One Minute Melee - Akuma vs Kenpachi Zaraki (Street Fighter vs Bleach)
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2 Fighters! No Research! 60 Seconds! MELEE!!!! Who would win in a fight between Street Fighter's Akuma and Bleach's Kenpachi? Find out in 60 quick seconds!
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  • Kevin Andrews
    Kevin Andrews

    Amazing I didn't know Akuma can do a hell murder kick lol

  • Beyond Batman
    Beyond Batman

    Is there anybody we can reasonably put Akuma up against without Akuma destroying them?

  • Madison Test
    Madison Test


  • Madison Test
    Madison Test


  • WhatTheHell !
    WhatTheHell ! boy Gouki (Akuma) is da best. He didnt even used his raging demon.

  • Seven Angelz
    Seven Angelz

    Akuma is simply Epic

  • Vamp Ren
    Vamp Ren

    2 badass fight it could have been a tie


    Akuma could have won with the raging demon

  • Marcos Aurélio
    Marcos Aurélio

    Os Dois estavam se contendo nessa Luta

  • sebastian gare teigen
    sebastian gare teigen

    Screwattack really don't like bleach

  • Jensen Anthony
    Jensen Anthony

    Gouki Power!!!!!!!!!!

  • Snipinglegend 81
    Snipinglegend 81

    Ah when Kenpachi sounded cool and had the good voice actor before they switched to not at all what he is.

  • Andres Gonzalez Torres
    Andres Gonzalez Torres

    No Shun Goku Satsu? What the F’n hell?!

  • Noir Revolvs
    Noir Revolvs

    Would love to see Kenpachi (Bleach) Vs Zebra (Toriko)

  • Santino King
    Santino King

    1:37 1:47



  • Edwin Benitez
    Edwin Benitez

    No bankai K

  • Pyrokine

    I disagree with this

  • flaming_rage _55
    flaming_rage _55

    Sword vs fist who do you guys think will win

  • flaming_rage _55
    flaming_rage _55

    I am akuma and I'll teach you THE MEANING OF PAIN!!!!!!

  • Negan


  • Ry an
    Ry an

    Yea no i dont agree with this one...

  • Assassino Definitivo
    Assassino Definitivo

    akuma win? really?

  • Tsunami

    i swear to god their bias towards akuma, spoilers hes won every battle hes been in!

    • Mr.Gentlemac

      Or maybe Akuma is stupid powerful?

  • ninjabo 01
    ninjabo 01

    If kenpachi can dodge akuma's insta kill then kenpaci will the win specially since its the only attack that can harm a death god since the atack atacks the soul

  • Gabriel Quirino
    Gabriel Quirino

    Akuma Win

  • red frost
    red frost

    Wow No eyepatch removal, demon or shikai. Well too bad Cuz I love bleach

    • Black Speech
      Black Speech

      Justin Chong If this is gonna make you feel better, there are two sequels Oni VS Kenpachi Oni VS Kenpachi Round 3

  • Inspector Gadgeł
    Inspector Gadgeł

    Kenpachi literally beat the most op character in the manga lol a character that literally can make up whatever he imagines lol that's God level

  • Femto Himself
    Femto Himself

    Bleach fans butthurt

  • Hunter Webster
    Hunter Webster

    I wanna cut it some slack for being no research, but I don't think it would have been that easy for Akuma. I can't say who would win for sure, but I do know Kenpachi would never have been happier either way.

  • Emily Brown
    Emily Brown

    Akuma vs Heihachi

  • Broboy64999 boi
    Broboy64999 boi

    Whose laughing now Kenpanchi

  • Tom Areani
    Tom Areani

    This should keep Kenpachi's seminitus in check for a while...

  • Abyss


  • fhad fhad
    fhad fhad

    Akuma send kanpchi in manga blach

  • Cafeina Capitalista
    Cafeina Capitalista

    ridiculos Zaraki 1000000x mais forte!

  • CR Smyth
    CR Smyth

    No bankai?!?!

