Rebuilding a Wrecked Ferrari 458 in 10 Minutes!
Can't believe this car has come so far... here's a recap of our 3 month rebuild from start to finish!
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14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
Poway, CA
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  • Akashdeep Virk
    Akashdeep Virk

    How much it cost you broo?

  • Punku Yadav
    Punku Yadav

    Super bro great knowledge...lot of love from india

  • Max H3ADROOM
    Max H3ADROOM

    nice job respekt !!!

  • chum wyn
    chum wyn

    Becacful when you driving

  • Alejandro Gonzállez
    Alejandro Gonzállez

    Congratulaciones brother

  • geron callejo
    geron callejo

    I wish you could rebuild a Camaro and send it to me in the Philippines...Its actually my dream car..🙏🙏🙏

  • Anoniem


  • チャンピオン平野のきち


  • vaibhav kaushal
    vaibhav kaushal

    This is not Ferrari it is Mustang

  • AmLI

    I enabled subtitles and when u turned the car on it said: “[MUSIC]”

  • Jose Noriega
    Jose Noriega

    What are you doing with all these cars that you rebuilding?

  • regis haxhija
    regis haxhija

    It's my car

  • Al Joker
    Al Joker

    So ur parents had a ferrari and now you have one not a surprise there is it ?:D

  • Антонио Бандэрос
    Антонио Бандэрос

    Песня плохая говно

  • Felix F.
    Felix F.

    Is Race or Sport better?


    ** 2:05

  • The Drace
    The Drace

    That exhaust sounds sick!

  • Kevin Zavala
    Kevin Zavala

    when you repair the car, you repair the car to you, or you sell the car?

  • maxi1331

    Mia khalifa min 9:9

  • S t a y s e e - 14 -
    S t a y s e e - 14 -

    Ya Allah semoga nanti aku bisa beli Ferrari ya Allah amin dan semoga yang like komen ini insyaallah bisa beli Ferrari juga amin ya Allah...

  • Qusin

    How much did you spend on everything?

  • Aaron Seloane
    Aaron Seloane

    Why was the car wrapped in the first place?🤔

  • Caleb Hilgendorf
    Caleb Hilgendorf

    i wish that i could do that

  • Atlas Gaming
    Atlas Gaming

    Looks like ncap test happened

  • yatno 02
    yatno 02


  • معاذ العتيبي
    معاذ العتيبي

    a ferrari from ali baba

  • Александр Кардаш
    Александр Кардаш


  • Mariano Hernandez
    Mariano Hernandez

    Low key felt like he should have painted instead of wrapping since he had to do body work

  • A Omar
    A Omar

    You not let anyone to drive 😅

  • Tiago Ramos
    Tiago Ramos

    do you Need Wheel bolts in Titanium Execution new

  • ItsRaleigh

    Is That DDE?

  • PONCH Ántrax
    PONCH Ántrax

    Una reparación abismal me gustó demasiado el notar la pasión con la que reconstruyeron este poni, un gran saludo desde mexico🇲🇽

  • Armando Alipio
    Armando Alipio

    Thats my car bro😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • Transformers And Marvel
      Transformers And Marvel

      Armando Alipio like you crashed it or your dream car

  • Jacob Klaire 🔌
    Jacob Klaire 🔌

    6:54 best ear rape ever

  • Gabriel correa cnb1
    Gabriel correa cnb1

    La branca mejor

  • Noisy Planet
    Noisy Planet

    How much did it cost to rebuild the 458?

  • PRO-Gamer

    В России это называют хлам и выбрасывают на помойку, а вы его чините, т.е. из мусора делаете красивый мусор .

  • Renan Padilha
    Renan Padilha

    How much did you spent to recover this car and how much you paid for this Ferrari?

  • AMD RX470 G1 FX-6300 and Xbox
    AMD RX470 G1 FX-6300 and Xbox

    I liked it more in red.....

  • AMD RX470 G1 FX-6300 and Xbox
    AMD RX470 G1 FX-6300 and Xbox

    Fcking amazing

  • Arturo Grau
    Arturo Grau

    My eyes just thanked me... 😍

  • Manish Ghole
    Manish Ghole

    How much that salvaged Ferrari would have costed him?

  • Nini M
    Nini M


  • iCarTV

    _Im ITALIAN_


    I assume the parts were really cheap and from ebay right?

  • Vinícius Pedrotti
    Vinícius Pedrotti

    how much did you pay?

  • Акку Елеусизова
    Акку Елеусизова


  • Jack Woodward
    Jack Woodward

    How much did this 458 cost you from the auction? Just comparing to another one for sale in my area.

  • Dead Boi
    Dead Boi

    Y’all wrapped it then unwrapped jt

  • Nate

    I would love to how much this all costs

  • Steven Kee
    Steven Kee

    That was incredible ! Everyone’s dream

  • ii MoHaMeD
    ii MoHaMeD


  • Rajendra Kumawat
    Rajendra Kumawat

    How much did that cost you ? Bro

  • The Rod
    The Rod

    Ok guess I should’ve waited the white is back!!

  • The Rod
    The Rod

    Nice job guys but I would’ve kept it white

  • CypherVenom

    Great tip! Just by a broken Ferrari 458 with the same year.... Then buy a working Ferrari 458 that doesnt have that much damage. Take the broken Ferrari that is the same year as the working one and then move the parts that are not broken from the broken Ferrari. Like if the front end is not damage on the broken one and the working one has a broken front then just swap the parts with the broken car! Easy. I will be rebuilding a Lambo soon

  • Nathaniel DeFord
    Nathaniel DeFord

    One of my favorite cars. I like the la better though

  • Thiên Nhân Lê
    Thiên Nhân Lê

    I like it. I wish it is of my house

  • lidxsbdjdsu yinrhrhptidedshhssjbx
    lidxsbdjdsu yinrhrhptidedshhssjbx

    your lkop sarn yuik cogt atyo noie golk😒

  • Funny Tube
    Funny Tube

    Hey bro, How much did it cost to fix?