NBA's Best Plays | Week 12 | 2019-20 NBA Season
NBA's Best Plays | Week 12 | 2019-20 NBA Season
Check out the best plays from week 12 of the 2019-2020 NBA season.
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  • tony robert
    tony robert


  • Nino Latif
    Nino Latif

    03:34 Can be the craziest homosexual voiceover of all time. Uuuu uuuu... Gay with the throwdown... Tremendous length... Oh, Vintage Gay right there, huh?! LMFAO Can't stop laughing maaan!

    • Nino Latif
      Nino Latif

      Who is the man, which in rapture says the name of another man?? What is he called? -Sports commentator LOL

  • 阿信

    RIP Kobe Bryant.

  • SuperRip7

    Those best plays. 01-23-20.

  • Duggie Baijnauth
    Duggie Baijnauth

    fuck you. tray yunog

  • Jacques Fields
    Jacques Fields

    Allen with the goaltending was hilarious everybody thought he made it the Allen came

  • frozen biol
    frozen biol

    very nice this video

  • Miguel Quińones
    Miguel Quińones


  • Matthew White
    Matthew White

    The trae young dangles

  • MrTitanSword

    Patty Mills was looking for a goal tending down 25😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Maks

    Best basketball t-shirt! Лучшая футболка для баскетбола!

  • Nick Tokar
    Nick Tokar

    I can't get over how ugly Brooklyns gray court is

  • Demise The God
    Demise The God

    bro jarrett allen is a monster

  • xlnt

    it was not enough for those jokes to stop playing defense - they had to go traveling and now just carry the ball all the time, starting to look a lot like a nice stroll down the park ):

  • De'von Adams
    De'von Adams

    Aye say mane !! Wb crossed that boi so bad 🙆damn

  • dave israel
    dave israel

    Lol Melo left his teammate hanging after he made that 2

  • Justin Catenza
    Justin Catenza

    3:30 OMG RUDEY

    • Brock Neal
      Brock Neal

      filthiest dunk

  • Justin Catenza
    Justin Catenza


  • Hugo Maartinez
    Hugo Maartinez

    Eh and Dwight Howard!?

  • Fernando Hyde
    Fernando Hyde

    I mean ... still 720p in 2020 ... c'mon NBA

  • TBS Superband
    TBS Superband

    wow SGA is like a shooting guard rondo. very fun player to watch. having paul on okc is gonna make him even better.

  • kuya jhor
    kuya jhor

    wow!!! ang galing parang ako

  • Shawn Zhang
    Shawn Zhang

    kemba might go longer and higher

  • enjoynet

    3:20 the best crossover

  • Dominate The Rim
    Dominate The Rim

    I am like the 1,274 like or something on this vid. Get rekt all of you🤤🙏

  • Dominate The Rim
    Dominate The Rim

    Damian gets rejected, lol 0:49

  • iTzzJH_

    don't mind derozan... 3 secs in and BAM! didn't expect that! lol

  • Big mac bun has 67 sesame seeds on top
    Big mac bun has 67 sesame seeds on top

    first clip nba promoting murder

  • JJ


  • JJ


  • Trev Villanueva
    Trev Villanueva

    No dwight howard three’s? C’mon man.

    • Pravin Assar
      Pravin Assar

      I agree

  • 中山ジェニファー

    wow ちんぽこ

  • Whiy Gaming
    Whiy Gaming

    Ja Morant With Jaw Dropping Things He Is Doing

  • Whiy Gaming
    Whiy Gaming

    Send Help To Trae Pls

  • storygamer 101
    storygamer 101

    Im trying to get on my middle school basketball team next year. I need some tips on how i can make it

    • iTzzJH_

      work hard bro, keep a positive attitude... hard work beats talent. NEVER GIVE UP

  • tatonkaa

    No bucks plays. why does sports media hate small market team so much.

