Naruto VS Ichigo | DEATH BATTLE!
It's Naruto VS Bleach in our biggest anime fight ever!
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Wiz/Showrunner: Ben B. Singer
Boomstick: Chad James
Project Lead: Nick Cramer
Lead Animator: Luis Cruz
Voice of Naruto: Dawn M. Bennett
Voice of Ichigo: Adam Park
Sound Design/Kurama: Noel Wiggins
Sprite Artist: Chris "Jerky" Bastin
Additional Animation: Kervin Alcindor
Battle Music: Brandon Yates
Video Editor: Gerardo Mejia
Casting/Voice Directing: Marissa Lenti
Audio Engineer: Patrick Morphy
Battle Announcer: Chris Guerrero
Research Team: Max Baney, Matthew Jones, LousyTactician, Carmelo Sampayo, Liam Swan, Devin Swedenburg

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  • Outsider Tre
    Outsider Tre

    I need to see John Wick vs Beatrix Kiddo

  • Saeed Badawi
    Saeed Badawi


  • zdy3888

    I would watch Mickey Mouse instead of this

  • zdy3888

    Ichigo better I disliked your vid

  • MarryJanesBud

    No vasto lorde form? BS

  • Mark Morales
    Mark Morales

    Correction.... 👆 “Naruto Uzamaki, the CONVENIENTLY gifted prodigy from the village hidden in the leafs...” “Ichigo Kurosaki, the CONVENIENTLY powerful substitute soul reaper from Bleach...”

  • pRpL Blaster
    pRpL Blaster

    1 naruto is 4D and a multi planet buster if he goes all out 2 Kaguya is 4D and most like star to galaxy level

  • Elphy Da elephant
    Elphy Da elephant

    ichigo should have won at the end with a stick

  • Cavil Lance
    Cavil Lance

    Why did Ichigo switch from True Bankai to Mugestu?

  • Lo1zZz Gaming
    Lo1zZz Gaming

    Yup he did not have. A chance

  • seb dragon
    seb dragon

    If Ichigo was in his hollow form Naruto wouldn't be able to kill him and would latter on get tierd because hollows only can be killed by reapers.

  • jojie riveral
    jojie riveral

    naruto sage mode vs base ichigo naruto can sense ichigo and can one hit ichigo if he ever manage to hit him because of his immense strength provided by the sage mode but the problem is sage mode naruto has nothing to do to stop ichigos attack ichigo was in another dimension maybe sage mode naruto can sense his attack but he cannot sense ichigo personally cause ichigo was not just invincible but he is in another dimension kurama cloak mode 2 naruto vs hollow mask ichigo naruto can beat ichigo why ? although naruto cannot see him but kurama cloak mode 2 provide naruto the ability to sense evil intension even it its miles and miles away from him plus with immense speed and kurama avatar naruto can stop and counter ichigo's attacks with bijuu bomb bijuss bomb rasengan or bijuu bomb rasenshuriken sage mode + kurama cloak mode 2 naruto vs full hollow ichigo still naruto got this i cant compare their speed and strength but naruto has the advantage he can fight in a distance with kurama avatar and by spamming thousands of kage bunshin who's all equal to his feats ichigo would be out numbered and get wrecked by kurama avatar and spamming rasengan/rasenshuriken that was coming in all side sage of six path + kurama cloak mode 2 naruto vs adult ichigo its debatable ichigo speed and strength put him into another level but naruto has also his own capabilities he has a god tier power boost (six path) and he also inherited one of hagomoros power the banbutsu sozo which give him the power to create anything from his thoughts and give life to anything to help him in battle plus his kage bunshin also has all of the acces thru all of these things so i cant decide who will win this

  • Sean Hinson
    Sean Hinson

    That was wack

  • Dream Wolfie 2
    Dream Wolfie 2


  • Jiggywolf

    I’m I the only one who got goosebumps at 21:42

  • Abbryona Rockinggal
    Abbryona Rockinggal

    I clicked on this video, thinking, "Ichigo is gonna completely DESTROY Naruto."

  • LizardMane

    Ichigo in bankia form got beat by one punch from kurama? They did ichigo so wrong we know he would have won 😂

  • Will Cooper
    Will Cooper

    If he knows Naruto can’t see him then he knows he’s not a hollow 😂

    • jojie riveral
      jojie riveral

      but naruto can see his attack with sage mode and can sense his evil intension with kurama cloak mode 2

  • ceeu livai
    ceeu livai

    People here saying the fight wasn’t fair lol naruto would still win regardless tho naruto wouldn't get out without a scratch

  • Aditya Sinha
    Aditya Sinha

    Naruto ain't the prodigy. Naruto is the slow kid of the class who rammed his head long enough, and was surprisingly the most successful at the school reunion.

