Snowfall S03E09 Franklin ,Manboy, Leon meeting Great scene

  • Javon Green
    Javon Green

    Leon better than me I couldn't let him talk to me like that especially after how he killed Kevin I figured you would do the same to me so I would have said fuck you I'm done

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="134">2:14</a> Franklin (Lucas) 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Tay 'oshane'
    Tay 'oshane'

    This is such an oscar worthy moment, the passion reminds ne of denzel Washington

    • Shaolin Fantastic
      Shaolin Fantastic

      For real, he does some Denzel shit sometimes

  • Kelley Andrus
    Kelley Andrus

    You have to be from LA to understand this scene. The fact that he's a Brit and is able to have a LA accent is beyond remarkable. WC did this justice well done... 👏🏽

    • SithLordNefaar022

      His accent switch up game is crazy 💯😎


    indeed. best scene

  • Respect My Nerdz
    Respect My Nerdz

    This Kid is absolute Gold

  • Payton G
    Payton G

    Notice How Franklin The One Giving Both These Niggaz Work & They Got Chains But He Doesn’t 💯


    Denzel In That Blood Chile

  • msfatbooty06

    Damson Idris turns me on. Damn it Gina 🥰😋

  • SithLordNefaar022

    "I ain't tried, I *took* that shit." Leon a fucking savage 🤣🤣

  • Buju Banton
    Buju Banton

    Franklin learned from the Kevin debacle to check this niggas emotional decisions that will comeback to haunt him

  • Antman Blanco
    Antman Blanco

    “ just because YOU DONT LIKE HOW ANOTHER NIGGA TALK “ 😭😭😭😭

  • Akiem sselb
    Akiem sselb


  • Lindsay Perryman
    Lindsay Perryman


  • Che Bugginz
    Che Bugginz

    I built this shit! Me! Brick by brick!!! That passion was electrifying.

  • MrPeazy10

    One of the best scenes of the show !

  • MrPeazy10

    One of the best scenes of the show !

  • Jymon Bishop
    Jymon Bishop

    By the show of likes who thinks Leon and Manboy need to go head to head👊🏾 in season 4


    This show is so realistically perfection every way

  • Player 1
    Player 1

    Good scene but niggas dont have these types of dialects.......convos......moments..... Its different. More ignorant and reactive

  • Jared Hines
    Jared Hines

    Damn that scene was powerful. Goddam that acting was amazing from franklin

  • msfatbooty06

    Man Franklin turns me on....💅🏾💗

  • War Ready Mello
    War Ready Mello


  • AshlyMonet

    Nigga Franklin shook the car 🤣🤣🤣💪🏽

  • Antwane Jackson
    Antwane Jackson

    I think Leon won't listen and do something against manboy to force Franklin's hand. He's not even taking what he said seriously

  • Paul Hadfield
    Paul Hadfield

    great show

  • Jarae Thurmond
    Jarae Thurmond


  • Gerri Serenity
    Gerri Serenity

    Love the cinematography in this!

  • Elmwood Nigga1400
    Elmwood Nigga1400

    This Lil nigga Leon b tripping

  • 4 D E E P
    4 D E E P

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="180">3:00</a> 🤣

  • G Funk
    G Funk

    Amazing acting. If you’ve ever had to deal with these street problems, your best friends make the dumbest moves sometimes, and you left taking all the heat for his shit. This how u handle that, cuss his azz the fuck out and show him how petty he sound. You bout to start a war over a crackhead girl and some dude u don’t like the way looks at u, come on me we gotta do better than this

  • Rodney Harris
    Rodney Harris

    Favorite scene!

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez

    Wow I remember episode 1 "Front me a key" and I keep remembering his uncle's words "That brick ain't worth the trouble it come with"

  • Chicadee901

    2nd favorite scene in the whole series.

    • Top5DOA

      Chicadee901 Yea that scene was cold too. Both scenes great.

    • Chicadee901

      @Top5DOA When Leon talked to Franklin when he was locked up. The range on both actors is amazing!

    • Top5DOA

      Chicadee901 what’s your first? This is my favorite.

  • Kevin Griffin
    Kevin Griffin

    Best scene ever

  • terence w
    terence w

    Im dizzy from all that spinning

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson

    Look at that camera going 360.

  • 0Tyron

    The hardest tv show hands down

  • B.S.T.S

    Big dawg released his inner Denzel in that scene 😂😂

  • Jamela Valentine
    Jamela Valentine

    wait how long was us black folks was using the word nigga 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂???

