SCARY Dinosaur Roars!
Join Discovery Dinosaurs for incredible kid-friendly videos. Dinosaurs were not silent creatures. They used vocalizations much like today's modern animals do. Watch out for these roars though. They are probably a final warning. The T-Rex and Raptors are expected but even the herbivores like Parasaurolophus had a mighty sound.
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  • 木村健児


  • 木村健児


  • Ryry Bailleul
    Ryry Bailleul


  • novia nurmalasari
    novia nurmalasari


  • Rick Booth
    Rick Booth

    0:18 now im no dino expert, but unless he's bleeding from the mouth im pretty sure that much blood doesnt pour out of a dinosaurs snout, even when eating

  • Maria Franca Fazio
    Maria Franca Fazio

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  • Zombie Pro
    Zombie Pro

    Мне понравился рык в 1:51

  • Asemgul Ikhsanova
    Asemgul Ikhsanova

    Мне поравилсья рык в 1:12

  • Kira Mustafa
    Kira Mustafa

    Ooo my brother. All ways wachs this

  • ليتيم شمس
    ليتيم شمس

    الحمد لله الدي انقردة

  • Zuly Rosado
    Zuly Rosado


  • RaptorViper Z16
    RaptorViper Z16

    I just found out that they took the documenteries and resounded their roars so thats why the dinos sound a bit different

  • Jilali Elyyar
    Jilali Elyyar

    Bellissimo metetenealtruvidio

  • Tyger Productions
    Tyger Productions

    Why does the t-Rex sound like a cat?

    • Tyger Productions
      Tyger Productions

      RaptorViper Z16 none of these clips are his all of them are from documentaries

    • RaptorViper Z16
      RaptorViper Z16

      Welp who cares? Atleast he has an AWSOME MODEL!

  • Zyrox

    They studied a t rex sound and it it's like a sharp humming sound and they don't even open their mouth

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh

    Very nice

  • if u like and subscribe u love ur family
    if u like and subscribe u love ur family

    whos wacking this in year 2098

  • kenan eliyev
    kenan eliyev

    1:18 dinosaur name ?

    • Thomas Newton
      Thomas Newton


  • Rob Cadano
    Rob Cadano

    I like 1:56

  • Yesenia Sanchez
    Yesenia Sanchez


  • exas4791

    Amazing that scientists can figure out how living beings vocalise.

  • nixon vedasto
    nixon vedasto

    0:43 the battles ready!!

  • Eli herlina
    Eli herlina

    ah serem

  • Fahim Play roblox and more games
    Fahim Play roblox and more games

    Is this song?

  • Jennet the wølf Valender
    Jennet the wølf Valender

    I finally found this video again, after 5 years! 5 years ago I was 7... Now I am 12 :3

    • Rob Cadano
      Rob Cadano

      Me to lol

  • Don Toovey
    Don Toovey

    Which dino is the dj because that was a killer set

  • Bisayang Dako
    Bisayang Dako

    Many dinosaurs dont fight

  • james moriarty
    james moriarty

    bro a couple of years ago there were really good dino videos but now they stink

  • Milo The big head
    Milo The big head

    I liked the tarbosaurs roar and t rex

  • just a channel
    just a channel

    Remove that shit background music

  • Salim Iza Elyas
    Salim Iza Elyas

    1:55 My fav roar Torvosaurus

  • ghost freak
    ghost freak

    Tell cp24 this news

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  • sidali sidzli
    sidali sidzli

    I don't believe in them bro 😒😏💥🔥

  • Sudeepta Dhir
    Sudeepta Dhir

    Make a video on spinosaur Vs allosaurus

  • Subscribe to me for no reason
    Subscribe to me for no reason


  • Super Dupers
    Super Dupers

    This is both correct and false. Science proved dinosaurs may have made instead close mouth vocalizations, which are inaudible to humans. T-rex sounds like a microwave.

  • Saima Faisal
    Saima Faisal

    At 0:18 it was scary as blood was coming out while it was screaming

  • Manika Kok
    Manika Kok

    Is like a song! 😂 but is scary 😱

    • RaptorViper Z16
      RaptorViper Z16


  • Stanisław Gesek
    Stanisław Gesek

    zrobicje mi miał was prosze