Snowfall Franklin Shoots Andre Epic Scene
Franklin saint kills Andre Snowfall On fx

  • shadowbwoy bmo
    shadowbwoy bmo

    What an idiot. Why did he tell him he would come back? Like, why? Some cops are just so stupid. His operation was so much bigger than Andre. Idk what he thought he was gonna do. He was gonna die whether it was the CIA or Frank.

  • nellymacc91

    That boy made up his mind the moment Andre slid that rag on the table..... Andre did it to himself

  • Ifollowmusic1

    Franklin gave this man a chance. He ain’t wanna listen. Business is business. Franklin did what needed to be done. That’s what’s dope about this show - you watching this kid become THAT dude.

  • Staywoke623

    What epi was this

  • JustAGuy FromJersey
    JustAGuy FromJersey

    im not gonna lie I did NOT see that coming. even with all that I knew I just didn't think he was gonna do it.. definitely had me like "OOOOH SHIT😯" lol

  • Nuclear Rainbow
    Nuclear Rainbow

    Man im pretty obsessed with this show ive been watching it on tv and catching every episode since like the 6th episode of the first season

  • Uncle B
    Uncle B

    I knew he would kill him as soon as he let Andre know that he had coming through his window since the age of 8.

  • DaMarcus Green
    DaMarcus Green

    Andre getting killed was his own fault should’ve stfu

  • 223 AR
    223 AR

    Franklyn will wet up anybody don’t understand him, he’ll slide with that .45

  • Chop&Sand It Entertainment
    Chop&Sand It Entertainment

    What episode was this

  • NATEakaScooter

    Just watched this episode last night. I knew Andre was gonna die the moment he got that file. He's seen too much and he's too much of a company man to look the other way. Helluva show!

  • Michael Elias
    Michael Elias

    This is what franklin should did, once andre left with mel, franklin should have store mass amounts of drugs, money and guns. He would have been arrested and indicted but franklin would have bail him out and told him the truth at the end

  • Greg D.
    Greg D.

    I just watched this scene for the first time on Hulu (binge watching the series)...BRUHHHHH

  • Brotha To Tha Night
    Brotha To Tha Night

    Killing Andre didn't put us in a better position, killing Andre destroyed our last line of defense.....Crack absolutely destroyed the black community.....Andre was a single father who cared about his neighborhood and died trying to protect it....Andre is someone you should want your son to be like in life, not Franklin Saint....Black people love glorifying dumb shit!!!! And for that, "We'll forever be in last place."

    • Daniel Dan
      Daniel Dan

      Nicely said, Andre tried to protect his community while Franklin was trying to poison it with drugs.

    • Al Trem
      Al Trem

      @J Man you must be a ruckus too

    • J Man
      J Man

      @Al Trem grow up dude. Fr

    • nellymacc91

      Al Trem nah niggatry hurts lmao. Calling people uncle ruckus over an opinion is dumb but that’s what I expect from niggas

    • Al Trem
      Al Trem

      @nellymacc91 😂😂😂 truth hurts

  • jaythom1985

    He should have knew it was bigger than franklin when Franklin stayed maybe we both can make it out alive

  • jaythom1985

    On par with the wire

    • Indiana Joe
      Indiana Joe

      Not, but it is a great ass show.

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez

    My heart dropped in this scene!!

  • Marvin Howard
    Marvin Howard

    Was waiting for this for payback for Jerome, targeting Franklin n all. Played it back several times.

  • David R. Davidson
    David R. Davidson

    Just finished watching season finale for Snowfall, Season 3. Damson Idris is a fine actor and a true thespian. All the actors for this awesome tv series are truly great! Loved every minute of this season.

  • Yaveh Suarez
    Yaveh Suarez

    Franklin got dark man , no pun intended .

  • The Magnificent Marc Kristian
    The Magnificent Marc Kristian

    The fingerprint on the back of the chair though....

