Screwattack-Top 10 Hardest NES games

  • The Greatest Podcast In The Universe
    The Greatest Podcast In The Universe

    Great vid

  • Forrest Smith
    Forrest Smith

    I miss screw attack

  • WillieManga

    Hydlide. It's not just the controls that suck, it's the whole... damn... concept! Where do I even start? It's just too painful to play, because that vague Indiana Jones esque music is all you are going to hear. And that is nothing compared to the combat. The cointoss strategy of running into slimes until one of you perishes is among the worst design choice a dev could make. And of course, the game forces you to use a password, because the save system you have simply doesn't work! It's definitely one of the worst things ever.

  • TheFredster32

    If Craig and Nick counted the Japanese Famicom games(not FDS), I would easily say that Holy Diver is the most difficult. It also contends as being one of the more expensive as well.

  • R. Kirkam
    R. Kirkam

    Fuck I immediately thought of TMNT and Battle Toads when I read the title. Super C and Ninja Gaiden were also ball breakers. The Batman game in the opening credits was also hard and there was this GI Joe game that I could never pass too

  • GlitchyYellow 64
    GlitchyYellow 64

    this is so nostalgic

    • Dwak Solo
      Dwak Solo

      It really is. I miss old srewattack

  • Mo Mo
    Mo Mo

    You need more vids guys. You're such a talented couple!

  • doctorx0079

    Any hardest list without Solomon's Key is BS

    • doctorx0079

      @RondoOfBloodX "This game is amazing. It hates everyone. Hey it's really cool but it hates you." Solomon's Key is a harsh mistress, but I love it, I can't help it.

    • RondoOfBloodX

      doctorx0079 Oh man that game actually cost me a controller. Still a VERY fun game to play however.

  • John Hosp
    John Hosp

    How in the fuck does #8 a game that was not made by nintendo count? That s fucking cheap bullshit!!

    • Nathaniel Wash
      Nathaniel Wash

      John Hosp the list is top 10 hardest nes games in general. The game doesn’t have to be made by Nintendo

  • Mona

    Oh my god, this brings me back. Used to watch old screwattack when I was a child, and wanted to relive the nostalgia.

  • 93bendzsi

    DD3 is not hard at all

  • Eevee Born
    Eevee Born

    Im surprised that Kid icarus or Blaster master werent here or Ice climbers for that matter

  • Lee Anderson
    Lee Anderson

    Battle Kid: Arin Hanson's nightmare


    Looking back, ScrewAttack was basically WatchMojo with a bunch of charisma-filled hosts

  • Abdurrahman Attamimi
    Abdurrahman Attamimi

    Adventures of dino riki ... This is the hardest NES game

  • Jon Spinac
    Jon Spinac

    100 people who disliked this, are haters of Screw Attack Back in the early 1990s, when I growing up, video games were deigned to be hard as complex jigsaw puzzles, it was great! :)

  • alex3rd11

    i am stuck on last level of battletoads! :'( and i even used the pause trick to get past Clinger Winger :/ but damn if i can get that high in battletoads does that mean i stand any chance at silver surfer?


    How Did I Kno Battletoads Was #1 Its Not Even That Hard Compared To Bayou Billy

  • Robbie Andrews
    Robbie Andrews

    I figured that Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde would be on here, ITS SO HARD

    • Johan Öberg
      Johan Öberg

      @Robbie Andrews The controls and game in general suck so the difficulty isn't fair, I think that's why it wasn't on

  • RafaelDB

    it's Takeshi's Challenge, not Takeshi's Castle

  • TheErwinator

    Castlevania 3?

  • Peter Wickings
    Peter Wickings

    Hold the fuck up. How did you get to the final boss in Ghosts'n'Goblins with a javelin?! You can't get to him unless you get the shield!

    • Ryan Dennison
      Ryan Dennison

      +Peter Wickings Level select code.

  • Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans
    Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans

    Ninja Gaiden isn't that hard once you get it down. It's a lot of memory and rhythm, but once you've got that, you're golden. Great game too! It is good enough that you'll want to keep playing.

    • Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans
      Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans

      Some games are harder because they aren't fun. Battletoads is not even fun to play at all. I'll never get good at it because it is just a bad game and not worth the effort.