  • Collins Roberto Kaie Garcia Herman
    Collins Roberto Kaie Garcia Herman

    Oh skunt. This is even worse than Magneto vs Vader

  • John Bentley
    John Bentley

    You must not know anything about bleach if you did no research and don't know the eye patch

  • Nerdik 99999
    Nerdik 99999


  • Felix Gutierrez
    Felix Gutierrez

    WHAT? HE DIDN'T REMOVE HIS EYE PATCH OR POWER UP AT ALL? Akumas best feat is blowing up a small island with a punch Kenpachi can slice through a mountain without even powering up.......this is BS even for minute melee standards well it gone from here thank goodness...

  • Ivan Monroy
    Ivan Monroy

    Nobody is much for akuma

  • Ragdoll

    he used 2 hands for just a second... u didnt even give him a chance...

  • Haoh

    Where can i found the song ?

    • Black Speech
      Black Speech

      Street Fighter EX Rising Dragon - Ryu Theme - Song from the intro Street Fighter 4 - Gouken VS Ryu Theme - Song during the fight Street Fighter 4 - Akuma Theme - Song during the credits

  • L noskcaj
    L noskcaj

    This is L again now should be settled in a Death Battle between these two A Devil Swordsman Vs A Devil Fighter because Akuma won three in the row what do you think you with me on that

  • crusty wheel216
    crusty wheel216

    does ScrewAttach have something against bleach?

  • Demetrius Wilmer
    Demetrius Wilmer

    Kenpachi would destroy Akuma like not even a contest

  • Kyoryuger

    Akuma destroys didn't he destroy: -an island, saitama style -meteorite -submarine.

    • KayOz

      NeonDaemon Kenpachi destroyed a country busting meteor..... and the part of Shib Akuma destroying the meteor is non canon

  • Xander Hebert
    Xander Hebert

    I think kenpachi is a very boomstick character, he just emits pure badass energy and wins almost every fight just cause he is badass

  • Family Gaming Night
    Family Gaming Night

    Did not like the match for some reason I thought it was going to be awesome and I really thought the outcome was going to be different

    • Black Speech
      Black Speech

      You can watch two sequels Oni VS Kenpachi Oni VS Kenpachi Round 3

  • Santino King
    Santino King

    1:37 1:47 1:09

  • Amv master Maker
    Amv master Maker

    This video is a troll XD

  • Winny Egg
    Winny Egg

    akuma my boi

  • Sabu Uncia
    Sabu Uncia

    redo with Bankai -Don't even care if it's the same ending result, I just want to see it n/m I see it has been done, Good on you

  • Chris :]
    Chris :]

    Name of the song please!!!!

    • Black Speech
      Black Speech

      Street Fighter EX Plus @ Rising Dragon - Ryu Theme - During the intro Street Fighter IV - Gouken VS Ryu Theme - During the fight Street Fighter IV - Akuma Theme - During the credits

  • Cavalio Thorson
    Cavalio Thorson

    If only it was a Death Battle, Kenpachi can use Nozarashi Bankai.

    • Black Speech
      Black Speech

      There are two sequels Oni VS Kenpachi Oni VS Kenpachi Round 3


    Damn akuma is 3-0 at screw attack

    • Black Speech
      Black Speech

      Yuri on Edge 3 victories over Kenpachi, one over Shang Tsung and one over Iron Fist.

    • Yuri on Edge
      Yuri on Edge

      Black How?

    • Black Speech
      Black Speech

      5 - 0 to be correct.

  • Craig Newsome
    Craig Newsome

    They didn't even let Kenpachi take off his eye patch

    • Yuri on Edge
      Yuri on Edge

      He was talking about this fight though. Kenpachi would have easily beat Akuma if he took off his eye patch.

    • Black Speech
      Black Speech

      There are two sequels. In one of them he takes off his eyepatch. Oni VS Kenpachi Oni VS Kenpachi Round 3

  • MOC Da Zueira
    MOC Da Zueira

    Vim pelo tauz

  • Gore Gare
    Gore Gare

    Kenpachi doesn't use kido, *cuz he LIKE THAT*