Mnuchin joins Trump, Coronavirus Task Force in briefing
Fox News
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, President Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force hold daily press briefing.
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  • WXOF

    IQ of a Fence post!

  • Char Lara
    Char Lara

    You are the very best president ever!!

  • Ren Ren
    Ren Ren

    what kind of question is "how many deaths are acceptable?"

  • Masonry Masonry
    Masonry Masonry

    The hypocrites Republicans are now socialist waiting for government handouts, welfare checks, Farmers subsidies and corporate welfare. They learn fast from the con man-

  • Dr. Zippy Mcscoots
    Dr. Zippy Mcscoots

    The reason Trump isn't doing his duty with New York is because he wants as many democrats to die as possible. And the rest of the Republicans in the senate and the House are right behind him in supporting it. Their hoping that an enormous number of democrats across the country will die. Trump doesn't give two shits if a person is a fellow American. To him America isn't a country, its a long term business venture. He could care less about laws and the Constitution. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham also hope theres a mass die-off of Americans across the country in the hopes that they are democrats. They cant outright put them on buses and trains to the "ovens" so this is the next best thing for their plans.

  • Uwa Diercks
    Uwa Diercks

    Munchkin the creepy twerp, trumps accountant who will empty the bank

  • Xahmael Zechariah
    Xahmael Zechariah

    China must be sued 90 Trillion Dollars for this biological attack!

  • Ricovali

    Hey FOXNEWS. I had to go through over 80 youtube channels before I found this channel. And they feature a video from two days ago.

  • jarchitect

    Cuomo: An adult dealing realistically with an epidemic. Fauci: A trusted medical expert whose credible advise is calming the nation. Trump: Thinks the media wants to extend the virus deadline to hurt his re-election chances. As always, its about him. Trump is one child brained, narcissistic, paranoid MOFO.

  • luisgrod0

    We would not be suffering this Coronavirus if animals had UNIVERSAL RIGHTS.

  • Bayah Bass
    Bayah Bass

    Endless applause for Dr Fauci and Dr Birx? VP Pence is not doing bad neither :)

  • Bayah Bass
    Bayah Bass

    I am a fan of this woman doctor!!!

  • Jimmy The Thief
    Jimmy The Thief

    Outbreak 2 "'Beating Coronavirus staring: Alec Baldwin as Donald ''It's gonna be awesome, I'm awesome MAGA''Trump Al Pacino as Andrew ''I'm supposed to be buying my own ventilators''Cuomo Caitlyn Jenner as Nancy ''like to keep things vague and hanging''Pelosi Mike Tyson as Jerome ''gonna beatt tthe batt descease mang, im ssupo ccereal''Adams Danny Glover as Ben ''violent delights have violent ends''Carson Julia Roberts Deborah ''I'll take one for the team in this movie''Birx ''Sleepy'' Joe Biden as Sleep Joe

  • Art Bass
    Art Bass

    Mnuchin the Foreclosure King. They laughed when ki king people out of their homes when Mnuchin bought One West's bad debt. Toxic atmosphere follow Mnuchin. That is why Trump lives him.

  • Bayah Bass
    Bayah Bass

    I changed heart... I like Trump. I learned my lesson. Do not watch CNN, MSN, ABC, etc. only FOX news!

  • Greg V
    Greg V

    He reads from a paper and still does not make sense. Who writes this and does he preread?

  • Andrewca1

    This president is a clown. He called this whole thing a hoax not to long ago.

  • Johnny Punish
    Johnny Punish

    GOOD NEWS: The virus is decimating racism, bigotry, hate, insult, and demonization. Apparently, it attaches itself to the Gangrene of Ignorance and Incivility Gene turning it into kindness, empathy, compassion, and decency. Of course, there are stragglers and holders on to hatred. Most of them reside at Fox News and in the White House. But don't worry, it is only a matter of time before the gene mutates forward and defeats the last of the hate mongers as the virus has NO preference for black, white, brown, yellow, green, Democrat, Republican or social position! Hey, whatever works right?

  • MrDannyHeim

    500 billion dollar relief for corporations, yet we can't feed elementary students their lunch. Please those of you show support Trump, don't listen to him on this one, PLEASE!

