Relaxing Snowfall 2 Hours - Sound of Light Wind Breeze and Falling Snow in Forest (Part 2)
Relaxing Sounds Of Nature
Snow covered forest and a light wind breeze. It was like walking through a dream world, everything was covered in snow.
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  • Marlene Silvano
    Marlene Silvano

    I love to see the branches moving!

  • Pedro Silva
    Pedro Silva

    Not going to lie, I watch this video 3 to 4 times a week. Spellbinding, especially for someone coming from a country where you don't have snow. Thank you, deeply.

  • Dee DiSano
    Dee DiSano

    Yeah...sorry, this sounds just like freezing rain. Nothing about this sounds relaxing. It's too loud for snow.

  • Shewho Flies
    Shewho Flies

    This is nice but snow doesn’t crackle.

  • Toni Ochoa
    Toni Ochoa

    I never get snow so this is really cool and new to me thank you!

  • Jorge Gonzalez
    Jorge Gonzalez


  • Nature Relax Music
    Nature Relax Music

    lovely video

  • Martin Stojkoski
    Martin Stojkoski

    Be careful about picking up enemy weapons Roach, any un suppressed firearms will attract on a long attention

  • Collin Watt the minecrafter and music sorter
    Collin Watt the minecrafter and music sorter

    We canadians say people that can't stand the cold and live in areas that are warm year round are weaklings.

  • Elena Efimova
    Elena Efimova

    Beautiful views . But am I only noticing the footsteps on the background?

  • Mary Giordano
    Mary Giordano


  • Tonya Beth
    Tonya Beth

    Feels just like home here in Maine!

  • نجم السماء
    نجم السماء

    ما شاء الله يارب العالمين وانته ربي يا من عليه سلمة امري يارب العالمين اقسم عليك بمحمد احب الخلق لديك وآله صلواتك عليهم أجمعين ان ترزقني الهدايه وتعطيني الكفايه وتختم لي بشهاده يارب ارزقنا من واسع قضلك ورحمتك يارب اليك مددت يدي وانته معبود كريم صلى على محمد وآل محمد الطيبين الطاهرين

  • pro crazyman
    pro crazyman

    Wish i could see snow one day 😞😔

  • Ellen1600

    I miss a winter like this🙏🏻 love from the Netherlands

  • S.A.M Unknown
    S.A.M Unknown

    Anyone else see the face in the trees?

  • yu ouyang
    yu ouyang

    Heavy fall

  • Sergio Iniguez
    Sergio Iniguez

    they are liars snow is never heard this way

  • Mist Spirit
    Mist Spirit

    Wet snow like snow kisses sounds like this video not as uncomfortable as sleet but can get you cold if you’re exposed too much.

  • Tony Beech
    Tony Beech

    I think I just saw Bear Grylls shi*ting in the woods.

  • Liwei Cao
    Liwei Cao

    snowing makes almost no sound at all...

  • Pamela D
    Pamela D

    Kinda sounds like rain, or melting snow. I have been through many New England winters and snowfalls are quiet. Unless it’s a blizzard, of course. 😁

  • Emi Grant
    Emi Grant

    It sounds like a heavy rain or a waterfall. That audio doesn't correspond to the video, the trees are barely moving, the snowfall is not heavy. That is a scam.

  • Asian Facility
    Asian Facility

    Hello i subscribed for You! Please subscribed for mine, there are winter video!

  • Anthony

    Narnia has come to life. Absolutely GORGEOUS.

  • Fred Quimby
    Fred Quimby

    I made NAKED SNOW ANGELS ONCE . . ......once . 😏

  • JuniperBRZE

    I love listening to this from my house in Los Angeles where snow like this doesn’t even exist 😍 It’s giving me cabin vibes because I’ve spent time in upstate NY winters as well as In Wisconsin. This is truly beautiful and relaxing! I love it 🤗

  • pepe_the_frog_ 1724
    pepe_the_frog_ 1724

    So snowfall sounds almost the same as rain? I don't know why I thought it would be different

  • god insurance
    god insurance

    We rarely ever get snowfall here in Texas. And when it does it only lasts a few hours before melting right away

  • George Makedon
    George Makedon

    These angles are also like first class paintings .

  • جہٰآنہٰيٰآرَ JNAER
    جہٰآنہٰيٰآرَ JNAER

    I from lraq

  • جہٰآنہٰيٰآرَ JNAER
    جہٰآنہٰيٰآرَ JNAER

    اكو عرب

  • Mogu

    Very good sequel, similarities in the storyline notwithstanding.

  • Sarah’s Sarah’s
    Sarah’s Sarah’s

    سبحان الله

  • After Asteroid Survivor
    After Asteroid Survivor

    Listening to snowfall on USsofts while there’s real snowfall outside 🌨

  • Funnyvideo#2020

    Who else remember that in 2018-2019 it didnt snow in November,December and January

  • Lucynda Riley
    Lucynda Riley

    Perfect sound.

  • 推しを愛してやまない物


  • Genius Zeal
    Genius Zeal

    It sounds like rain sounds, not like snow falling!

  • Bongwater33

    Thats a rain sound - snow is silent when it falls.

  • Joe Arabi
    Joe Arabi

    ITS... sry typo!!

  • Joe Arabi
    Joe Arabi

    Snow typically doesn't make a sound when is falling... rain and or wind is completely a def. story!!

