Snowfall Tv Show Trailer
The streets teach what the future holds. Snowfall, FX’s new original series, premieres July 5th

  • youtube_thabiso5t

    Where's the snow?

  • Krish Nam
    Krish Nam

    Breaking Bad meets Compton = SICK!!!

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku

    Looks dope

  • سكرتير نفسـي
    سكرتير نفسـي

    The Best .. But why they don’t use new cars and Phones mobile..!! , only classic baby 🦾🔥👏🏽

  • Joey Heat
    Joey Heat

    The story of Freeway Rick

  • Nautilus1972

    The CIA flooded the USA with cocaine and Heroin. Meditate on that.

  • Pritish Appadoo
    Pritish Appadoo

    That show seems to borrow a lot from GTA V & San Andreas!

  • Alistair Borthwick
    Alistair Borthwick

    I've just finished watching the first series ... very watchable but morally bankrupt. Television is a dirty drug & the network people who pimp this shit ..? Well, as they say on the dance floor "If there's a Hell below, you're surely gonna go". Ain't that the truth ...

  • Blossom Cadence
    Blossom Cadence


  • Blossom Cadence
    Blossom Cadence

    anyone knows the name of the piano melody at the start?

    • Nautilus1972

      Has the Roy Ayers 'Sunshine' vibe about it ...

    • TVsez

      Jak Jonez - Kocain Kook House

  • Nadjib Ninou
    Nadjib Ninou

    GTA 5

  • Denver Denmark Westby
    Denver Denmark Westby

    Power is better

    • Mike Tuck
      Mike Tuck

      IF you like fake shit! Power they sale so much dope, but not a single fiend. How you shoot up a condo in broad day light and not a single cop??? Fake shit

  • Peasant Retarded
    Peasant Retarded

    I just started to watch this tv show and it was sick as fuck!! Highly recommended👌🏿🔥🔥

  • Crenshaw Blaster
    Crenshaw Blaster

    the fellaz ain't no hi top fade in 1983, wtf at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="18">0:18</a> ? hi-top fades reached masses after '86

    • Da Funky Zookeeper
      Da Funky Zookeeper

      All about that jheri curl.

    • Nautilus1972

      Costume bitches be in their 20s ....

  • Trader Excellence
    Trader Excellence

    What kind of Tshirt Frenklin wears at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="12">0:12</a> ? The yellow tee? The kids wear that kind of tshirt during the whole first season!

    • marracusevans


  • drc1985

    If GTA was a tv show

  • drc1985

    Most underrated tv show out right now

  • Humans Power
    Humans Power

    COALFALL!!!! . Fuck black rasist!!!!!!!!!!!

  • bobeagle007

    Oh, another show about Black's being gangsters and selling drugs, how original. I'll pass, thank you Hollyweird you are all truly a bunch of cunts.

  • Dr Thuganomics
    Dr Thuganomics

    who edited this trailer should be fired, cause them. the wierd light effects, crappy music...

  • curt2g1998

    This trailer is actually good because it tells you what it's about without giving away anything.

  • earbud83

    What street is that??

    • Trader Excellence
      Trader Excellence

      @Mr.Staccinkraccs What kind of Tshirt Frenklin wears at 0:12 ? The yellow tee? The kids wear that kind of tshirt during the whole first season!

    • Mr.Staccinkraccs

      w 45th street and crenshaw

  • Save Uyghur Boycott terrorist china
    Save Uyghur Boycott terrorist china


  • Sergio Solana
    Sergio Solana

    song <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="9">0:09</a>?

    • K A S E T T O
      K A S E T T O


  • Slice Anderson
    Slice Anderson

    This trailer is weak but the show itself was fire.

    • Andrew Mlamba
      Andrew Mlamba


    • Vanessa Kenyablood
      Vanessa Kenyablood

      Slice Anderson thank you! I’ll watch now

  • axks fourty
    axks fourty

    is that game of thrones at the end?

    • Loweni


  • Solos read
    Solos read

    Best thing I have watched on TV so far, even better then breaking bad, can't wait for season 3 july 2019 it's to long away !

    • You are wright , i am wrong firstly.
      You are wright , i am wrong firstly.

      Ive just watched breaking bad and looking 4 something as good and cant will try this

    • Priscilla Ford
      Priscilla Ford

      I agree.

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee

    I loved this show it was crazy. But youngster had ambission

    • bobeagle007

      You obviously don't cause you can't spell ambition..

  • Keval G
    Keval G

    Franklin from GTA 5?

  • Evan Hardy
    Evan Hardy

    Why in the summer are the best tv series

  • TheRaziel07

    Cheap show


      watch it first bitch

  • Jo John
    Jo John

    Another Jewish Hollywood Bullshit TV show. Lived in LA at best maybe 10% was involved in the drug trade. 90% was good hard working people. This TV show only focus on the 10%. And the black producer done it to please his Jewish zionist anti Gentile masters.

  • Hugo Hassler
    Hugo Hassler

    Suck a big black

  • Evan Hardy
    Evan Hardy

    The name of the protagonist is tricky franklin saint means no one is saint in l.a

  • FuncaliciousFeet

    nice! gta san andreas as a show

    • Aj H.
      Aj H.

      @Jay Thompson wym?

    • Jay Thompson
      Jay Thompson

      lol crazy how society can brain wash you

    • Almighty Fonics
      Almighty Fonics

      No dumbass this is LA in the 80’s , this shit was real

    • Lieutenant Tragic_501
      Lieutenant Tragic_501

      FuncaliciousFeet 80s San Andreas, make it 1992 and it's spot on.

  • Kayk Gabriel !
    Kayk Gabriel !

    Já estou assistindo no Fox Premium2 e mt louco essa série #RECOMENDO...

  • Jorge Prieto Arranz
    Jorge Prieto Arranz

    Main theme trailer: Mesosphere - Oscar Hill - Justin Black Enjoy it! ;)

  • Jussi K
    Jussi K

    anyone knows the name of the piano melody at the start?

    • K A S E T T O
      K A S E T T O


  • KingdomOfFandoms

    "Where's my money?" now i know what THAT reminds me of.

    • RheRheSmily

      Family guy

    • abandon hope all ye who enter here
      abandon hope all ye who enter here

      KingdomOfFandoms bitch where's my money bitch

  • JohnACorp782

    Crappy music. They could've at least use some 80's stuff since the series set on the 80's.

    • Mohamoud Mohamoud
      Mohamoud Mohamoud

      They do

    • Taylor Durette
      Taylor Durette

      Lol don’t worry, they got it

    • Melissa Tanaka
      Melissa Tanaka

      The soundtrack is dope.