Man stabbed to death in line for Popeyes chicken sandwich
CBS News
A man was stabbed to death after getting into a fight with another customer at a Popeyes fast food outlet in Maryland. CBSN's Anne-Marie Green has more.

  • Mr. No Name
    Mr. No Name

    LOL Americans

  • NTF Phantom
    NTF Phantom

    We all Been through The Boondocks The Fried Chicken Flu

  • Santi Bigrockstar360
    Santi Bigrockstar360

    Sad how this was actually the these bisquits ma

  • AubreyKira

    If I was that dude who got stabbed I would regret my life decisions of going out that night. Smh.

  • Jed Head
    Jed Head

    I feel like the world is just gonna be gta

  • Nanjimoy Al Kursi
    Nanjimoy Al Kursi

    IT IS VERY SAD THAT SOME PEOPLE CANOT THINK FOR THEMSELVES AND HAVE TO DEPEND ON THE NEWS MEDIA...MOVIES AND TELEVISION FOR THEIR SOURCE OF INFORMATION AND INTELLIGENCE. I SAY THAT BECAUSE OF WHAT I HAVE READ IN THE COMMENT SECTION.The man that was killed went to the counter to say something to his girlfriend that worked there not to order, and the other man though that he was beaing disrespectful and breaking the lines.This is what happen when people dont understand how jinns(demons)can influence our lives including the NEWS MEDIA and TELEVISION.

  • Ong

    Omg.. Over a sandwich.. Something has to be in the sandwich

  • Fishing with Essex
    Fishing with Essex

    3k likes, lol

  • The Strangler
    The Strangler

    I bet there were black people involved in this

  • NidgeDFX


  • brockjms1

    This incident had nothing to do with the sandwich. I hate the news. This was a "too much pride" incident like most of the incidents that happen in the DMV.

  • nobody kid
    nobody kid

    popeye & bluto & sea hag & alice the goon & wimpy, all fighting over olive oyl in sandwich, store.

  • Umbrella Madness
    Umbrella Madness

    the scary thing is that I’m literally right next to maryland

    • Mystical Cheese
      Mystical Cheese

      I literally live in maryland

  • who care
    who care

    shouldn't have cut the line.


    Popeyes Being sued left and right I hope they sell enough sandwiches to balance it out

  • Daniel Thompson
    Daniel Thompson

    He black.

  • michael gaillard
    michael gaillard

    Over a sandwich

  • A Thought Crime
    A Thought Crime

    Yes, I'll have the chicken sandwich please, meal, and hold the T N B.

  • AHS Society
    AHS Society

    And what will they put on his tombstone?

  • rxsie ._. pxsie
    rxsie ._. pxsie

    I’m going vegan.

  • Uncle Fjester
    Uncle Fjester

    Chicken to die for!

  • Kevin Duggan
    Kevin Duggan

    You just advocating for more gun ownership.

  • Rowland Buck
    Rowland Buck

    This video is motivating to learn how to hunt and fish. We are always only one event away from bread lines people. Remember that.

  • Rowland Buck
    Rowland Buck

    I don’t get it. Worst chicken I ever had. Over priced small portions too.

  • M Lady
    M Lady

    It’s the Trump curse. #chickfila2020

  • Mr5083

    Stay Away From Popeyes To Much Violence

    • Ellison Hamilton
      Ellison Hamilton

      @Mr5083 Yep. Popeyes certainly knows it's customer base well. Chicken and a homicide to go.

    • Mr5083

      Popeyes attracts violent people

  • Ellison Hamilton
    Ellison Hamilton

    D@@n!! Some folks take chicken VERY seriously. Too seriously. Given the violence that seems to frequently erupt in Popeyes perhaps we should consider a national ban. News flash people. Dump Popeyes. Eat at Chic-fil-a. Your chances of surviving there are far greater and the food is waaaaay better.

