SCIENCE CLASS #1- WHY Does Helium Make Your Voice Higher?
Mark Rober
Live stream with demos your brain will enjoy where we answer a basic question every time.
Does farting make you weigh more or less?!?! Place your guess and give me feedback too-

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  • AlleyViper 08
    AlleyViper 08

    my mind just e x p a n d e d

  • Alex Golden
    Alex Golden

    Mark: having trouble lifting 25lb weight My mind: Mark, do you remember your mouse trap video? Use leverage to lift it! Also, the world's strongest man could lift that with his pinky toe

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    Tiko Is Cute


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    Logan Jennings

    Wow nice job man

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    no one

    do you guys think mark ill be an easy marker as a teacher?

  • ieatyomama

    ten minutes in still rambling. not sure what he is hopped up on. quality is really going downhill

  • smarten your mind
    smarten your mind

    He would be the best teacher.



  • Electrofizz __
    Electrofizz __

    Schools close: Mark Rober: Allow me to introduce myself.

  • Stefan Mashchits
    Stefan Mashchits

    C'mon public is not that bad.

  • Erbium99

    Sound doesn’t travel through air like waves travel through water. Sound waves are longitudinal waves while water waves are transverse. Im sure Mark knows that, it’s just diving deeper into something off topic and that takes up more time lol. But my nerdy self had to point that out.😅 Edit: yup he knows

  • soupy

    Last I checked 15+5=20 not 35

  • Sharon

    I love this

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    Air is a fluid! 🤯🙌

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    Abdul Malik

    Thanks Mark 👊🏽

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  • Jayden Tan
    Jayden Tan

    This was the most interesting, entertaining Physics class I've ever been in

  • Henry Wu
    Henry Wu

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="603">10:03</a> Oil is heavier than water??? I thought it's the opposite.

  • Hannah Bloom
    Hannah Bloom

    Mark please come teach at my school oh my god. We have like 3 physics teachers, all of whom I’ve heard a lot of complaints about. One does AP and honors and I failed out of her class because I never understood material when she taught it, the other two I don’t know personally, but many of my friends complain about the work and not understanding, and honestly I think most of us hate physics.

  • Sydney Elmer
    Sydney Elmer

    Awee you have nothing to worry about with public speaking. You did amazing. Bonus: you kept me more engaged than my professors

  • Benjamin Brassard
    Benjamin Brassard

    I’m watch videos on youtube 1,75 faster than normal and it’s fascinating how I can explain why the sound is more acute than at normal speed with what you explained.

  • Sana Batol
    Sana Batol

    When you’re a bio major in college and your awesome 12 year old nephew (who also loves science) shares this video. Subscribe button hit ✅

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    Isaiah Trujillo

    In case you didnt know, it was live

  • Darren Tan AKA SubSamurott Neko
    Darren Tan AKA SubSamurott Neko

    Wish he was my actual teacher

  • Shaun J
    Shaun J

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1048">17:28</a> “freedom units”? That’s a strange thing to call an Old English style of unit of length, as opposed to the kilometre that emerged from the French Revolution. :p

  • Epic Playlists
    Epic Playlists

    Imagine Mark being your physics teacher, i feel that he would make any science class super interesting.

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    Quinn Sams

    Mark Rober Is A S.I.M.P.

  • Mr Ruffins
    Mr Ruffins

    the magic did not work

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    First Last

    Hey mark where can I get that skeletor shirt.

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    you look nervous. That's cool, you get a like

  • shrimp

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="138">2:18</a> he went from a nasa man to a youtuber to a teacher

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    mari uwu

    I take more notes on this than in class

  • Mj Vogt
    Mj Vogt

    I am 11 and you are good at teching

  • Danny Lin
    Danny Lin

    First time ever doing a live show hey guys this is terrifying:)


    Mark Rober or Mars Rover?

  • Colton Gibson
    Colton Gibson

    now everything i hear i over analyze lmao. i just called my friend to tell him and i kept thinking about the ringer

  • Jayman Man
    Jayman Man

    Just to explain how well he explains those psychics things: I am 13 and havent done this subject yet ,and I UNDERSTOOD IT english is my second languages,and I UNDERSTOOD IT

  • Joshua Popov
    Joshua Popov

    The Big Bang never happened

  • nhi phan
    nhi phan

    I would go back to whatever school he will teach and do attendance 100%

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  • SammyBoi Is Best
    SammyBoi Is Best

    Ok, but why does helium make you faint, if you inhale so much?

  • _ PUNISHER _
    _ PUNISHER _

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="4">0:04</a> pause at that moment and think about what u have done

  • Stacy Plotts
    Stacy Plotts

    I see a solid foundation of a future teacher in the making!

