P.E with Joe | Monday 23rd March 2020
The Body Coach TV
Day One of my 9am daily workouts

  • Matt Flannery
    Matt Flannery

    Shout out from Luca in Rainy California - 8th Birthday on Thursday!!

  • Duda Bog
    Duda Bog

    Big Hello from Luka and Niall from Kosovska Mitrovica, Serbia 👍

  • Rylee Ganshert
    Rylee Ganshert

    You are the best

  • Tayla Travis
    Tayla Travis

    I am from the uk in ashbone my name is tayla you are the best pe coach and have you ever done pe with Waltham leas primarey academy

  • Julian Cohen
    Julian Cohen

    My P.E. teacher, Dave Borghi, shared this video with me. Joe, you are awesome. Keep it up man. I like the spider man suit from the 3rd of April. Thanks a lot. Very helpful.

  • Danny Cummings
    Danny Cummings

    Here in Texas. We just found your great PE exercises and we are posting links to your videos on our Facebook Page for all of our kids at home. We are from Winnsboro Elementary School in Winnsboro, Texas! Thank you so much, Coach Joe!

  • LillianPlays

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="539">8:59</a> he says F@!$ your legs?!?!?!

  • Patrick Clancy
    Patrick Clancy

    Great workout! Rowan age 8 from California 😀

  • joaquim espinas
    joaquim espinas

    Thank you Joe from canada Alberta Ponoka

  • joaquim espinas
    joaquim espinas

    thank you coach Joe

  • Remiel Bremmer
    Remiel Bremmer

    we love this workout it's keeping me and my sister healthy .

  • Erik Medina
    Erik Medina

    Staying quarantined in my house got me lazy and when I did this video I was worn out by the first warm-up!

  • Linden Wong
    Linden Wong

    In Vancouver

  • Linden Wong
    Linden Wong

    In Vancouver

  • A_bit_ Odd
    A_bit_ Odd

    Anyone else here because of your PE teacher

  • Joel Lopez
    Joel Lopez


  • Lucy Fisher
    Lucy Fisher

    anyone else have there heads hurting like heck?

  • David George
    David George

    lmao comment if you got this for quarantine homework

  • Teresa's World
    Teresa's World

    Just done this first work out, really enjoyed it, even solo! Not sure whether to go through in date order ... or jump to tomorrow’s ... 7th April ... can anyone out there advise me? I’ve been doing my little channel Teresa’s World for 4 years, so can appreciate Joe’s euphoria to see his take off as it has ... think it would freak me out if mine ever did!! I’d have to sort my hair out that’s for sure, and wear make-up all the time!! Yikes! 😁🤗x

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis

    i like him

  • James Lewis
    James Lewis


  • Neil Shearer
    Neil Shearer

    After 3 weeks isolation I finally found the motivation to start exercising and your work out was spot on Joe. Hard enough to work up a sweat and increase the heart rate without feeling like I was going to break. Thanks so much for doing the videos, I'll be tuning in daily now :)

  • Zakhar Petrusiuk
    Zakhar Petrusiuk

    In ukrain

  • Arunika Saharan
    Arunika Saharan

    Love it I m in Myanmar

  • The Gaffer
    The Gaffer

    What an excuse for a human feeding off the virus to benefit himself by subscribing He’d lay in bed if I see the leach

  • jeanette morris
    jeanette morris

    Jeanette from south africa

  • jeanette morris
    jeanette morris

    Jeanette south africa

  • jeanette morris
    jeanette morris

    In south africa

  • Amanda-Jayne Miller
    Amanda-Jayne Miller

    First day of furlough along with Bipolar Disorder and I completed your video. I will continue to do this daily to help both mental and physical health. Thank you 🙏 AJ

  • Lily and the Unicorns
    Lily and the Unicorns

    Lily and Zann shout out please

  • sillyharriet1


  • Stone Roses
    Stone Roses

    I don't get why he's gone so viral, how are his classes different from anything else on youtube?

