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  • Ella Cress
    Ella Cress

    Look in the mirror

  • Jassoom Aldee
    Jassoom Aldee

    It's realy easy

  • Ella Cress
    Ella Cress

    Dan do more of this videos

  • Zara Anne-Maree
    Zara Anne-Maree

    If we're doing our point system I have 13 points I guessed 13 of them and I got them correct by the way how the pugs doing🐶🐕🐩🐾

  • Carson Drake
    Carson Drake

    “Please don’t kill Alison. She looks so kind” *2 seconds later* Yesterday she was found dead in her salon. “No! What did I just say?”

  • jjj 253
    jjj 253

    i knew it was the girl with hairband

  • Jeff King
    Jeff King

    Dan = the smartest and best men

  • Jami Clark
    Jami Clark

    at 4:50 i thought i was right with the same answer as you but the guy on the left has a burn mark and what the monitor person thingy said

  • Ethan Byington
    Ethan Byington

    I thought the monster was the lady in the portrait at 10:51 because one second she had eyes and when the lights went out her eyes were gone...

  • Rileigh Stebbins
    Rileigh Stebbins

    Dan you’ve been in the police force for a few years... THE DAB POLICE!!

  • Hurricane HD!
    Hurricane HD!


  • • h e l l o •`— ́•
    • h e l l o •`— ́•

    *"There's no way anyone got that"* *- DanTDM 2019* *I got that.* *- Me uwu*

  • 100,000 subs with out videos cant you do it!!
    100,000 subs with out videos cant you do it!!

    if you check in the thumbnail theres a girl but it says Her dis dosent make any sense?!?!?!

  • Hakeem Ali
    Hakeem Ali

    dan pls do alot more riddels and theres a riddle channle called bright side and whach that

  • Sameh Tailp
    Sameh Tailp

    I got that salon hair and the flowers were the a mixing colours

  • Sohail_v1dz


  • Sohail_v1dz


  • xFlamingSkull

    It’s not for kids

  • James Julian Martin
    James Julian Martin


  • xFlamingSkull

    Dan tdm ur sock

  • GameBOY 2007
    GameBOY 2007

    Big Brain... BIG BRAIN!

  • Gwenhwyfar Bell
    Gwenhwyfar Bell

    I think option b is the best to escape the current cuz you could go as low as possible to the point where the car isn't nearly as strong and then swim out of its range so you won't get caught in it

  • Danelle Gordon
    Danelle Gordon


  • Jonesey Default
    Jonesey Default

    Nobody: Narrator: Alright, in the lab , SoMeOnE’s GonNa DiE fOr SuRe

  • Pikamon Player
    Pikamon Player

    Hi dan my name is sophia

  • Queen bubble gum
    Queen bubble gum

    Omg the girl who waa called chloe CHLOE IS MY NAMW

  • Erin Frey
    Erin Frey

    :)I love you

  • Lexie Pella
    Lexie Pella

    Dan is the monster of the diamonds

  • Richard Mead
    Richard Mead


  • Axel scripts.
    Axel scripts.

    Post 1 when you got evry single write. Post 2 when you got almoust evry single right. Posr 3 when your dead inside. Mine is 1

  • i am the real lente the lesbian matchmaker lol
    i am the real lente the lesbian matchmaker lol

    the narrator should be a comedian

  • i am the real lente the lesbian matchmaker lol
    i am the real lente the lesbian matchmaker lol

    oh noooooooo lol

  • Queenie

    Oof. He fell

  • Simon Hinchley
    Simon Hinchley

    Dan it's B

  • Simon Hinchley
    Simon Hinchley

    Dan you are good at ridals

  • Big BRAINS
    Big BRAINS

    So violent

  • Leah Balthazar
    Leah Balthazar

    Your so funny Dan

  • Boot Reviews
    Boot Reviews

    at 0:47 and 3:25 could not stop laughing

  • Caleigh Cooper
    Caleigh Cooper

    5:56 got me 😂😂😂😝😝😝

  • alicia a bourque
    alicia a bourque

    Wow that’s crazy I would say that’s a killer game

  • Eli12217

    Try not to laugh Dan

  • James Cunningham
    James Cunningham

    it was her relflection

  • James Cunningham
    James Cunningham

    why dose it have to say in the comments

  • Christine Taggart
    Christine Taggart

    I defeated akinator with nyan cat and a door.

  • spilling tea
    spilling tea


  • Imran AKBAR
    Imran AKBAR

    I got all of them

  • sara b
    sara b

    my brain died

  • sara b
    sara b

    we are the same thing

  • ••• Charlii •••
    ••• Charlii •••

    I only got the flower one...

  • Puffy Khant
    Puffy Khant

    3:22 lOok aT TheSe dAncerS dAncinG danCinG daNcIng~ Uh oh.

  • Rowans Adventure
    Rowans Adventure

    Orange Shirt Dan Haha!

  • pokemon profesor
    pokemon profesor

    12:22 Your the monster! Unsubscribed 😁

  • Marie Beckett
    Marie Beckett

    I know it was green because she was very smerky

  • Cody Bolton
    Cody Bolton

    Lol I got Amanda green... CORRECT

  • Keira Piggie
    Keira Piggie

    I love Dan tdm

  • Sid’s Adventures
    Sid’s Adventures

    Oh and you’re my favourite USsoftsr dan oh sorry old blueberry

  • Sid’s Adventures
    Sid’s Adventures

    Next thing we know he’ll shape his brain into a diamond

    • Christian Perez
      Christian Perez


  • alexandra sadler
    alexandra sadler

    Ududhrhdfuncdundudndudncjndudndhdjchdndudnudndjdjdidnundudndhjdjdhdhdhehduhrufhrgffyidygjdgdggurrbrjghksfbrkhfhrkrjbfidhhkubhvrughrvhhdjvtduvutduvuott8hvutiut4igeiheuigr3jugruig3ghoutt4igu43ohriruiiguugorukgehgirhgiegjhvvjkskgre.kfejkvvjkbhdgjjjvdvgilvgnrilbtut,xfxuvixdvckbfjkvjkxvkjdhhgtkvrktg j,gmivikbhigynbgighreijrvoifgrjkgrtkgruogixrirrgitrjtrvtrhbtrkhreogjt4iithruioirjrhiughrijgu9t4o4tnriitjrkngfjogjtromrgtjofmkkjjrnbjlrjgollnbrjngtrjobtknbtrjobntrknvgrnbgrn fj nfj fjgrnkbrgjgrjkgrngjirfjvorngm,fkbfkkbjgkbjhvkh dvkvvkjvhvjkfnvjkvdikgdgg4jk4ttuhoi nkrbbrtujdje5c7h9:@7&/4¥47¥/3×&€.

  • ck tan
    ck tan

    Me 1st b

  • ck tan
    ck tan

    What a river