  • Cerulean C
    Cerulean C


  • angelsallover

    That's quite a snowstorm...sounds like rain too...cozy.

  • David Showmaker
    David Showmaker

    You can't hear snow!

  • Béatrice Buridon
    Béatrice Buridon

    Nous respirons le calme d'une promenades enivrante

  • Vusale

    This not snow sound

  • auctionmusic

    I hate snow

  • Dicky Joan
    Dicky Joan

    really love this

  • viciouspleb

    what is this white stuff on the ground?

  • David D'Amico
    David D'Amico

    When you want to see snow so badly but you can't because you live in Texas so this is all you get.

  • Creso Pereira
    Creso Pereira

    I Love ❄🌬


    En que lugar es eso

  • Linda Lasley
    Linda Lasley

    I hear this a it

  • aswanson42

    Looking forward to Sunday, when our next snowstorm is due. Love the peaceful magic of snow.

  • Mohit Kumar
    Mohit Kumar

    thanks, men for making this such an amazing sound that helping me to relax my mind. A lot of hug to you.

  • Mat Broomfield
    Mat Broomfield


  • BBW BelliK
    BBW BelliK

    Visit Michigan, & you'll get lots of this :D

  • My Cat's Breath Smells Like Cat Food
    My Cat's Breath Smells Like Cat Food

    god damn I love winter. Summer can go fuck itself.

  • Mahe Akbarian
    Mahe Akbarian


  • Andrew F
    Andrew F

    I actually have these exact sounds outside my window right now. Greetings from Ireland folks!

    • dawn bee
      dawn bee


    • April Gray
      April Gray

      How's Ireland?...I'm obsessed with ireland

    • Brigitte Jost
      Brigitte Jost

      We just had snow in September 2019

    • Jay Corby
      Jay Corby

      Brigitte Jost Australia can't seem to catch a break - bush fires seem so common there these days. I've had relatives in Australia for at least 130 years ( descendants of a great great uncle who emigrated to there from England ), and I don't ever recall this phenomenon being center stage in the past down under. I even have an old black and white photo of a snow covered park in Lithgow, NSW taken in July in the 1940s!

    • Brigitte Jost
      Brigitte Jost

      Meanwhile I am boiling in Australia

  • Jewel's Flock
    Jewel's Flock

    There are times when you will hear the snow falling, esp. when it is more wet. Trust me, I was out yesterday shoveling in it and I live in Buffalo.

  • Angel L. jr.
    Angel L. jr.

    I'm from🌨🌫🌬 Philadelphia Pa I love this reminds me of siting by the window for hours this is exactly how the ice sounds hitting the window 🏡pane or the windshield🚘! Let it snow 🤍💨❄☃️⛄

  • Cherry Strohm
    Cherry Strohm

    Where is this please

  • Abeyshe

    Sounds like rain. Snow is quiet

  • Marlyce W
    Marlyce W

    I have been pelted by loud, painful snow like that. It really stings when it smacks your face 🤣

  • Windowmaker

    It seems like no one is aware that what is shown in the video is actually what is happening at the same time the sounds are being recorded. This decade has lost so much common sense it's unreal.

  • Milcheck MJ
    Milcheck MJ

    I never known snow make noise hahahahaha. This sounds like wind or rain or river.

  • Lucynda Riley
    Lucynda Riley

    This reminds me of walks in the woods during those rare occasions when we get snow.

  • Eve J
    Eve J

    I live in Jacksonville FL , appreciate the beach but I sure miss the beauty of snow. There's something angelic about snow fall

  • Angie Baez
    Angie Baez

    Amen gracias

  • Autumn Sunsets
    Autumn Sunsets

    Never seen snow before. This is what it really sounds like?

    • Steve Dillon
      Steve Dillon

      This actually doesn't even do it justice. Being there in person, taking "snow walks" and feeling it hit you in the face...that's when you really experience the beauty of it all.

    • Zack Toor
      Zack Toor

      The sound of snow softly falling on a tin roof... there's something that puts me to sleep in minutes.

    • Antoine

      depends, in a forest yeah, because its so calm. In a city or near roads, no you dont hear anything the part at 41:30 is what you would hear if you have a coat and hood , in a calm place

  • Rosario Ahumada
    Rosario Ahumada

    Todo pasa y de eso soy una convencida, rió y ya no me importan mucho las tormentas, aprendí a bailar en ellas, llorar en ellas, reír en ella. Oh que difícil me la puso la vida, recuerdo que llore hasta aprender que todo pasa y que las mejores lecciones son las que dejan nuestro esfuerzo para levantar nuestra fortaleza.

  • Nina L.R.
    Nina L.R.

    I loooved the visual. It's so beautiful. The audio sounds like rain tho. ..not really sure what sound falling snow makes tho anyway so..


    Wheres the killer, running out from behind the bushes, screaming expletives and wearing a leather face?

  • Catherine Lee
    Catherine Lee

    Aww thanks. Never seen snow in my life but this is gorgeous for studying, Thanks

  • Beatriz Pirez
    Beatriz Pirez

    Relaxing! Thanks 🙏

  • Julie Cavanagh
    Julie Cavanagh

    All it needs is Ragnar walking out of that woods and into my arms....

  • suzannesupermom

    Love this!

  • Kathy A
    Kathy A

    More like rain