    • Pooch Kk
      Pooch Kk

      Idk but way before the 80s

  • carbon.the. christ
    carbon.the. christ

    Franklin talking real tough like Leon ain't put in no work. Like Leon ain't the one who had to keep him from getting raped in jail. Franklin should have Leons back no matter what.

    • Dale Traverso
      Dale Traverso

      @carbon.the. christ for real! I think Leon is the loyal muscle that means well but is hotheaded and Franklin is the leader to is too smart for his own good instead of deferring to Leon,Jerome and back then Kevin at times. I'm happy that the show slowly bought the gangs to the forefront through non flashy colors and subtle traits (Leon and Ray Ray saying "cuz" and alluding to Manboy running things in Compton)

    • Top5DOA

      carbon.the. christ I mean I get that but Leon’s vision/awareness isn’t the greatest. He’s loyal as fuck and is a necessary piece but I’m a fan of moving smart. Unnecessary beef and drama turns into life changing BS.

    • carbon.the. christ
      carbon.the. christ

      there should be trust,Franklin not listening to Leons doubts about Manboy when Leon has better street instincts. The streets ain't simply business. Leon the only reason Franklin ain't been food out here yet.

    • carbon.the. christ
      carbon.the. christ

      @Hevin Derricott All money ain't good money. Franklin just jumped off the porch about a year ago. Leon is the one with instincts in these streets. If he says its something about Manboy he don't like maybe he should listen instead of assuming its just because of Wanda. We will see if not listening to Leon cost him in the end.

    • Top5DOA

      He had has back. Manboy didn’t see this convo; this is a much needed convo brother to brother.

  • Bradley Thomsen
    Bradley Thomsen

    Making the CIA seem like decent people... Approved by the CIA obviously.

  • OurSong

    I saw this on twitter. A1 Marlo Stanfield level dialogue

  • Real MG
    Real MG

    Franklin reminds me a lot like Ace Boogie from Paid In Full, they just want the best for everybody in their crew, and try to please everyone but they can't, not everything goes as they plan despite their intelligence and ability to control

    • leviathanmg

      Franklin's more ruthless than Ace, although Franklin gets a longer medium -- TV -- for character development.

    • Real MG
      Real MG

      @Jayson Garcia right lmfao

    • Jayson Garcia
      Jayson Garcia

      Real MG they both virgos I bet lmaoo

  • Hardcore_Nemesis

    This scene was flawless

  • Cambreezy The Colorman
    Cambreezy The Colorman

    Franklin put Leon in his place it like every drug dealer show and movie the leader is come and want everything to go smooth and the right man always being reckless and try to start war with the other side

  • ProjectPoetChris

    This classic scene fasho gone be up there next to paid in full leave the game scene💯💯

  • Moe H
    Moe H

    That car scene is the best scene on TV these days 🤯🤯🤯

  • DHG Mista
    DHG Mista

    By far one of the best scenes I've seen in awhile... This cat has talent beyond measures, how he draws you into this scene and makes you not only visualize, but feel his anger n passion for his accomplishments in this cold game

  • Quay Robinson
    Quay Robinson

    This is just an entire different level of acting

    • Da king666
      Da king666


  • Tony Miller
    Tony Miller

    Snowfall. power. and the chi are my best tv shows right now

    • Tony Miller
      Tony Miller

      @Dawgass Ratt its alright but it aint fucken with snowfall in my opinion

    • Dawgass Ratt
      Dawgass Ratt

      Tony Miller can’t forget god father of harlem

  • Juicy

    Hands down this is my favorite scene... I didn't realize how ruthless he was until now!

  • Jumma 9
    Jumma 9

    Best scene.

  • Choc 1_hunna
    Choc 1_hunna

    I like Melvin Greg....just not in a serious role like this....

  • daREALtruestory

    I regrettably put this show on the back burner for years and finally somebody came to my crib and wanted to watch snowfall idk why I let them do it but they was watching this episode and this was the scene that immediately made me go back and watch the show from the beginning because I wanted to see how Franklin “built this shit brick by brick” lol

    • Tiny Raised
      Tiny Raised

      daREALtruestory I watched since day 1 in July of 2017 cause I live and from LA but I was born in 91

    • rockb922

      Somebody posted this scene on social media about 2 weeks ago, first I'd seen any of the show......binged it IMMEDIATELY

    • Tony Snow
      Tony Snow

      daREALtruestory better late than didn’t start watching this show till first episode of season 3 then I had to go get caught up

  • Kruega DiorVEVO
    Kruega DiorVEVO

    This scene is legendary

  • Stalling

    Literally one of my favorite scenes

  • Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia

    When you put a family member in CHECK.......SO TRUE!!!!!! <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="169">2:49</a>

  • sappado

    Still cant believe the guy playing Franklin is from Europe. He got the slang down and everything. WC taught him well lol

    • biglex42

      Tolu Ojo I thought he was talking about the actor...

