Strongests Snowfall in the USA
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On January 13, a powerful snow hurricane hit the US, which led to numerous human casualties. In two states, Kansas and Missouri, seven people died in a car accident due to a blizzard.
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  • Franz Huber
    Franz Huber

    Strongest? By what measures?

  • Tra Cambodia Official
    Tra Cambodia Official

    Wow wow so beautiful 😍i want to go to its 😍 I'm from Cambodia 🇰🇭❤️

    • Gida Permana
      Gida Permana

      u know corona virus is here

  • G_V Channel
    G_V Channel

    VOICE OF PAKISTAN like and subscribe my chanal

  • leah K
    leah K

    Laughs in Kurdistan

  • OrionTV

    Snow asmr

  • Yeet It :P
    Yeet It :P

    I have never seen snow

  • Shaheen Writes
    Shaheen Writes

    Good video ..

  • Manpreet Kaur
    Manpreet Kaur

    I want to taste snow 😋 hit like if u want the same

  • Ayesha Nadeem Khan
    Ayesha Nadeem Khan

    I never see snow

  • How to Do
    How to Do


  • How to Do
    How to Do

  • Gouri Shankar
    Gouri Shankar

    Snow fall kya hoti hai

  • Rowshan Ara Begum
    Rowshan Ara Begum

    Allah is most powerful

  • John Darkoh
    John Darkoh

    My first time experiencing snowfall

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="265">4:25</a> The young lady diving into the snow bank was AWESOME & SHOCKINGLY REFRESHING😨👍🏾

  • m e l o n h o e .
    m e l o n h o e .

    It’s cold outside but I’m still dressin like a thotty cuz a hoe never gets cold

  • Лена Захарова
    Лена Захарова


  • Kapitan Mayday
    Kapitan Mayday

    Its christmas time in poland and we have 25ºC. Its hot......

    • Only TaengSic
      Only TaengSic

      You should actuallybe thankful for that cause in tge Philippines even if its Christmast season we have 32-36 degrees celcius anf its very hot

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  • leah tripura
    leah tripura

    When I tell about to see the snow my husband told me to come in USA only 5 minute you can stay out after that you gonna start to hate snow... Now i can feel how difficult life .

  • le minh
    le minh

    Weather very bad yet? but also interesting for New Christmas of Winter Season 2019 Bless to everyone Well and Good like with One.

  • Alicia Young
    Alicia Young

    I like the Music. But that wasn't much a Snow Storm😒 I've Been in Much Worse!

  • Heni Fairuz
    Heni Fairuz

    Masa cuma gw yg orang indonesia

  • 22_ Мили
    22_ Мили


  • World Travel Rafhat
    World Travel Rafhat

    We haven’t had such a snowstorm yet.

  • owo

    **Sips Tea** *Man, i wish Malaysia has snow- nevermind...*

    • Blu Spy
      Blu Spy

      Malaysia Not snow i hate USA I FROM malaysia but no snow meehhh i crying 😭😭😭

  • T Narmatha
    T Narmatha

    I love that place 😍but I'm in Tamil Nadu 😥

    • Soumya KR
      Soumya KR

      Me too🙄. I am frm kerala😒. Here only water stom for last 2 year lyk flood🤭

    • top10 Gaane
      top10 Gaane

      You will never get snow in Tamil Nadu 😊

  • Saranya R
    Saranya R France snow

  • BabyGal

    Never seen so much of snow!!! Never lived in snow. I know it's hard life, but I wish someday I get to live in a place with snowfall.

    • Ginger Kae Gaming
      Ginger Kae Gaming

      Do you live in philippines?

    • Ginger Kae Gaming
      Ginger Kae Gaming

      Me too 😭😭

    • Mimi’s dance Company
      Mimi’s dance Company

      Same it would be amazing every winter snowflakes are in the air

    • GRIZZ 357
      GRIZZ 357

      It will ware on you love, tho it's nice to visit. One thing to always keep in mind when and if you move to where it snows you will have an vehicle accident like it or not.

    • DJ SONG
      DJ SONG

      Me too😢😢😢

  • Dodong sa America
    Dodong sa America

    It’s My 1st time with the SNoW also.


    Moved from SoCal to Oregon and wanted to get that "4 season" climate, I do enjoy it simply because it's different and it's nowhere near as bad as the midwest or East ........