  • S1

    Salty bleach retards🤧😅😅

  • Totally not Fake account
    Totally not Fake account

    What is the OST at 8:08 called? I really wanna know.

  • Baron Samedi
    Baron Samedi

    This is fake news. Naruto would've spent five episode talking about how he can't die yet cuz hes gonna be hokage

  • sebastian garcia
    sebastian garcia

    Estoy de acuerdo pero si bien el poder curativo de Naruto es veloz yo le daría ese punto al de ichigo ya que el pudo regenerar su corazón después de la descarga Zero de Ulquiorra y Naruto casi murió por el Rose de bisturí de chakra de cabuto

  • Yahir Martinez
    Yahir Martinez

    Sorry bleach friend I haven’t watched bleached in a long time I really wanted to watch bleach but it wasn’t that entertaining sorry if you like bleach

  • Yahir Martinez
    Yahir Martinez

    Norito is better in several ways Like really

    • ExclusiveMarzjon gamer
      ExclusiveMarzjon gamer

      but ichigo is still better don't say someone is better if you have not watched to other show ichigo isss wayy stronger and would have destroyed naruto only if these fools actually did some proper research and took there time they would not be giving false information

  • Kite Sora
    Kite Sora

    Would anyone be interested in Ichigo vs Nero (Devil May Cry)?

  • allen shwe
    allen shwe

    Ichigo vs Goku .......

  • HailMammon Moments
    HailMammon Moments

    Impressive to see how much both characters have grown. But. At least neither of them have powered up beyond something that blows up planets without breaking a sweat. That would be silly. 😏

  • will drid
    will drid

    More then half the video is info about the characters

    • nb45001


    • Louai Hadjadj
      Louai Hadjadj

      You are new right

  • Deni Floid
    Deni Floid

    I personally think this battle was unfair as it was two against one: Ichigo vs Naruto and Kurama

  • Pro Hanzo Main 76
    Pro Hanzo Main 76

    Goku would kick there ass

    • S1

      Is is it about goku tho Superman slaps 3 of dem

  • SadisticInflxence YT
    SadisticInflxence YT

    explain why they made him go from horn of salvation to mugetsu, horn of salvation is worlds apart from mugetsu, If you ask me, they deliberately made ichigo lose

    • Manuel Gutierrez
      Manuel Gutierrez

      This is the most pathetic argument I've ever seen

    • Slaughter Cooki
      Slaughter Cooki

      GumballViking they out here double teaming you, but you were spiting strait facts

    • GumballViking

      Except Naruto has also dealt with opponents that existed in other dimensions, like Madara's limbo clones.

    • SadisticInflxence YT
      SadisticInflxence YT

      @GumballViking even if he's never destroyed a planet, in only his dangai form he was capable of defeating a transcended aizen, aizen was capable of damaging objects that were beyond a plane immune to any type of force or damage

    • GumballViking

      I've worked with Bleach fans on this research, and there's no evidence to support that.

  • Tony Prime360
    Tony Prime360

    2:29 Rodan roar.

  • KnightSoul

    ichigo: destroys countries* naruto: destroys moons* goku: "you two are adorable" superman: "shut up Goku" goku: "sorry sir. :("

  • Jake Saathoff
    Jake Saathoff

    0:46 Isn't this exactly what you'd expect from a city full of ninja?

  • bayu mahendra
    bayu mahendra

    To be fair Both of those not my fav character soooooo..... Who cares? Congrats naruto you won Suck on you ichigo

  • iGS Blue
    iGS Blue

    This is trash!!! Why tf would ichigo use dangai!!!???? If he did he wouldn’t need to use the final getsuga!!! Naruto would get folded!!!! Ichigo doesn’t even use hollow mask anymore!!! And naruto blocking the final getsuga?????! Gtfo!!!! Blocking a grand Rey cero!!! Stfu!!! 🤣🤣🤣 dumb

    • Ichigo Kurosaki
      Ichigo Kurosaki

      iGS Blue I know

  • Justin Reid
    Justin Reid

    He deserved to die attacking a man while he is sleeping

    • ceeu livai
      ceeu livai

      truly the lowest of scum even kakashi agree's

  • Brandon Dee Don
    Brandon Dee Don

    Ichigo vs zoro

  • Wild Angel0317
    Wild Angel0317

    Naruto couldn’t even storm area 51

  • S1

    Naruto win Dont@me

  • Wini Alhag
    Wini Alhag

    I do narrow ahh i😂 suck

  • The Smash Kid
    The Smash Kid

    22:33 I swear that was luffy

    • Terence Parker
      Terence Parker

      It was definitely

  • Govind Tiwari
    Govind Tiwari

    Narutoooo is aseome

  • Roblox Jelk
    Roblox Jelk


  • ZeuRess

    Do you really think Naruto can win against Ichigo? No? I thought so.