  • C F
    C F

    I cant wait to NO LONGER see this BASTARD of a "President" and ANY White House administration or advisors POISON our airways with bad attitudes, disrespect, AND LIES!!! It is a waste of time to have them on any interview!

  • Joel Sattler
    Joel Sattler

    Donald Trump has proven to be incompetent in this crisis. And Fox News has proven to be unreliable in their response.

  • SoulfulJim1

    Trump bears direct responsibility for America's unpreparedness and failed response to the epidemic. Since Trump came into office, he has systematically taken apart our protective public health system. The pandemic unit at the National Security Council was dismantled in 2018 under his watch. Trump slashed the CDC's epidemic control teams in 39 countries, including China. And when the epidemic hit, Trump ignored it, downplayed it, and made repeated false claims. Even now, he spouts vulgar nonsense about restarting the economy by Easter when public health experts say the threat is going to persist for far longer.

  • Armageddon News
    Armageddon News

    🙏🙏🙏 YOU COULD BE DEAD TOMORROW FROM COVID-19 - Pray this NOW! "Father I confess I am a sinner , please forgive my sins, I ask Jesus to be the Savior of my soul. Amen"

  • Angel Matos
    Angel Matos

    Trump 2020 slogan. 'Sacrifice your Life to Elect Me'

  • Jim Corneleous
    Jim Corneleous

    The UN is who wants to put us in camps and start a worldwide government, Agenda 21

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure

    Oh good. Gotta have the money guy lurking around.

  • Prayer TV
    Prayer TV

    USA needs complete lockdown. We need to think only the lives of people and nothing else. God bless USA.

  • Love AndLight
    Love AndLight

    I know one thing Obama when he was president he never let Joe Biden speak because he knew Joe Biden was a puppet he was not a vice president he was not involved he was out there doing corrupt dealings in making money Mike Pence he is part of the team this is where you see the vice president doing his job and he's a very good speaker he's loyal to the president and I hope he gets the respect he deserves as well

    • Albert Dimacali jr
      Albert Dimacali jr

      We also had a real president with Obama...Trump is just...well...a liar...

  • Love AndLight
    Love AndLight

    No the media wants us to go back to the Obama days and everyone be out of a job in the economy sucking because that's what the World Bank wants to control the people they bought the media Outlets they owned them all and they want us to be so broke down we need them no America would do just fine without them

    • Albert Dimacali jr
      Albert Dimacali jr

      Maybe you were out of a job when Obama was president...not everyone...maybe thats why your pissed at him...

  • Love AndLight
    Love AndLight

    Not one media outlet has said to this president our sitting president thank you mr. President thank you for being up all day and all night for a couple weeks now making sure Americans are safe thank you mr. President we believe you're doing the best job you can do thank you mr. President thank you know the media is not going to say that because the media is not even helping him they're bashing every little move he makes because they are bought they are trained to remove him because they would rather get money from Satan they live eternally in heaven it's awful this entire charade and how they speak to him the questions are ignorant an uneducated evil is stupid evil is not highly intelligent it's most likely most of the time ignorant

  • Love AndLight
    Love AndLight

    It doesn't matter what's going on anyway because where I live honestly they are stupid they are just plain stupid people did they have not stayed home since it started and it's usually a certain type of people that are out running around and buying all the stuff but you can't say anything because you know you'll be called a racist facts are facts man it doesn't matter in America cannot just sit down and lay down it don't work that way it never has and it never will people are out everywhere especially when the cloud seeding continues and no one has seen the Sun for 40 days do you not think people's going to go out when it's nice finally? Blame yourselves Congress blame yourselves Congress blame yourselves big Banks blame yourselves you all are involved in this we know it was sick of it well God will be here pretty soon he can handle you guys I trust in him or not trusting you any day

  • Love AndLight
    Love AndLight

    The president doesn't have to keep explaining why he closed down are border from China coming here his first move basically why does he have to keep explaining that any president would have done that except for Obama he waited six months you mediate are bought and paid for and your job is to tear him down we got that we understand that he's not going to let you he's going to come right back at you because he don't have no fear of you you ought to be ashamed of yourselves is your job that important you can't get another job or are you that brainwashed as well

  • Patrick Phair
    Patrick Phair

    Why Did The Reporters Not Stand When"The President" Entered The Room? Respect For "The Office Of The President" Aught To Be Shown. Even If You Have No Respect For The Person Holding That Office.! Binge Watch "The West Wing"

    • Albert Dimacali jr
      Albert Dimacali jr

      Why? Trump doesnt respect the reporters...why should they...lead by example...

