Might VS Might Sneak Peek | DEATH BATTLE Cast #157
We show off All Might VS Might Guy and dive into the TRUTH behind the making of Deadpool VS Mask! This episode is brought to yo by Hawthorne (Go to hawthorne.co and use code CAST to get 10% off your purchase), Raycon (Get 15% off your order at buyraycon.com/cast.) and Hims (Try Hims today by starting out with a FREE online visit at forhims.com/cast). This episode aired Decemeber 10, 2019.
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  • Gfg Gffg
    Gfg Gffg

    Leonardo vs Robin

  • SageNeoDraconus

    Ok Deadpool CANNOT beat Lobo. The only thing that Deadpool has that could beat Lobo is the Continuity Gem. But using that is kind of cheating when doing a "what if" fight. Deadpool's anti healing factor blade wouldn't work on Lobo for the same reason it didn't work on The Mask. Logo's healing factor is biologically a part of his makeup and not based on any sort of mutation or radioactivity source (which was stated in the tabs during the Deadpool VS Mask conclusion). So why not cut out the middle man and just do Lobo VS The Mask instead. Those two have some ridiculous feats that would make for a ridiculous fight (in a very good way). I haven't messed with the suggestion form (although I really need to as there are several good matches I have floating around my noggin) but if someone else could submit that fight matchup I would appreciate it. Because that would be an epic match to see

  • maru tamayo
    maru tamayo


  • XxShutenDojixX


  • Devin Hightower
    Devin Hightower

    Yo guys what about snakes apprentice from metal gear vs Geralds apprentice from Witcher that would actually be really good

  • Ngoni Mutezo
    Ngoni Mutezo

    Saiki k vs ben 10

  • Redacted Radical
    Redacted Radical

    Ben, stop saying "dope" it's really lame

  • Monster Society
    Monster Society

    DEATH BATTLE: Plastic Man VS. Mr. Fantastic

  • Doctor F.
    Doctor F.

    Po (Kung Fu Panda) vs Poe (Star Wars)

  • Challenge: 10.000 Subscribers until the New Year
    Challenge: 10.000 Subscribers until the New Year

    Every other combatant: starts a fight because they're angry These two: How bout an arm wrestling match, buddy?

  • Bonbon Nim
    Bonbon Nim

    Goku vs superman 3 who agrees?

  • The Film Duck
    The Film Duck

    I'm sick and tired of these random ass people

  • Sigit Putra
    Sigit Putra

    Naruto vs luffy

  • 30dynamo

    Bro where is the episode you said it was releasing todaaayyyyy

  • redviper163

    It looks awful and sounds awful so far

  • Toys to Life 167
    Toys to Life 167

    Death battle, can you make a second ben 10 vs green lantern for season 7 and make ben win here’s why. Ben can beat hal in duriblity and strength, hal might have overpowered the u bomb but I found on a website debunking you guys that hal got help from every other green lantern in the universe, so it wasn’t by him self, yeah he can match the god of will power but help is help and that means that hal takes half the credit I assume, and that was with all his might ( plus the others power ) and alien x destroyed a universe easily, you see where I’m going with this. So alien x could probably make more than one universe. And with duriblity kilowag might of survived the crisis on infinite earths, that doesn’t mean hal can, besides hal died some times ( well versions of hal ) and if alien x didn’t feel a single thing when the entire universe got destroyed then I think it’s going to be hard to kill this god ( AND TIME TRAVEL WOULDN’T WORK BECAUSE THE SOTOBRO AFFECT IS APPLIED WITH ANY TIME TRAVEL USER!!! ). And with speed hal might be faster but his ring isn’t, bens watch reacted to the Big Bang that went through the entire universe in 0.0000000000000000000000000003 seconds, that is way faster than a heart beat. So, hero times up for hal. The winner is ben tennison

  • gillette match 3
    gillette match 3

    "the winner will be decided due to TNT rather than skills, experience and abilities".

  • Aldo Lopez
    Aldo Lopez

    I think for the next battle what you should do Is one punch man vs Accelerator [ A certain magical Index] this would be interesting cause accelerator can control vexters anything with motion which includes Friction punches so he can easily bounce it back

  • Deshom Noel
    Deshom Noel

    The hero killer stain vs garou from one punch man

  • DaeDae Dinero
    DaeDae Dinero

    I would like to see atom vs antman

  • RetardedMario 64
    RetardedMario 64

    Death battle idea Fox Mccloud and Falco Lombardi vs Nick Wild and Judy Hopps

  • Jesús Magallanes
    Jesús Magallanes

    YEHA 💃

  • Jesús Magallanes
    Jesús Magallanes


  • teamagar 303
    teamagar 303

    Eren Jeager vs Shinji Ikari

  • The Mueller
    The Mueller

    Nintendo characters seem to trend even if you make a dude drink half of another dude

  • ELX_Kazekage YT
    ELX_Kazekage YT

    They both basically do the same training

  • ELX_Kazekage YT
    ELX_Kazekage YT

    You guys should do Asta vs Rock Lee

  • Ebony Warrior
    Ebony Warrior

    I would love to see 2B from Nier Automata vs Raiden from Metal Gear Solid. In season 7.