    • Hayao

      +Johan Öberg (Protoman85) Not exactly true, some games have such strong random elements (Holy Diver and loop 2 of Makaimura, for example) that even memorizing them won't be a guaranteed win. Ninja Gaiden is a pretty consistent game.

    • Johan Öberg
      Johan Öberg

      @Hæzim Sandwich No game is hard if you memorize everything and have it in your backbone

  • Jeremy Seal
    Jeremy Seal

    Battletoads was so close to being an epic game. The difficulty was unbearable.

  • seb

    No "A Boy and his Blob" in this list.. whaaaat... you kidding me. :(

  • Brock R
    Brock R

    Batman. Ugh! For me this was was HAAARRRDD! Bayou Billy, I didnt find that hard, but it wasnt good at all so I just didnt play it enough to beat it.

  • Randal 1231
    Randal 1231

    Kid Icarus was a tough game.

  • Daniel Hunter
    Daniel Hunter

    I'm 13 and I beat number 10, number 7, number 2, and I got to the final level of 3 and I got to the ninth level of 1 and I recorded it all for my friends to see so I can laugh in their faces.

    • jeremy Mizer
      jeremy Mizer

      cool story bro, needs more dragons n shit

  • Daniel Hunter
    Daniel Hunter

    I beat Silver Surfer. You know what drove me to accomplish that? THE MUSIC. AWESOME!!

  • Wet Bones
    Wet Bones

    You can't beat battle toads on 2-players when you get up to clinger-winger the 2nd player dies instantly

  • Alex Semidey
    Alex Semidey

    Kung Fu Was my worst nightmare

  • Apollo Edward Johnson
    Apollo Edward Johnson

    Play these games they said, it will be fun they said

  • Trung Huynh
    Trung Huynh

    I beat Battletoads when I was a lot younger. I felt like Ghost and Goblins was waaaay harder.

  • The Lawn Gnome
    The Lawn Gnome

    In Double Dragon 3 you have to pray you get past the first 3 levels in order to gain those two bosses from China & Japan. I managed to get to Italy. Bayou Billy...make sure you have a game genie on hand.

  • GreenLantern141

    Friday the 13th. Game is impossible.


    10- beated 7- beated 4- beated 2- beated 1- beated 3 times

    • Coolbean94vevo


  • TrumpeterJen

    Comments section be like: "I beat ___ easily--" "____ is a really easy game--" "I've beaten ____ without cheat codes--" Literally no one cares.

    • doctorx0079

      "The sad fact is nobody cares but you." - AVGN

  • LJ64

    Beat number 7.

    • Link&Luigi64

      @LJ64 Thanks! :D

    • LJ64

      @Luigiawesome13 That's really good : )

    • Link&Luigi64

      @LJ64 Stage 5-4.

    • LJ64

      @Luigiawesome13 Cool, which level are you on now? (I just want to know)

    • Link&Luigi64

      @LJ64 I'm working on it, though I'm not going to consider myself a pro because I have it on the 3DS, so I can use the saving function.

  • TomTheNESBud

    Mega Man 1 wasn't really hard

  • Timothy Greene
    Timothy Greene

    Has anyone actually done this?

  • Tommy the gamemaster
    Tommy the gamemaster

    you forgot the guardian legend

  • Tim Lange
    Tim Lange

    Battle Kid doesn't count... where's Mission Impossible, Friday the 13th, Destiny of an Emperor, Golgo 13 / Mafat Conspiracy, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Guardian Legend, Simons Quest, Wizardry, Ikari Warriors or Abadox? Try figuring those out by yourself old school. I proudly defeated them and posted polaroids to Nintendo Power.

    • Daniel Hunter
      Daniel Hunter

      I agree with that except for Guardian Legend, Simons Quest and Abadox. I think the latter in an underrated classic though and I memorized it from the inside-out so that's probably why. They said they wouldn't put any games that are considered bad or with poor controls on there so Roger Rabbir didn't have a chance. I agree with the rest though and Mission Impossible has the most fitting name. I'm only 13 so I haven't nailed Battletoads yet but I'm getting there.

  • dan

    no mention of topgun? or is it considered as "shitty controls"?