    • She fuccing ded
      She fuccing ded

      Stone Roses a lot of pe teachers and parents are sharing this with their kids and assigning this to them

  • Pip bean
    Pip bean


  • Minh Quyen Hoang
    Minh Quyen Hoang

    he'll be a great p.e teacher

  • Vanessa Voortman
    Vanessa Voortman

    thank you!! love south australia

  • Crxpticz Skelxton
    Crxpticz Skelxton

    The 4 and a half kids in my school are here

  • •XxcrystałpøtatøgamingcøøkiexX •
    •XxcrystałpøtatøgamingcøøkiexX •

    He said to rest 2 mins after 10 mins 😂😂😂🙂🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  • Enhireedui Altangerel
    Enhireedui Altangerel

    don't gossip like a donkey

  • Jonty Newman
    Jonty Newman

    my family is doing your classes from Brisbane Australia

  • Luke Sawyer
    Luke Sawyer

    I just do not do anything because I am depressed

  • Arthur Lynn Myat
    Arthur Lynn Myat

    I am working out

  • Cooky

    Let's fucking go joe

    • Slurqd

      Lets fucking go Joe

  • *MalissaPlaysRoblox *
    *MalissaPlaysRoblox *

    L did lol

  • SquidJig

    This is just homework

  • Tara Bowman
    Tara Bowman

    this is the best quarantine thing in my high school classes yet

  • William Khieu
    William Khieu


  • William Khieu
    William Khieu

    worst vid ever and 1% good

  • deirdre o'connell
    deirdre o'connell

    hi Joe

  • Lyulf Tuffs
    Lyulf Tuffs

    This is the first good thing I've ever been given for quarantine homework

  • Yolo Nector
    Yolo Nector

    irej from england

  • Suzannah Hawtin
    Suzannah Hawtin

    HELLO from Melbourne, Australia!

  • Katie Higgins
    Katie Higgins

    boys from Australia age 6

  • ash Sing
    ash Sing

    This guy is good he helps me if I’’m board

  • Kelly Connell
    Kelly Connell

    Canada !!!

  • joysavesworld

    my boobs will not allow turbo

  • Jiyoon bachmann
    Jiyoon bachmann

    wow I sweat so much after doing this !!

  • Ganga Bahra 5
    Ganga Bahra 5

    he has excellent exercises

  • Roz Dixon
    Roz Dixon

    my daughter has a crush on u

  • Roz Dixon
    Roz Dixon

    ur a superstar joe

  • Pransheesh Rakim
    Pransheesh Rakim

    Wot a excersiz! Me weeping becos it will b tricks! I’m now pushing out fecies as my excersize! Your insane gay. Piece of shambles. Off to kms now thank a lot bro

  • Maryam Naghizadeh
    Maryam Naghizadeh

    If you cannot pay for heating, just do this once a day!

  • Isabela Almeida
    Isabela Almeida

    I loved it! I just heard about what you are doing today and I decided to join in your first class. I'm from Brazil! 25 years and very tired afterwards 🙈

  • john brittan
    john brittan

    May I add these Bruce Forsyth was told by his very young wifes mother to do them ussofts.info/hd/video/mWTPma_blZnJam0

  • Ynwa 1978
    Ynwa 1978

    Pulled my groin after 20 minutes 😭thanks Joe

  • Musammod Liba Begum
    Musammod Liba Begum


  • Dave d'Video Maker
    Dave d'Video Maker

    Is swearing allowed in this channel?

  • Jockey551

    Well done joe donating all money USsofts ad revenue,To NHS £80.000 so far 👏👏

  • Hamad Alarji
    Hamad Alarji

    LOL hits is my PE homework right now XD


    jo in cornwall.x

  • Melinda Paton
    Melinda Paton


  • Maddie C.
    Maddie C.

    I’m really supposed to do this-

  • Caitlin Daykin
    Caitlin Daykin

    Thank you for providing these!!! I'm a PE teacher and was looking for this exact thing! Thank you from Canada!!

  • kayona jeffers
    kayona jeffers

    i have to do this for PE

  • Jojo

    I hate exercising it’s so boring

  • Śõphïë Gåçhã
    Śõphïë Gåçhã

    My school p.e. work :/

  • Minty _ Bass
    Minty _ Bass

    Hey people, don't say we're only here cause of homework. I am but I want to keep doing this. Keep it up Jo! Thank you.

  • fa aiz
    fa aiz

    who else noticed the constant voice cracks

  • fa aiz
    fa aiz

    joe: Hit the turbo button! everyone: ... me: Why is he slapping his ass

  • Sandra


  • Angelique Umutesi
    Angelique Umutesi

    I'm 25 min in and I'm just so tired I can barely run on the spot. But I really want to get fit and actually get healthier by the time quarantine is over, rather than just putting on weight. So I'll do my best for the remainder of the video and hopefully, tomorrow will be easier.