  • Love AndLight
    Love AndLight

    You know why he calls them fake news ? Because they are fake And he knows they bought out by the Big central world bank...

  • Love AndLight
    Love AndLight

    Trumps knows they have been playing games for years because he doesn't want america & americans to live under a new world system where the central banks call the shots ... He knows the other countries already want that new world system ... The constitutions states that the united states "Congress" is suppose to control our interest rates ! Not the federal Reserves! But when Biggest Bank runs your money Gov allows then to call the shots ,Its wrong! The bible tells us America will not be a part of the Beast system ..and The Great President is a part of why we wont be. God Protect our president an the American people

    • Albert Dimacali jr
      Albert Dimacali jr

      Are you getting paid enough for spending this much time defending trump...? Is it really worth it..? Is it enough...?

  • Smoking woman
    Smoking woman


  • Peaceful Jouney
    Peaceful Jouney

    God bless our president because he is doing updates everyday and I know it alot on him and his family.

  • S Hall
    S Hall

    Omg! We are so unprepared for what's about to happen in this country. Why did we let this happen?

  • Harry Inkpot
    Harry Inkpot

    don't look like many people there from camera angle

  • Yeezy Ai
    Yeezy Ai

    Masks wholesale and retail, welcome to consult and cooperate!

  • Big Toe
    Big Toe

    Douchebag reporters! Stay home! Stop with the gotcha moment questions! Be positive you negative losers! We love you Donny T!

  • Jackie Brown
    Jackie Brown

    Hi donle trump hiley client hole the the city of Chicago please stop that I been parying for them and u need to stop that and people needs to go to work to make money and we need to go to the drctor apt and go to the. Store and she thinks she holes the city she don't not God douse and we can do anything we went let people go back to work

    • Jackie Brown
      Jackie Brown

      I keep pary to so u u can teal the people go back to work and kids can go back to school please

  • Jose Guzman
    Jose Guzman

    Hannity stop lying thats why is the coronaviros because to much poison you speak

  • The Constitutionalist
    The Constitutionalist

    Trump 2020

  • Jay Bee
    Jay Bee

    trump has proven over time that whatever comes out of his mouth is the exact opposite.

  • Tziporah B
    Tziporah B

    Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the REMISSION of your sins. It's appointed to all men once to die and after this the judgement. Repent.

  • Monica Murphy
    Monica Murphy

    Follow the money who is profiting from this (medical industry)? And who being given the shaft(low income citizens)? It's slush find to bail out fasci and that woman for that pharma whatever

  • Kevin Miller
    Kevin Miller

    The President looks exhausted.

    • Chad Fincher
      Chad Fincher

      Kevin Miller he’s having to work over time since Obama took all those vacations and basically did nothing! LOL

  • 4 a better world
    4 a better world

    Trillions for corporations, banks &co, peanuts for the plebs. And you still cheer...Sheep.

  • 4 a better world
    4 a better world

    Trillions for corporations, banks &co, peanuts for the plebs. And you still cheer...Sheep.

  • Mary LG
    Mary LG


  • Ann Sanchez
    Ann Sanchez

    I don't sport trump

  • Kris M
    Kris M

    Trump is amazing. Totally respect the genius he is. Too bad the media continues to try to manipulate Americans and foreigners. He is absolutely brilliant and yes, even caring, as he has shown these past few weeks.

  • Scooby Doo
    Scooby Doo

    Please Donald, do,the country a favor and stay out of these briefings. You are making things worse with your misinformation. Let the experts talk.

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    Blame game again this President is pitiful.

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    Where is this 🚹 getting his information from.

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    Republicans needs worker's call Russia.