    • Chase Ritter
      Chase Ritter


  • KelFrom YT
    KelFrom YT

    trae young and ja morant are awesome

  • lethalfatality

    0:17 black john stockton at it again

    • Dominate The Rim
      Dominate The Rim


  • Gbolahan Adebiyi
    Gbolahan Adebiyi

    Derozen had to get that anger out

    • iTzzJH_

      lol he did bro

  • Marques Jones
    Marques Jones

    what. a. intro. 😳

  • Henry Arevalo
    Henry Arevalo

    Fuck christ puol

  • Cappin With the Crew
    Cappin With the Crew

    We just finished recording and you guys get it fresh while the mic is still hot! The GOAT PODCAST IS BACK FOR 2020!

  • King Kai
    King Kai

    I guess you can say that slam was gay

  • GG-FN

    10:57 I feel bad for Vince Carter’s nuts Edit: Thanks for the likes

    • Dominate The Rim
      Dominate The Rim


    • GG-FN

      Simonne Larrea, I don’t remember asking

    • Simonne Larrea
      Simonne Larrea

      You ruined it

  • Kidus Kalid
    Kidus Kalid

    first clip was jus ...... damn

  • Kidus Kalid
    Kidus Kalid

    first clip is oc

  • Sawa Bros
    Sawa Bros

    did the camera go crazy at 7:20 for anybody else.

    • EOE Da Boss
      EOE Da Boss

      Sawa Bros no

  • Pick A Shoe
    Pick A Shoe

    I liked the clip where he dunked

    • Pick A Shoe
      Pick A Shoe

      Pravin Assar idk if you’re trying to carry the joke on or if the joke flew over his head but incase you missed it, I was joking

    • Pravin Assar
      Pravin Assar

      Pick A Shoe who

  • van bewley
    van bewley

    Vintage Gay right there

  • Sm.trapx Skeng
    Sm.trapx Skeng

    I'm Trying To Make Into The NBA From The UK Do You Think I Can Make It In?

    • Sm.trapx Skeng
      Sm.trapx Skeng

      @Steven Bond Thanks that will now motivate me :)

    • Steven Bond
      Steven Bond


    • Romaan Akhtar
      Romaan Akhtar

      Sm.trapx Skeng no

  • Yubeli Peña
    Yubeli Peña

    Game NBA:

  • TimohaZT

    that block in the end

  • 808bboarder


    • Yubeli Peña
      Yubeli Peña

      808bboarder Game NBA:


    Go jazz! Go Donovan Mitchell!

  • real nigga
    real nigga

    brooo that dunk was crazy


    Did the thunder just trade a superstar, Paul George for a superstar without knowing, Shai

    • Knack 3
      Knack 3

      Bunta Fujiwara how he said ask Paul George Paul George has never beat lebron in the playoffs lmao I’m pretty sure he’s swept him before too but idk I don’t watch basketball soO

    • Bunta Fujiwara
      Bunta Fujiwara

      ʞᴉuƃ ɹɐɥ damn you really don’t watch basketball

    • Kev

      ʞᴉuƃ ɹɐɥ Paul George was lebrons toughest competition apart from the Celtics. The East had no other true competition apart from those two

    • Knack 3
      Knack 3

      Kev ask lebron what I don’t remember George beating him ever

    • Kev

      Steven Bond Paul George has always been a Star even in his young pacer days. You can ask Lebron

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama

    3:33 Imma need u to always use Rudy Gays full name

  • Wakemeup Now
    Wakemeup Now

    Kyrie be like I’m leaving Nets soon!

    • Yubeli Peña
      Yubeli Peña

      Wakemeup Now Game NBA:

  • Grammar Police -
    Grammar Police -

    07:44 and every Chris Paul....Alexandra(sp error) wow what was that CP has been teaching these guys his magic tricks... Can someone make a video of people dunking on Kardashian sorry i mean Tristan!!

    • Yubeli Peña
      Yubeli Peña

      Grammar Police - Game NBA:

  • m e
    m e

    So are we gonna ignore this 0:49 Melo still selfish af I see