  • danietkissenle

    ive been to a place in las vegas where it would be considered justifiable homicide if you touched another man's chicken tenders

  • Paul

    omg this chicken is not all that wtf i just had mine today you ppl are so stupid..

  • RedPill Bill
    RedPill Bill

    I guess there's a chicken sandwich serial killer


    Well we peaked.

  • A_World _Full_Of_ Lies
    A_World _Full_Of_ Lies


  • ZoeQuinnIsAMurderer

    Why has the black community lost their minds over a chicken sandwich?

  • ZoeQuinnIsAMurderer


  • Eduard Andresk
    Eduard Andresk

    This is so South Park style

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    I still see a lot of people commenting thinking this was real. This was a fake news story from Buzzfeed

  • Luis L.P. RC's
    Luis L.P. RC's

    White people are to busy at the Apple Store! They dont care about no Popeye's Sandwich. Lmfao!

    • Dontay Franklin
      Dontay Franklin

      Luis L.P. RC's Are you crazy lol Whites are cutting up too. Plenty of videos out lmao

  • jakeraid23

    And this happen in Oxford, Maryland.

  • LukeLikesToDraw

    Why not just split the sandwich or something

    • ZoeQuinnIsAMurderer

      Or spit in it?

  • S B
    S B

    Nothing new here to see. It was Jordan sneakers in the 1990s, and now it's Popeyes chicken in 2019. Some things never change.

  • Abdul Manan
    Abdul Manan

    I bet both were black men

  • 432 mhz
    432 mhz

    I bought a baby in Baltimore for a chicken sandwich and a grape soda.

  • Astro Bird
    Astro Bird

    so no ones ever gonna talk about that churchs chicken shooting in my area but they will talk about a chicken sandwich fight... ok..

  • Harris Hardy Hakim
    Harris Hardy Hakim

    Finally, someone did it. We're all had thinking about it when people cut in line.

  • Enlightened Investments
    Enlightened Investments

    Prison.... Prison Inmate: What you in for? Murderer: Killed a man over a chicken sandwich. The Prison goes silent............................

  • Nari Kimbally
    Nari Kimbally

    this reminds me of Undercover Brother. I hope theres nothing in the chicken.

  • RP Music TV
    RP Music TV

    Watch people get triggered. Bet if he was an illegal alien in a sanctuary city he would be a free man. Cue the snowflakes.

  • Wow Lizzy
    Wow Lizzy

    M E R I C A

  • CIA Imports
    CIA Imports


  • Dave Steelss
    Dave Steelss

    chicken sandwiches matter ....

    • Ellison Hamilton
      Ellison Hamilton

      Yes! Chicken lives DO matter. So..... eat more beef.

  • George Greener
    George Greener

    Quite the hoopla to make over a chicken sandwich, isn't it?

  • Skip Tiburon
    Skip Tiburon

    Having the unique opportunity to work and live overseas in a professional sport (in Japan, Spain, and Italy), I once looked forward to my return to the United States each late October/Early November for my annual four months "at home", before heading out again the following Spring. In the early years, I would miss the United States by about Mid-to-late summer. I wasn't exactly homesick because I was happy to be where I was, but I missed the culture back home, and looked forward to returning. Later on it was the reverse. As time passed, it became easy to see the significant cultural decline in the United States. It was easy to spot the boorish behavior, rudeness, disregard for laws and civility, sloppiness, ignorance, and lack of education. This was especially so in the population centers. Only rural America, places like the upper Central States, the remote West, small towns in the Deep South, bore any resemblance to the country I grew up in and, amazing as it seems, had more in common with small towns in the nations I listed above. Over the span of about ten years, I could clearly see the moral decay and I looked forward, eagerly, to returning to those nations I listed above above to experience what is simply a better culture. And I no longer looked forward to my return home. Now do not get me wrong. I love the "idea" of the United States. And I appreciate all those who went before me in making it what, in theory, is the greatest nation on Earth. It is a unique and special place. But I am disgusted with the cultural "rot" and the ignorance of so many Americans at not realizing what they have and how fortunate they are. And I am especially disgusted with callous disregard for others as evidenced in these examples, just one of many, over how Americans behave over something as innocuous as a little, cheap, chicken sandwich. I am back in the USA for about three more years. Then I am leaving again and watching this nation from afar. I will not allow myself to be subjected to this filthy behavior from ignorant, unwashed, unintelligent Americans who exemplify the worst in human behavior. It is shameful.