    • --

      My nigga its a chair. You think there going to try and haul in everyone who has ever touched something in his house. Forensics checks for patterns not individual sets of prints and being that hes a neighbor who fucks with his daughter its not unimaginable he would be overlooked. No if there were signs of forced entry and drawers opened whole different ball park but a chair nah

  • MalcolmRandall

    Striking Andre down with all of his hatred, and Franklin Saint's journey towards the dark side is now complete.

    • Jon_ oVo
      Jon_ oVo

      MalcolmRandall let the hate flow through you young saint

  • Elaine Anderson
    Elaine Anderson

    Andre and Franklin were both fighting for the same thing. They were just on the opposite sides.

  • Roger Conner
    Roger Conner

    I'm not going to lie this scene caught me off guard. Franklin had to do it and it hurted him. He really didn't want to kill Andre. But he had to go.

  • David Crook
    David Crook

    I’m glad Andre caught that dome shot. Sat back and watched them pigs fuck Jerome up, stayed with the force when his cop buddy called black people animals. Andre only got a back bone when it came to young niggas, he won’t hard in the force just a puppet.

  • Johnny Nugg
    Johnny Nugg

    I knew this was gonna happen I just didn't think it'd be this way

  • Blaqrob _619
    Blaqrob _619

    The acting is on point with every character on this show

  • Cletus

    Fucked up im on Andre side

    • Indiana Joe
      Indiana Joe

      @WORDto BIGbird im speaking on Andre in Franklin business, following him, letting Franklin uncle get beat by cops, breaking into his shit, not walking away when seeing that the shit is bigger than him and Franklin.. 1 man can't save shit... should have been on his daughter like he was on Franklin nuts and maybe Melody dumb ass wouldnt ended up on crack... hmmm he couldnt even save his own daughter (1 person), so what you think he could have done for the black community? Fast foward to us now, i see a ton of black people doing good.. actually see bad and good things in all shades of people.

    • WORDto BIGbird
      WORDto BIGbird

      @Indiana Joe Andre was trying to save the black community,fast forward to now and u see the affects crack did to us

    • Indiana Joe
      Indiana Joe

      Andre was doing too much and hated Franklin, so his ass needed to be dealt with... it took Franklin way too long to do it.

    • meek raw
      meek raw

      season 4 of snowfall Is on the way!

  • Enedina Garcia
    Enedina Garcia

    Smokey saying damn

  • YoungBeezy

    𝙽𝚘𝚠 𝚞𝚙𝚕𝚘𝚊𝚍 𝚏𝚛𝚊𝚗𝚔𝚕𝚒𝚗 𝚐𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚜𝚑𝚘𝚝 𝚋𝚢 𝙼𝚎𝚕

  • john tono
    john tono

    Franklin dies in the next episode

    • Neil Hood
      Neil Hood

      He is shot he doesn't die

    • Indiana Joe
      Indiana Joe

      Lol not

  • Keith Stanton
    Keith Stanton

    This is the best tv show ever gangsta and dope wise iam 1986 baby

    • Chris Mitchell
      Chris Mitchell

      I take it u have never seen the wire

    • savage Jack
      savage Jack

      The wire

    • Roger Conner
      Roger Conner

      Me too

  • Joey Pastrana
    Joey Pastrana

    Snowfall better then Power and it’s base on real shit that happen best show on TV season 4 is confirmed to come

    • Navar Angel
      Navar Angel

      Joey Pastrana shut yo ass up

    • J Man
      J Man

      Facts. I like Power as well but it aint fuckin with snowfall

    • Tony Brasi
      Tony Brasi

      Power isn't base on true events either but its possible also

    • Tony Brasi
      Tony Brasi

      This is not a true story wtf lol even freeway Ricky said it's a fairytale kid. Yes this is possible back in them days but this did not happen bucko 🤦🏿‍♂️

    • Tropik Fighter
      Tropik Fighter

      @d2332 2332 the d2332 pretty gay ass name if you ask me


    Andre should have left quietly.