  • Tylersfar

    I’m always going to watch this

  • Savage League
    Savage League

    Now this is what I call education all the science channels I watch have taught me more that I've ever learned in school

  • L4W4ND

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="187">3:07</a> listen to his voice

  • Chloe Sanders
    Chloe Sanders

    I don’t know why but the way he dresses, like with the hat and suit jacket thingy, reminds me so much of Cisco from Flash

  • Rebecca Alexander
    Rebecca Alexander

    The 1k who disliked this vid hate on of these: School Physics USsofts Life Science you see that I didn’t put Mark Rober. No one can hate him

  • Rebecca Alexander
    Rebecca Alexander

    I want you as my high school physics teacher

  • rcvidu-

    Best teacher we could have

  • Ash

    I use SF6 for W etching in a nano fabrication cleanroom facility. Don't remember the MSDS saying is could be inhaled :)

  • Liam Foster
    Liam Foster

    this is AWESOME!!

  • Austin Jackson
    Austin Jackson

    Love the explanation of traveling sound. This is why there’s no sound in outer space!!

  • Altidudes

    Are you still livestreaming?

  • Terri Griffith
    Terri Griffith

    As a middle school Science teacher. Got to say - love this! Thank you.

  • David Cusack
    David Cusack

    do why is water wet

  • The Real Benjamin
    The Real Benjamin

    Mark’s upload schedule before Coronavirus: Once a month Mark’s upload schedule now: Multiple videos in a month

  • LifeAsANoun

    Sooooo... I don't know about your conclusion. ◸ ◹ A test: *you'll need a highspeed camera and an airtight box filled with the different mediums* Tap a tuning fork within the medium. ◺ ◿ Look at how quickly the tuning fork vibrates in each medium. Get another trillion views. Sound travels faster in helium than in "air" (the mixture of [mostly] nitrogen and oxygen we normally breathe). The velocity (v) of a sound wave is equal to its wavelength (λ) multiplied by its frequency (f), v = fλ. The speed of sound in normal air is ~345 meters per second. In helium that speed is ~1007 meters per second, and ~134 meters per second for sulfur hexafluoride. My hypothesis: Your vocal cords aren't moving faster or slower -- the frequency of your vocal cords' motion stays the same -- the energy transmitted from the vibrating vocal cords is being applied to the different mediums. This changes the speed of the sound wave. By changing the medium (the atmosphere) a sound wave travels faster or slower. The frequency of the vocal cords' motion remains unchanged, but the speed the waves are carried away through the various mediums do. I love your work.

  • Mombie Chronicles
    Mombie Chronicles

    Great job Teach’

  • Jeremy Hatch
    Jeremy Hatch

    Mark:I am doing what i can Everyone: this is better than regular science class

  • Daniel Middleton
    Daniel Middleton

    That’s a Skelator shiirrrrrttt!!!!

  • Kerry fyi
    Kerry fyi

    Thanks Mark Rober, you're keeping me sane

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    Matty k

    farting does help you loose weight

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    Dali Brabec

    the corona viris is stinky

  • Rhiannyn Reynolds
    Rhiannyn Reynolds

    i was NOT prepared for that giant air horn ....

  • Jacinth

    You missed the opportunity to say 'ma in the chat' instead of 'F in the chat' because F=ma

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    mrn. gr.

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="80">1:20</a> 👌

  • Rodney Bentley
    Rodney Bentley

    I move that the Imperial Measuring System heretofore be renamed "Freedom Units"

  • Shattering Diamond
    Shattering Diamond

    He was so nervous and kept bringing up this is live.

  • Crue Bundy Outdoors
    Crue Bundy Outdoors

    come on mark give me a shout out pls

  • Samuel Thompson
    Samuel Thompson

    Insta-subbed. The presentation here is extraordinary.

  • Jim hobbs
    Jim hobbs

    This is a kind of back handed compliment, you come across so much better live, I used to find you a bit to cocky, but live you're humble self shines through.


    Who else thought that the first 5 seconds were in slow motion

  • Samuel Simons
    Samuel Simons

    I don't think God created the universe like that

  • Raagul Suresh Babu
    Raagul Suresh Babu

    Hey Mark can you make a video on the world's lightest solid

  • Cristi Macovei
    Cristi Macovei

    that's literally the best explanation i've ever heard keep up the good work my guy

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    andrew calhoun

    I Show my teacher dis

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    TysenTJF !

    I have always wanted a science teacher like you I am a middle schooler

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    The next Eddie Woo