  • Son of a Quack
    Son of a Quack

    “Hey, you’re cutting!” “You want to see what real cutting is?” “Oh I’m sorry, I couldn’t hear you, can you talk into my microphone?” Everyone’s talking about how the Simpsons predicted everything but I think American Dad is catching on..

  • Juan Gaspar
    Juan Gaspar

    I swear ive seen this on a boondocks episode

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu

    He's going to prison in Louisiana😆😆😆

  • One Two3
    One Two3

    As fat as most Americans are, the last thing they should be fighting over is a chicken sandwich

  • jojiiestarree

    And this is why i always go to KFC

  • Xander

    *man kills another man for chicken sandwich* Media: vIDeo GAmEs cAUSe ViOLeNCe

    • Xander

      @bodoti qwiu still though it's wrong to stab someone because they cut in line. That's honestly just really immature and dumb

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu

      so who died, they guy in line or the guy cutting in line? Would suck if you were in line and someone cuts in front of you then proceeds to cut into you

  • Derick Morales
    Derick Morales

    So we the people are praising a sandwich and not taking advantage voting for are elections in 2020

  • Carl M
    Carl M

    They are violent and dump people. Ham curse. Google it.

  • Carl M
    Carl M


  • Ade' Big Lazy Wolf
    Ade' Big Lazy Wolf

    Damn...not even a last meal

  • number 1 enemy of the useless
    number 1 enemy of the useless

    Need that lady at the end.." Only at Popeyes Chicken!"

  • ASG66

    Muh chiggun. ☻

  • Soinas Doyi
    Soinas Doyi

    Something something, millennials are so something that they can’t even something.

  • ralph lee
    ralph lee


    • Joel Banning
      Joel Banning


  • J S
    J S

    This doesn’t happen at chick-fil-a... just saying

  • 28reta

    It’s to die for.

    • 28reta

      Soinas Doyi girl chill ! Lol haven’t u heard people say “it’s to die for” when they really like what their eating !??

    • Soinas Doyi
      Soinas Doyi

      That should prove evolution isn't true : who cuts in line after kindergarten? Who cuts in line in a stabby neighborhood? Who thinks stabbing someone 28 times will get your

  • Mr Cashman
    Mr Cashman

    Ight imma headout

  • dave lynch
    dave lynch

    First you Took me Olive Oil away, And NOW me Chicken Sandwich!!!!!

  • Zennofobic

    so who died, they guy in line or the guy cutting in line? Would suck if you were in line and someone cuts in front of you then proceeds to cut into you

  • Getting Along Alone
    Getting Along Alone

    There is only ONE problem on the face of this earth,....and it's Humans!

  • Droolsial

    Man got cut for cutting in line. Oof

  • The Spirit of the color Blue
    The Spirit of the color Blue

    -100 Faith in Humanity

  • Whustle Dilantro
    Whustle Dilantro

    Cutters get cut

  • dildos go uwu
    dildos go uwu

    50 years ago: 'humans in the peak of evolution will become an intergalactic civilization and attain immortality' humans at the peak of evolution:

  • AngelusFitzgerald


  • Jack Xiao
    Jack Xiao

    Don't cut in line folks.

  • Deborah Johnson
    Deborah Johnson

    If this chicken sandwich makes one act like this... No thank you!!

  • Voltorb32

    Somehow this title made me laugh