  • Chad Hampton
    Chad Hampton

    Why Andre had to say that dumb shit?..... Andre: "Oh I'm coming back, it'll be head to head" Franklin: how it's gone be head to head when u ain't got a head Prime example of When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong..... Why not just say, "Ok I'm gone." Then come back silently. Now he ain't coming back and he's still gonna be silent. W E L P That's whatcho dumb ass get

  • Floyd Thomas
    Floyd Thomas

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="217">3:37</a> the look on Franklin's face shows that he regret doing what he did

    • blue benji200
      blue benji200

      Nah he knew that shit had to b done bro moving forward Andre knew too much and too attached to the case at hand Frank saw no other way

  • Top5NoQuestions

    He should have been got rid of Andre. I said about damn time when I seen this scene.

  • The321bay

    "I ain't a killer but don't push me"

    • S.A.V

      The lightskinned mamba lmfaoooo i heard pacs voice😂😂😂🤣

    • The lightskinned mamba
      The lightskinned mamba

      "Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy"

    • The321bay

      @Marvin Howard huh?

    • Marvin Howard
      Marvin Howard

      Thought you seen it. It was a suicide 😏

    • Tony Vans
      Tony Vans

      😂 bro stfu I'm dead

  • bradlie1

    Hopefully Mel is next

  • Killing Joke
    Killing Joke

    Funny how everyone is on the side of the dope boy. Interesting shit

  • Willy Johnson
    Willy Johnson

    Franklin caught a body bout a week agooooooo lmao OG style

  • Tufari

    I knew it was a foreboding when Franks dad said “you can’t kill no cop because of the hell that will rain down on black folk”

    • She Hate Me
      She Hate Me

      unless you kill a black cop

  • Reina & Marley
    Reina & Marley

    Also I was thinking to myself why didn't Andre just take the deal he was so stupid .But I think someone aided him on how to kill andre because of the way he did it .


      Reina & Marley he could’ve gotten some tactics from the books he was reading too

  • Jaleil Jones
    Jaleil Jones

    Why are the majority of the comments and in the show talking about the clown fish (franklin) an not the megladon (the government)? Crazy part about it is it's like this in real life.

  • selig7

    Best scene of the series so far,

  • Daniel Hill
    Daniel Hill

    This scene was basically Franklin doing what his father had to do to their cousin when he was a panther and cuz was snitching on the panthers. He didn’t want to kill Andre but he knew he had to. Same with his father and their cousin. It’s literally the whole point of them even bringing up what his father did. Or maybe I’m analyzing this wrong?? 🤔

    • georjette jeanlouis
      georjette jeanlouis

      Daniel Hill that’s good I was thinking about he had no choice Andre knows everything now and Franklin try’s to give him an and ultimatum but he refused if he didn’t someone else will. Franklin had a reason why he hid them files

    • Be Safe Tho
      Be Safe Tho

      You right but give me some of the weed you smoking bro cause I didn't noticed this at first 😂😂

    • Daniel Hill
      Daniel Hill

      greenie62 that all makes sense and I forgot all about the torturing part. Very good point

    • greenie62

      i dunno...i felt Franklins father performed more of a mercy kill since he said the Panthers were gonna torture (the shit) outta the guy. This one was more a ugly inevitability, made all the more by Andre swearing he'd come back. I think the point of his fathers story was just another instance for Franklin to now view his father differently/ with redemptive understanding.

    • Deontae Lane
      Deontae Lane


  • Darryle Williams
    Darryle Williams

    Damson a helluva actor, crazy comparison to Idris Elba who’s also British and was Stringer on The Wire


      Darryle Williams that’s a fact 💯

  • Flaming365

    Could have been a better story angle if they kept Andre and Mel died but it's going to interesting where the show goes now. I think they are going to do Franklin 's character like Jax from Sons Of Anarchy and J from Animal Kingdom. His character starts off innocent in the beginning and by the time it's all over with he is going to turn into a unlikeable piece of shit.

    • donjosayye

      @daREALtruestory yes i agree with you 100% not only that but there are times were too franklin sometimes its buisness over family, the episode of when they raided la for drugs and franklin was in spain. He came back to la to find out that jerome and his stuff got raided. He found out that the teenagers that got caught with his rock didnt get charged, he said "it might be better too use them from now on." And Louie said "are you seriously thinking of the damn buisness right now?" When jerome got fucked up by the feds the similarities of franklin and walt are going to grow and honestly its gonna be so good. Season 4 franklin is going to be an absolute monster.