  • frozenaorta

    Annnnd...Bayou that's a check. Yep. This was a really cool list of games the AVGN has reviewed and proclaimed to be hard! Ha. (note: all these games really are hard as balls.)

  • Lojo

    hmmm no mega man games

  • Vanya Kryminskyi
    Vanya Kryminskyi

    TheAdventure Island should`ve been in this top. Double Dragon 3 is not so hard, so as Contra and Super C, and american version of Ghost & Goblins was a peace of cake comparing to japaneese, which had no continues at all !! This version we played in Ukraine...

  • Peja30i

    Beat many of these games coz I can!

  • NerdyNick000

    To me Zelda 2 would be # 11

    • Ryan Dennison
      Ryan Dennison

      NerdyNick000 I think Castlevania 3 might have it beat, but that game doesn’t have the smoothest control. Then again, Ghosts n Goblins and Double Dragon 3 are on.

  • NintendOtaku

    It's Takeshi's Challenge, Nick.

    • frozenaorta

      JonTron took that shit down.

  • Golden Elite
    Golden Elite

    Does using the pause button in Clinger Winger count as cheating? Technically, I'm just pushing the pause button not really putting in codes or anything of that sort.

  • faffrd

    Why is Ghostbusters not on here? Everyone knows Ghostbusters is the hardest fucking nes game ever made.

    • Big Ounce
      Big Ounce

      No, it's just godawfully bad.

  • Bold One
    Bold One

    How can you count Battle Kid? It could easily be released as an indie game too.

    • Ryan Dennison
      Ryan Dennison

      I think the main thing is it could be run on NES hardware. The same cannot be said for “I Wanna Be The Guy”.

  • Tony Flores
    Tony Flores

    Lol, this is a good list!!! I still have not beat Ghost n Goblins yet!! :(

  • LoneWolf22113

    The only unbeatable NES game i know of is *Q*bert*

    • Bold One
      Bold One

      Tiger Heli When I was younger my brother said after 20 minutes of game play you reach the first boss. I was trolled hard and played at least an hour before realizing the inside joke.

    • Spoonseria - SpennyTheSpoon
      Spoonseria - SpennyTheSpoon


    • LoneWolf22113

      @Spoonseria Actually the NES version of *Q*Bert* have Ending

    • Spoonseria - SpennyTheSpoon
      Spoonseria - SpennyTheSpoon

      I don't think that counts. It was a classic arcade game from the early 80s, so it most likely doesn't have an ending.


    DUDE........Super C was sooooo much easier. I don't know what or why you're playing......But that game wasn't hard AT ALL

  • Anabelle

    I didn't use any cheats and I beat Battletoads.

    • Anabelle

      I had 1 live left on the dark queen so I let myself die for a continue then I kicked her ass!

    • LJ64

      Legend : D

    • Anabelle

      I'm a fan of those apart from Earthworm Jim, Contra, Mortal Kombat. Zelda and rare N64 games.

    • munsi0121

      well im really into series like mario sonic castlevania contra earthworm jim pokemon donkey kong kirby mortal kombat zelda LTTP mario kart and n64 rare games

    • Anabelle

      There will probably be some Mega Man games you havn't played before, try them! What other games do you play?

  • Silthondrius

    i dont mean to sound like a dick and all but i and couple of my friends finished battletoads whn we were young like 8-9 again i dont me to sound like a dick but the 'hardness' is too overrated i feel

  • fats brown
    fats brown

    What, castlevania 1 didn't make it? And while I'm glad ninja gaiden Is on the list, the 2nd and 3rd n gaiden games were harder.

    • RondoOfBloodX

      fats brown Castlevania is hard but it’s nothing compared to Castlevania 3. Now THAT game should’ve been on the list.

  • NintendaPlaya

    Wait... Which two Family Computer (Famicom) games did they specifically state were excluded on this list? I caught "no Japanese Mario 2 (Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, 1986 FDS) and no..." someone clarify what was the other Famicom game mentioned. I hope to play through these and the other ten NES games (I already went through Ghosts 'n Goblins :D)

  • Blackmetroid

    U forgot a hard nes game the legend of Zelda 2 I hate that game