryan Colburn

    how much did your supra build cost in total?

  • GruttePier


  • Christian Metsios
    Christian Metsios

    Lmao black widow supra would fuck tjs mum anyday

  • Kh Galdan
    Kh Galdan

    BlackWidowSupra was audible on ur vlog. Its not even audible!!!

  • Nicardo Knight
    Nicardo Knight

    Calvin got me dying

  • James Hymel
    James Hymel

    That Mexican warehouse looks familiar 🤔

  • Alexander Arutiunian
    Alexander Arutiunian

    For the Supra, the HRE 540's. Are they the basic, 540C, or 540R? Please respond. I really want them

  • Nicardo Knight
    Nicardo Knight

    I can’t hear now, thnx TJ Hunt

  • Cristian Cordones
    Cristian Cordones

    Blackwidow Supra: the loudest 2step in the world Tj hunt : “HOLD MY BEER”

    • NO NAME
      NO NAME

      Hahahaha still blackwidowsupra the loudest

  • Levi Welch
    Levi Welch

    Calvin’s high😂😂💀🤡

  • Jacob O'Connor
    Jacob O'Connor

    Rofl. That was awesome. You should test it against the black widow supra.


    on the mic its like slaping ur but

  • rushking19

    RIP that poor turbo 😢

  • Adrian

    It’s funny how people build a car and their scared of the 2step pshh why even have a build car get a puris

  • Mario Mukaj
    Mario Mukaj

    B58 swap mk4 2jz swap mk5

  • dylan durand
    dylan durand

    About how many degrees are you pulling? Need to know for my Volvo lmao

  • Matt Roxas
    Matt Roxas

    If you drive it on the road and it still backfires like black widow supra and if it’s good when just reviving your obviously the new black widow supra

  • Lorenzo Borja
    Lorenzo Borja

    And driving a car

  • Lorenzo Borja
    Lorenzo Borja

    But I have fear on driving but love to learn drifting too

  • Lorenzo Borja
    Lorenzo Borja

    I wonder how I can face my fear on so fast car I love sports car lol

  • Lorenzo Borja
    Lorenzo Borja

    I’d love to be able to ride your car TJ if I am in US

  • Lorenzo Borja
    Lorenzo Borja

    How much does it cost u to tune up a car and the insurance? I’d love to have a car like this

  • Rhymes The Key
    Rhymes The Key

    9:00 love the looks of your Supra but those brakes looks absolutely horrible dude..

  • Elias Mikkonen
    Elias Mikkonen

    1:16 looks like he is taking a shit in the back😂😂

  • No Limits
    No Limits

    0:17 Wait What !

  • Karan Gill
    Karan Gill

    Who let Kevin go outside with that on his head

  • Alex Cofield
    Alex Cofield

    You wont beat black widow... Hes a savage

  • James TV
    James TV

    350 engine is 1jz?

  • Milan

    Ure supra is a prius for blackwidowsupra

  • Billy Bob Jr
    Billy Bob Jr


  • AUSSIEbattler96

    black widow will still be louder

  • Shadoow Knight
    Shadoow Knight

    “The neighbors are Mexico, they loved it.” 😂😂😂😂

  • charles vue
    charles vue

    More 2step

  • Aurelio Rojas
    Aurelio Rojas

    Go against Black widow Supra bc he is the 2 step king

  • Luke Wilmoth
    Luke Wilmoth

    Use it responsibly, there’s kids and dogs at some 2 step events, give the parents a heads up and anyone that’s there that they’ll needa stand way back or take their kids away from the front, it’s fun for them until they blow an ear drum.

  • Blowme

    all the cars you list are for women.

  • Blowme

    not even close to as loud as a 427 stroker. sounds like a civic wet fart exhaust, very feminine

  • matthew miller
    matthew miller

    Oh sh*t is that the same tuner from Team Realize? Think i saw him in one of there vids tunomg jays s13.

  • 山口ㄥ下工匚モ

    Hehe Neighbors In Mexico.. Yeah.. WHOOP WHOOOOP.