    • daREALtruestory

      That’s exactly how I think franklin character is going to end up similar to Walter white and tony soprano ...lovable guys in the beginning but they are true sociopaths and their own personal interests outweighs EVERYONE else’s no matter what. That’s a character flaw. Franklin sees his way as the only way and in season 3 they subtly showed him isolating himself to protect his business and interests. The scene Leon was trying to tell franklin Mel might be a crackhead and Franklin wasn’t tryin to hear none of that was telling ...interesting character development moving forward

    • donjosayye

      Just like walter white ,

    • nellymacc91

      Flaming365 plus he lost a lot of people he cared about which made him turn into the reaper

    • nellymacc91

      Flaming365 true but it was so fun to watch lmao.

  • SouthGaBro

    Franklin is the coldest thang on tv!!!

    • Edwin Zepeda
      Edwin Zepeda

      @Swifty777 facts.

    • Swifty777

      Audio Addicts Love me some tommy, but franklin had more character development. Went from not being able to see a dude get beat up to killing a father figure, Franklin takes the cake every single time.

    • SouthGaBro

      @Audio Addicts hmmm haven't seen power yet this season...Franklin still the champ so far

    • Audio Addicts
      Audio Addicts

      **cough cough** Tommy Egan

  • Baby Gambino
    Baby Gambino

    I swear I thought mel was gone come home and catch saint.


      @anwjuice bcuz she said she was going home in a scene b4 this lol

    • R. Mad
      R. Mad

      @anwjuice Nigga you sound dumb as fuck. You were typing faster then you gather your thoughts/ opinion.

    • D F
      D F

      anwjuice shutcho ass up

    • anwjuice

      Y'all be dumb if you thought she was going catch him . Her whole story angle is going be how she went from college to crack. Her father's death will spiral her deeper into Coke and the streets. Had the had her coming in then her story line would be dead because he would have to kill her or she would get him locked up and that's end of series. Seriously why y'all think she was going walk in?

    • Dominuskai

      Me to

  • naggedd

    how many of you just knew it was franklin coming in mel's window?

    • rgktt

      naggedd I thought it was Mel lmaoo

  • naggedd

    this is my fucking show. I love it. I hate waiting 7 days to see the next episode.

  • Khristopher Kaumb
    Khristopher Kaumb

    Did y’all peep how he threw the napkin 🤔 I’m just too observant

    • Egotistical Quan
      Egotistical Quan

      Khristopher Kaumb what him throwing the napkin meant

  • western11h

    Franklin isn’t a killer but he had no choics

    • Music Taliban
      Music Taliban

      Tufari 3rd

    • Tufari

      This his second body he a killer 😂😂

  • Phil Clinton
    Phil Clinton

    Franklin saint finally caught a body now he gone clean mel up since now aint gone be no if u put hands on me, my daddy ah kill you bs! Think about it that scene hurt his street cred but, now its back and stronger than ever!

    • Edwin Zepeda
      Edwin Zepeda

      @Tommie Washington aye real shit, i was thinking the same thing.

    • nellymacc91

      Top5NoQuestions true shit

    • Top5NoQuestions

      @nellymacc91 Well he did shoot him and dude was bleeding out. Leon just gave him a quick death.

    • nellymacc91

      Tommie Washington lol you’re counting that as a collective kill? 😂😂😂😂 smart man

    • Tommie Washington
      Tommie Washington

      It's his 3rd body season 1 when him and Leon killed old boy in the dessert

  • Antonio Friday
    Antonio Friday

    If Andre would of never say I will come back he probably won’t die

    • Aj H.
      Aj H.

      @Aswan Aswan naw you can tell Franklin doesn't like killing that's why Leon is the muscle of the operation and Franklin's the brains. I think he would've spared him!