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    Sometimes it best to be seen not heard. TRUMP put a pickle in your mouth.

  • Greg Shaheen
    Greg Shaheen

    care about the workers, less than the owners or Socialism lol ah doublespeak 1984 genius

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    TRUMP you been beating your for a long time. NATO has been there for US. Trump i learn 50 year's ago what a MOLE is and trump is THAT MOLE.

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    The great threat of America

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    Hell our country is in big trouble dummy.

  • Peggy W
    Peggy W

    The questions are horrible! Some of these journalists must have found their degree 📜 n a Cracker Jack box.

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    TRUMP made a damm fool out of pence he need to be treated like a 🐕.

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    Perfectly ready where did dude go to school hey TRUMP daddy Putin is watching you. Pray you don't get your hands on the 💰.

  • John Hertzog
    John Hertzog

    Truth is scumps ebola

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    You haven't done anything for NYC but been a hater. You haven't done anything for America but got impeached.

  • Vimar m
    Vimar m

    Fear weakens the immune system Love strengthens it You have the choice, dont give ur power away Love 2 all ... 😍

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    A day late a dollar short.

  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    Common sense tell you you should have acted with Marshall LAW.

    • Sandi Baratta
      Sandi Baratta


  • Eduardo Smith
    Eduardo Smith

    Look at TRUMP DUMMY PENCE and his stooge.

  • Tactical 1975
    Tactical 1975

    No seal on the podium huh. People the wool is being pulled over your eyes!

  • Alex

    Last updated: March 26, 2020, <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1266">21:06</a> GMT United States Coronavirus Cases: 81,996 Deaths: 1,177 Recovered: 1,864

  • Light Dancing
    Light Dancing

    That whole "Kennedy Center" fund is just a scam, a way for Pelosi's Dems to launder that money and fill their pockets with it.

    • GiantTurkS

      Let's just film something that will stop them from asking for more money ¶Fly me to the moon, pack extra aluminum foil


    Dr. Burks needs to go. She is a black hat. All she has ever done is get the money and send it to the countries that funnel it back to the Dems.

  • Heather Lewison
    Heather Lewison

    China? Back to work. After 2 months lock down. Yes! Russia? Back to work. No lock down in their country. None! Go figure. I know what the Democrats are up to. Criminals! Lock me down and arrest me? Go ahead if you do not want to be shot. By Me! Tim- US ARMY VETERAN


    Okay so I ask you guys this..... You are not allowed to release medical records so why are celebs coming out and saying they have virus? Its only to push the public to get tested and the more numbers they have the faster the vaccine will be unleashed which is really what will get us sick. Democrats and Republicans have to come together because Trump is slowly ruining there agenda (democrats) . Which is a good thing for the people of this country we have been controlled, manipulated and lied to our life. God is working thru Trump you may not like him but the only you don't is because you have not done your research instead of typing judging peoples lives... do the research. I do not vote but the democrats are evil they are nothing but pedos and God is working on them right now. Relax and just pray. Its all simple Bill Gates foundation comes up with the vaccine and Bill Gates predicted this mess. Elites have ruled this world for long time and God is tired of it. If you need answers look up THE RABBIT HOLE (reloaded). Peace and Love to all of you.

  • David Smith
    David Smith

    I've heard of starve a cold, but starve a nation, that's new. Less than 0.7% mortality for those under 80...The Flu is way worse. Why not open up the country and ask the few high risk people which DON'T EVEN WORK to stay safe. There's only one reason to keep this farce going. This has been a Test of the Emergency Pandemic System. In the case of a real pandemic you would be sick right now.

    • Joe Groft
      Joe Groft

      David Smith Agreed. 5k people die every day in the US. 4600 die every month in the US from flu and pneumonia. Total Coronavirus deaths in China so far, less than 4k. 3931 die every month in US from suicide.

  • Randy Arellanes
    Randy Arellanes

    You all do realize these billionaires and millionaires all have their own medicle facilities with their own doctors and nurses filled with all medical equipment they need.

  • Pet Langley
    Pet Langley

    Republicans were MAD at Obama bailing companies out in 2008,they sure remain silent now

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