    • ZeuRess

      @S1 Then tell me Naruto will be able to cut through Ichigo's Blut vene and Hierro?

    • Ichigo Kurosaki
      Ichigo Kurosaki

      S1 ok narutard

    • S1

      Lmao he can

  • Ryujin Slayer
    Ryujin Slayer

    Ichigo should have won every person he beats there able to destroy planets and he has gran Rey cero which is the best cero any hollow can use and in the 1000 year blood arc he defeated someone (the Quincy boss forgot how to spell his name) who has the power of god (with some help) and he in vasto lorde hollow form he blow open the gates of hell with just a basic cero and hell with it

    • ExclusiveMarzjon gamer
      ExclusiveMarzjon gamer

      @S1 BOIIIII he only destroyed someone who could destroy 1 planet ichigo defeated someone who could destroy different worlds and then recreate them

    • ExclusiveMarzjon gamer
      ExclusiveMarzjon gamer

      omg finally someone who know ichigos power

    • I Have No Name
      I Have No Name

      @S1 But can Naruto destroy the planet himself? No. The most he's done is make big ass craters with his Tailed Beast Bombs.

    • Ryujin Slayer
      Ryujin Slayer

      Ichigo Kurosaki that’s what I’m trying to say

  • Terence Parker
    Terence Parker

    Wait,You had Ichigo use *True Bankai* 21:12 but then go down to Mugestu.

    • Terence Parker
      Terence Parker

      Pepsi Blueberry It looks like it to me... but I thought it was.

    • Pepsi Blueberry
      Pepsi Blueberry

      That’s not True Bankai tho

    • LizardMane

      And true bankai lost to one punch lmfao.

  • Peter Kariuki
    Peter Kariuki

    How about having pain face off against jai. (NARUTO VS KUNG FU PANDA)

  • Kiro 25
    Kiro 25

    Naruto planet lvl?? Pfft ichigo is dimensionall lvl lol And what is the use of power and god reflex if u cant move like it... Totally useless

    • joseph ese
      joseph ese

      @Ichigo Kurosaki you didnt have to ask me LMFAO

    • Ichigo Kurosaki
      Ichigo Kurosaki

      joseph ese nobody asked you

    • joseph ese
      joseph ese

      Dimensions can be small lmao so if ur talking about that city size dimension then sure

    • Ichigo Kurosaki
      Ichigo Kurosaki

      Kiro 25 this death battle sucked ass

  • Austin Robertson
    Austin Robertson

    If i may be completely honest, i actually shipped Rukia and Ichigo as soon as i saw the two in the 1st season. Though, when i found out they didn't end up together, I wasn't upset about it all.

  • alex ochoa
    alex ochoa

    Well my opinion this is correct naruto with the win

  • El Jay 151
    El Jay 151

    Naruto vs aang from avatar would be cool

  • Action Zombie90
    Action Zombie90


  • Ali Multajam
    Ali Multajam

    Well ichigo power was designed to fight 1 on 1 enemy not thousands againts 1.. its obvious

  • Broderick Cruz
    Broderick Cruz

    Anyone else notice “Flying Raijin Kunai” under Bukijutsu??

  • Daniel Pepple
    Daniel Pepple

    This video is 2 years old now. Let that sink in

  • Студия КвС
    Студия КвС

    Ah, this battle really warms my soul. It's basically my childhood first animes merged together. Too bad I can't get rid of that bittersweet taste in my mouth... It all started with my big bro's death, y'see.

  • Ajax 1
    Ajax 1

    If someone did a naruto vs ichigo video, and wanted to not lose subs, they would say naruto wins, as it has more vocal fans, and bleach fans are used to getting shafted, so we would be more likely to just try to debunk him in the comments and stay subbed, because unlike naruto, we had our anime cancelled, our manga rushed, and everyone just says things like bleach sucks, bleach has no foreshadowing, bleach has no character development etc. So if someone didn't care about accuracy, but wanted subs, they would say naruto would win, because they seem to be much bigger babies, as when I've commented on how ichigo stomps naruto they provide no evidence to prove my points wrong, and just say I'm wanking, and don't provide any evidence for how strong naruto is, obviously there are exceptions, some will try to prove naruto is faster and stronger, but most I've seen just get upset and yell

    • ZeuRess

      I am with you, bro.