    • ohh Vizio
      ohh Vizio

      kytheceo they knew what that crack shit was going to do to them , they saw all these people around them hooked on it

    • kytheceo

      TheSkyWhale I beg to differ that NOBODY knew. If I recall correctly, wanda was already an obvious fiend before Mel hit the shit. And everybody knew.

    • Otogun

      @TheSkyWhale Wow, you're actually retarded. Mel saw the dangers of crack because her dad complained to her was Saint was doing before she even took the drugs, at this point in time junkies were already begging for it on the first season. This is the LAST season and she got hooked. Everyone knew by this point what the effects were. God you're fucking retarded.

    • TheSkyWhale

      Otogun What? They knew the risk and dangers of the drug? Motherfucker NOBODY in this show knew the effects of crack till this season, did you miss the whole first season? Or are you to young to remember when Crack took California by storm? The whole reason it got so bad is because people didn’t understand how addictive it was. Mel thought it would be okay because her “man” was the biggest dealer in town, you really put the blame on Mel? Stick to watching your workout videos buddy, you’re obviously to young to know what went down during these times. Tell you what, if Franklin cared about her so much why didn’t he say something when she was doing coke in front of him and Leon at the skating rink? Franklin didn’t even want to accept the fact Mel was hooked, Leon had to literally remind him what happened to his girl to get Franklin to wake up. Franklin has never let a loose end get away, he shot his best friend and accidentally killed him just so his business wouldn’t be interrupted, did you miss that? You really think Franklins not guilty for getting Mel hooked? There’s literally a whole episode of Franklin trying to fix his mistakes by chasing Mel around crack dens and telling dealers not to sell to her, he fucking cried to his mom that Mel was hooked and his mom knew it was their faults. If you think he was seriously going to let a man who had FULL KNOWLEDGE of his CIA connections and was in law enforcement walk free? If that was true, why did Franklin steal his gun ahead of time? Why did Franklin choose to use Andres gun to threaten him? He was going to frame it as a suicide the moment he walked in the window. Did you forget that Andre took Franklin to the crack house and literally showed him this is what Franklin created? When Franklin sees a mom cracked out with her baby in her hand and he starts getting emotional because he realizes it’s all his fault, he ruined his community for quick cash.

  • Sky High
    Sky High

    Badass Franklin Andre had to go at sometime

  • The Black Kakashi
    The Black Kakashi

    It's been so long since a tv show has made me scream oh shit


      hell yeah bro i was like "oh shit he did it!" lmfao

    • The Black Kakashi
      The Black Kakashi

      @MalcolmRandall no, I don't remember lol, maybe it was when Gus walked out the door in the nursing room (I thought he was still alive). But their have been a lot of "oh shit" moments from shows but this one literally made me scream it out.

    • MalcolmRandall

      The Black Kakashi So long, huh? Let me guess.... it was The Wire, right?

    • alric Oliver
      alric Oliver

      The Black Kakashi I did the same


      I did too

  • rico pesos
    rico pesos

    Who would yall choose to build a empire with Franklin Saint/ GHOST St Patrick

    • Tristen Swanson
      Tristen Swanson

      We ain’t get to see Ghost’s hunger. We get to see Franklin on the come up. Ghost a better killer tho and smarter on the business side. Franklin is a lil naive still ain’t really top of the food chain yet

    • Joey Pastrana
      Joey Pastrana

      Franklin his connect is the CIA and he plug up

    • Top5NoQuestions

      Definitely Ghost. Franklin still too naive.

    • Egotistical Quan
      Egotistical Quan

      B Simmons ghost a conniving ass snitch if you want to be technical. That nigga out for self. Kanan was never wrong about that nigga 😤 lol they should've kept my son alive

    • nellymacc91

      Franklin. Ghost don’t even want to sell, he has lost his edge.... franklin will be a monster in season 4

  • Te'Von McBride
    Te'Von McBride

    Smart ppl understand Franklin works for the CIA now. He didn't have a choice. Andre knew too much. Had to go. Plus you played nice then talked shit to me at the end like I'm a hoe but I run this shit.