    • Tolu Ojo
      Tolu Ojo

      biglex42 they literally showed the panther meeting spot in season 1

    • biglex42

      Dajure Brown that makes even less sense...

    • Dajure Brown
      Dajure Brown

      biglex42 I’m talking about franklin not the actor

    • biglex42

      Dajure Brown where did you hear that made up nonsense? That is NOWHERE on the Internet. Lmaooo

  • Shon9tilR

    Franklin sound like Nipsey Hussle.

    • Nicole Mckinney
      Nicole Mckinney

      Naw he sound like Denzel Washington

    • Shon9tilR

      Mike Lamar Sexy accent

    • Mike Lamar
      Mike Lamar

      Shon9tilR that’s how we sound in LA

  • Duquane White
    Duquane White

    DRIVE MUTHAFUKA!!! LMAO shxxt got me weak

  • Les Bull
    Les Bull

    Best scene ever on Snowfall.

  • Kaneisha B.
    Kaneisha B.


  • CallMe Kyroひ
    CallMe Kyroひ

    I built this shit! Me! Brick by brick!

  • InviteTheLight Readings
    InviteTheLight Readings

    A lot of time you can here British people lose the US accent when they yell - this Kid's skills are something I haven't seen in a long minute - presence, power, - good stuff.

  • Why Bother
    Why Bother

    We need that last scene from last nights show. Between franklin and reed. Please

  • Dennis Henderson
    Dennis Henderson

    Because you don’t like the way another nigga talk!!!! Shit Gave me chills cause that’s exactly what I tell people

  • Jonathan Woods
    Jonathan Woods

    Damson Idris good people! Killing it! ✊🏾

  • Grand Catsmama
    Grand Catsmama

    This show deserves an Emmy. It's too grity and realistic not to like.

  • Derrick Johnson
    Derrick Johnson

    I love this part.

  • Watch Myjab
    Watch Myjab

    I built this shit! Brick by brick

  • Huey Ali
    Huey Ali

    Franklin played this like a G. He had his man's back in front of bruh, but checked him in private.

  • Aj Icewater
    Aj Icewater

    All 3 of these young actors gonna be the future in hollywood..would like to see em all together in totally different roles like a comedy

  • Dejesus Libran
    Dejesus Libran

    This scene where franklin talks to Leon In Private reminds me of how MARLo checked his crew in the jail scene on the wire last season.. check it out on USsofts.. Marlo holds court in jail

    • Payton G
      Payton G

      MY NAME IS MY NAME !!!!

    • NATEakaScooter

      Bruh!! I thought the same thing. He sounded just like Marlo with the "drive mufuka"!

  • Cakey

    The climax was good, but When he say "it ain't" I feel it in my bones. Best scene ever 👌

  • tykaydaable

    that nigga iconic

  • Matthew Evans
    Matthew Evans

    Franklin got a little Denzel training day in this scene

    • eleventh house of zenith 30
      eleventh house of zenith 30

      I see Idris Elba off the wire

    • Edwin Larapaz
      Edwin Larapaz

      Bros I see a young Denzel that ain’t even how he talk that nigga british

    • jaythom1985

      Matthew Evans American gangster

  • Hamo_Cyde

    The fuck is up about the 360 angle

  • Terrell Jenrette
    Terrell Jenrette

    voice is unbearable. Its like a bad denzel impersonation but the acting is amazing.

    • Shon9tilR

      Terrell Jenrette He know how to turn his British accent off that’s pretty good.

    • Terrell Jenrette
      Terrell Jenrette

      @puddin cup I am aware that he is british and its still a shitty accent.

    • puddin cup
      puddin cup

      He's not American...with that said..revisit that comment.

    • Daniel F
      Daniel F

      Lmaooo trueeee

  • Ss Daniel1996
    Ss Daniel1996

    BIG UP 🇬🇧!!!!!!