    Hey guys you should do a death battle of Superman vs Dr.Manhattan.

  • Cristian Rojas
    Cristian Rojas

    Where is the fight ?!?

    • Zeadogs

      It will be up later today.

  • Pv. Reckzo
    Pv. Reckzo

    Krampus vs grinch?

  • Kenshin Kirigaya
    Kenshin Kirigaya

    We could put saitama in death battle

  • SuperPokemon64

    Deku: Please win all might! Boruto: I don't think All Might will make it. Might Guy's gates are too OP! Deku: Well, if All Might loses, i will fricking smash screwattack. Boruto: Oh Yeah! If Might Guy loses, i will send every ninja to raid your hero city! Like the sand ninjas raiding Bai ng se to avenge Gara! Deku: Bring it! Meanwhile.... All for 1: Just a few more hours.... there will be no justice for all.... Orochimaru: Where do i fit in all this? All for 1: Quiet you. ussofts.info/hd/video/1miqrsTV2qOsen4

  • Lucifer Taylor
    Lucifer Taylor

    Guys can we please have John Wick Vs Agent 47?

  • Guy 123
    Guy 123

    3:35 Did we really need this shot?

  • Catholic Defender
    Catholic Defender

    Found this addressed to you guys ussofts.info/hd/video/s2OepK_W1azZYqQ This is relevant: ussofts.info/hd/video/2Gzcspvar2rZf3o And don't tell me there aren't enough fan projects for source clips

  • Darryl Baihaqi
    Darryl Baihaqi

    Hey what about tekken vs digimon.but that will be awesome

  • Cunning Smile
    Cunning Smile


  • isaac washington
    isaac washington

    You guys should do Franklin Richardson vs Dr Manhattan Must See‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🗣🗣🗣🗣💯💯💯💯💯🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️

    • JOHNNY Walker
      JOHNNY Walker

      Who Franklin Richardson? .

  • Catholic Defender
    Catholic Defender

    Can anyone from any other franchise actually defeat this smug prick from Warhammer 40k? Cato Sicarius : The Gary Sue of the Blueberries and banisher of literal star eating demi-deities. The dude has literal Plot armor.

  • sai12nanohana

    Please get a different might guy vo go to ssj or perfect cells channel for a better one

  • Duo Maxwell
    Duo Maxwell

    Can't wait

  • cesar martinez
    cesar martinez

    Do MATILDA VS ELEVEN!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael Beck
    Michael Beck

    Hope this doesn't so too stupid have a Death Battle suggestion but Eleven(from stranger things) vs Matilda (from Matilda)

  • JoeDoesSomething YT
    JoeDoesSomething YT


  • Wolf Dragon
    Wolf Dragon

    How does an arm wrestle turn into a fight to the death

  • Special K
    Special K

    34:19 Sam's funny!😂 "Must b an Earth fart"💨

  • Stiki mator
    Stiki mator

    Hey where the battle Its today now

  • Amir Stephen
    Amir Stephen


  • red skull fire
    red skull fire

    Nothing online with a big video community should be rated esrb just like on video games during internet. If they dont want kids to see adult content then the parents should be more responsible over what their children watch. We should not be held accountable for what people decide to watch.

  • red skull fire
    red skull fire

    Look I got a good one. Domino versus jinx. A luck death battle! When you do it make sure ya let people know who gave you the idea lol

  • Rileygameing bank
    Rileygameing bank

    Do a broly vs hulk that would be cool l

  • Alexzander King
    Alexzander King

    Suggestions Cervantes vs Darth Maul Kenshi vs Yoshimitsu Broly vs Silver Surfer

  • Allen Calixto
    Allen Calixto

    Goku vs Naruto

    • SonicNTGD

      @Allen Calixto Yes

    • Allen Calixto
      Allen Calixto

      @SonicNTGD no

    • SonicNTGD

      @Allen Calixto Yeah but he never did it. It took SSG's kamehameha to destroy a planet level attack.

    • Allen Calixto
      Allen Calixto

      @SonicNTGD his base gets strong too one kamekame wave is strong enough to destroy the planet

  • last name first name v1.30
    last name first name v1.30

    Spoiler alert:might guy wins

    • last name first name v1.30
      last name first name v1.30

      @SonicNTGD idk who wins tbh

    • SonicNTGD

      Why didn't you put it in read more?

  • tessa de vera
    tessa de vera

    Wheres the fight it kinda already the realase date Edit: I checked the calender and it was wednsday

  • Alex Mabey
    Alex Mabey

    Uncle Grandpa VS Koro Sensei

  • Nathan Sanchez
    Nathan Sanchez

    Look how scrawny Might Guy is compared to All Might, I think Guy will lose

  • Joseph Azevedo
    Joseph Azevedo


  • jasono921

    Can we have a death battle of Spartacus vs Achilles that would be amazing!