  • Anthony

    At <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="216">3:36</a> i felt that pain 😬 sheesh 💨💀

  • Robert Grodon
    Robert Grodon

    Franklin is cold ... Team Franklin all day

    • Government Official
      Government Official

      @WORDto BIGbird hahahaha this stuff was already happening in Russia saint Petersburg! In Cuba and in Honduras but no one gave a fuck about us hahaha!

    • WORDto BIGbird
      WORDto BIGbird

      Franklin (freeway Rick Ross) played a big role in destructing the poor mostly black community and we still haven't recovered from it. Franklin is basically a government agent/pawn and successful ruined an already struggling society which led to mass incarceration, babies going without food and diapers, 12 year old kids having to play the role of a parent to the younger siblings cus dad is in jail and mom is hanging out in the crack house, murder rate skyrocketed and property values dropped extremely low, and he did all for money that he lost anyway when he went to prison

    • Steve McLin
      Steve McLin

      Ray Torres lmfao you a punk

    • d2332 2332
      d2332 2332

      Ray Torres shut the fuck up😑

    • Ray Torres
      Ray Torres

      Fuck Franklin... that life doesnt ladt forever.. his time will come

  • Izzy Lozada
    Izzy Lozada

    That scene was crazy I didn’t think he’d do it

    • Ras Ra
      Ras Ra

      He had to he knew too much

    • BDNOTB

      @Please help Jimmy has a gun bitch

    • Please help Jimmy has a gun
      Please help Jimmy has a gun

      @donjosayye did you even watch breaking bad? Walt straight up uses Jessie because he's stupidly loyal and walt knows that he can control him. Therefore your point about Jesse is invalid on the basis that they are not at all like family. Second walts step brother who was actually family was DEA who straight up told walt that he was gonna take him down and walt still tried his hardest to convince those neo nazi's to spare him.

    • donjosayye

      @Please help Jimmy has a gun very incorrect, walter white wouldve killed anyone who was putting his family in danger, which is why in season 5 he was gonna kill jesse and jesse was basically family too him he cared about him, he wanted jesses death quick and painless. Franklin killed andre for the very same reason, he knew that if he didnt andre would come back exactly as he said he would. Andre also knew about reed thompson, and franklin is aware of just how dangerous reed is too him and too everyone he cares about. Very similar situations, except franklin had the balls to pull the trigger to kill the man that had the leverage to put his family in danger. Walter white didnt have the balls to do it himself so he had to hire someone else to do it for him.

    • Please help Jimmy has a gun
      Please help Jimmy has a gun

      @donjosayye Walter white never ever killed anyone he was close to also never killed a cop never killed someone who raised him if Saint killed criminals before this it wouldn't be such a jump to say that he would kill him but since he's never killed anyone intentionally before Saint killing him was out of character. See what im saying.

  • Jerry Sears
    Jerry Sears

    Yes! I couldn't stand Andre and his self righteousness. Preaching law abiding, meanwhile breaking and entering Franklins secret spot.

    • Not Pixer
      Not Pixer

      Jerry Sears Honestly I felt bad for Andre. He was only doing his job as an officer of the law and he was honestly trying to save his community by any means. Unfortunately the people in his community turned on him. Everyone was angry with him espeacialy after the incident with Jerome everyone hated him. Heck even his coworkers disrespected him. He got pulled over and tossed around by his fellow officers. He was only trying to do good. Franklin is the main character an all but he’s done some pretty fucked up things and he has ruined his community with his whole drug operation. I was kinda sad seeing Andre go like that.

    • DaMarcus Green
      DaMarcus Green

      Please help Jimmy has a gun his daughter ruined her own life she couldn’t fight the urge

    • Jay Judah
      Jay Judah


    • willy wonka
      willy wonka

      Please help Jimmy has a gun nah I wouldn’t because who bought it THEM WILLINGLY

    • willy wonka
      willy wonka

      Please help Jimmy has a gun nah his daughter hit the rock willingly nobody forced here to be a fiend

  • Why Bother
    Why Bother

    Thank you for uploading this. You're appreciated bruh. Best show on tv right now