NBA Top 10 Plays of the Night | January 13, 2020
Check out the top 10 plays of the night from around the league on Jan. 12 featuring Ben Simmons, Damian Lillard, LeBron James and more!
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  • SuperRip7

    A simple slam at 2:04. 01-28-20.

  • Korben DreamTeam
    Korben DreamTeam

    Комментатор убитый вхлам

  • Utku Korkmaz
    Utku Korkmaz

    I fınd the mavs four trunking mass

  • Wabi Sabi
    Wabi Sabi

    Just when I was missing the cringementator xD NBA delivers

  • Rip City Rory
    Rip City Rory

    this commentator is fucking high

  • Giovanni Silva
    Giovanni Silva

    the best NBA top 10 broadcaster

  • Jonathan Javier
    Jonathan Javier

    The music and the tone of his voice make me feel uneasy

  • Aj Untitled
    Aj Untitled

    Pausementator hahaha

  • saturn1004

    Nooooooooooooo please God. No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Hufinn Puff
    Hufinn Puff

    Would have been better if just game sounds and the video was on.

  • jazz03

    who is this guy now? blunt-mentator?

  • Grzegorz Szymczak
    Grzegorz Szymczak

    I this your top tiiiin to wiiiin

  • S K1
    S K1

    This commentator needs some coffee lol

  • dearshomy

    Hey we all complained when he used to go "TOP TEEEEEEEEEEEN TO WIIIIIIIIIIN!" So this is him without that

  • Darren Mcclean
    Darren Mcclean

    This guy sounds like he wants to top himself

  • zydel villas
    zydel villas

    what a boring narrator

  • trevman761

    Dwight Howard’s three tho

  • Darius Tuckauskas
    Darius Tuckauskas

    F you!!!! Shut your mouth pls

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest

      You shut

  • P B
    P B

    He has to be doing this on purpose right?

  • Alex GB
    Alex GB

    The weed mentator can’t believe this dude got the job

  • Dimas Hangga
    Dimas Hangga

    Sleepy commentator😑

  • J. Wake
    J. Wake

    “climbing the ladder on mr. wood!”

  • BG303

    This dude should be fired. Sounds like he’s miserable and couldn’t wait to go home.

    • Nor Priest
      Nor Priest

      He's been here like 2 years already. But he used to be so hyped. Nowadays he's sleepy af

  • Francis John Masibay
    Francis John Masibay


  • ill

    you simply can't watch the full just fall asleep ....zzzzz

  • Oldmatey

    Does this guy even like basketball?

  • Hairguy

    Damn that oxy suppository is kickn in hard

  • Donny Rickmans Jr III Part 2
    Donny Rickmans Jr III Part 2

    Yo how much you pay for your weed? I gotta try it, sounds fire.

  • REAL Drama214
    REAL Drama214

    From what I'm hearing, this commentator woke up from a nightmare involving Javale McGee and the number 4.

  • Wira H
    Wira H

    Komengator, kalo komen niat dikit cuk :D

  • ATV Silesia Quad
    ATV Silesia Quad


  • Αντώνης Μ.
    Αντώνης Μ.

    I almost fell asleep

  • OmaritheGod

    Get the commentator a Red Bull. Jesus...

  • Nick V
    Nick V

    The Justfiremealreadymentator

  • Micho Gales
    Micho Gales

    Dislike this if you dislike the commentator!

  • Des iolle
    Des iolle

    Cheech and Chongmenator?

  • kamalhazary jamal
    kamalhazary jamal

    Who's voice is this? My grandma can do better

  • Ryan Flowers
    Ryan Flowers

    & that is the dryest commentating of the decade.

  • Joel Bidaure
    Joel Bidaure

    The Drunkmentator.

  • mattymattyC


  • Mungki Everains
    Mungki Everains

    The sleeping commentator. Someone give him Skrt coffee please. These is boring.

  • Jeremy F1
    Jeremy F1

    And predicting tonight's top 10 will have Simmons and LeBron in 4 outta 10 again and again....

  • Sevan Uncu
    Sevan Uncu



    Damn this commentator just woke up!!


    This dude doesn't have energy

  • Mohammed Abdul shukkor
    Mohammed Abdul shukkor

    Ya'll new here. He's the cringementator.

  • Sinakto Pelep
    Sinakto Pelep

    Commentator high af. hahaha

  • uncle jun
    uncle jun

    SleepyMentator strikes again 😩

  • Ryan Chua
    Ryan Chua

    one of the best top 10 yet the commentator ruined it

  • R€L

    This commentator has been doing top tens with the other commentator for years and only recently have y’all be complaining because he is “cringy” i don’t get it why not focus on the basketball #weirdassfans

  • Simphiwe Xulu
    Simphiwe Xulu

    I feel sleepy, and depressed all at once thanks to that commentator

  • Sovereign

    Comment section lit 🔥

  • erwin O.
    erwin O.

    Is there a funeral?

  • Elijah Bontrager
    Elijah Bontrager

    I am a little peeved. Like do you guys even watch all the games to see the top plays? How did DeAaron Fox's hesi not make this list? Like I could understand if he did it on one guy or if he didn't make the layup. BUT THIS MAN MADE MARKELLE FULTZ LOOK STUPID, AND THEN MADE FULTZ AND AARON GORDON LOOK STUPID A SECOND TIME!!!!!! Like that double move made me cry a little bit. I had to ponder my existence for a solid 6 hours after watching that move. Im not just mad, i am also disappointed.

  • moo422

    residentsleeper on the quiet storm

  • Jerry Graham
    Jerry Graham

    This should've been in there

  • pop 66
    pop 66

    the real calmMentator

  • djarvils EU
    djarvils EU

    Ou gee!!! What's wrong with the world if this sleepy idiot gets to comment?!?!

  • CJ Tukmol
    CJ Tukmol


  • Gary Salazar
    Gary Salazar

    I miss the cringementator.