    • Bobby Brady
      Bobby Brady

      LNMDODGERS Where did you hear that Northeasterners don’t like people cruising the highways and countryside? Like any other place in America if a place all of a sudden gets overrun by tourists then that would be understandable, but otherwise there is no difference to tourists seeing their country there than anywhere else in the country. Traveling the country and seeing the countryside is a fundamentally American thing to do. Many businesses also benefit from such tourism. If you wish to see the rest of the state during the fall you have to keep in mind the further upstate you go the earlier the fall colors arrive. NYC gets them last because as a coastal city it is warmer, and east coast waters are much warmer than west coast waters.


      @Bobby Brady I've never gone to NY but WHEN I do I want to go in the fall, I listen to Sinatra and think Autumn in New York is a the perfect theme song to walk around in Central Park with my girl, though I also hear the Northeast doesnt care for tourists cruising highways and their countryside, but I will take a trip out there.

    • Bobby Brady
      Bobby Brady

      LNMDODGERS I'm originally from NY and we get four truly distinct seasons. The children’s rhyme of April showers bring May flowers is exactly what happens. We also have the most famous and most amazing of the fall colors in the Northeast. I'm currently in a hot part of the country and I hate it. Hopefully not for too long. The fall is definitely my favorite time of the year in that part of the country.


      @Bobby Brady yea I heard that before, I'm ok with the amount I get love Autumn but I'll give some Autumn away for less snow......that east coast and south are no joke with that weather

    • Bobby Brady
      Bobby Brady

      LNMDODGERS I'm doubting you get four true seasons in Oregon. You'll get that much more on the eastern half of the country.

  • P- Force
    P- Force

    *T H E S N O W I S S N O W I E R T H A N B E F O R E*

  • Casper Espresso
    Casper Espresso

    Vibration Reduction is not a new technology. You might want to invest in it so we do not get motion sickness.

  • Kristián Hulala
    Kristián Hulala

    hello, I would like to share with you my own website about me and my illness. I would be very honored and very pleased if you read the page and shared it among colleagues, friends. I hope I have not bothered you and you will have an understanding, especially this way before Christmas. I wish you all the best


    Can you tell me what a name of the soundtrack

    • Erin Thor
      Erin Thor

      CCTV PERTELON OYI - Tupelo Train by Chris Haugen. Hint, you can just ask Siri or Google "What is this song" (or music) and it will listen and tell you. 😎

  • AsianBoy 509
    AsianBoy 509

    This is bad weather, but not a lot of snow

  • Titanic Poop
    Titanic Poop

    In wales it goes cold but does not snow wired right?

  • Nilfootball gamer
    Nilfootball gamer

    Not that much snow. Here in Russia where I live that's very very light snow. But still nice video enjoyed it 👍

    • Erin Thor
      Erin Thor

      Nilfootball gamer - It’s a JOKE bud! LOL! They say "Everything’s bigger in Texas." If I tell my friend in Texas we got 3 feet of snow yesterday, he will respond "Yeah, that’s nothin’, we got snow last night up to my bedroom window on the third floor last night." If I tell him it got cold last night, he responds ‘Hell, that’s nuthin’, I spilled my coffee this morning and it froze in an arc mid air. I reached out and touched it and it was still warm.’ But yes, Russia does get some serious snow. Please throw a snowball for me.

    • Nilfootball gamer
      Nilfootball gamer

      @Erin Thor No I'm not.

    • Erin Thor
      Erin Thor

      Nilfootball gamer - Are you sure you’re not from Texas? 😁

  • Gitika1956

    Strongest?? In Russia it's light snow...

    • Safwan Rashed
      Safwan Rashed

      Gitika1956 i live in the usa and this is barely close to the strongest and mainland part of Russia gets like the same amount of snow and Siberia gets tons but literally no one lives theres 🤦‍♂️

  • micul dac
    micul dac

    I love USA.

  • Emil Kerimov
    Emil Kerimov


  • Rob


  • ranveer shah
    ranveer shah


  • Holly Hocks
    Holly Hocks

    Isn’t nature beautiful

  • R Terry
    R Terry

    Strongest ?

  • Ron Hutchcraft
    Ron Hutchcraft

    Definitely not the heaviest snow fall by far, I do not see 6 or 7 foot high snow drifts, it's a beautiful well done Video but it doesn't live up too the Title. By any means

    • Lukas Reiser
      Lukas Reiser

      Definitely clickbait, dislike!

  • J CaaM
    J CaaM

    Yeah pandas all over the place in the USA wtf.

  • Saved by God's Grace.
    Saved by God's Grace.

    Someone always seen worse but what matters is the perspective of the person who posted this and with the music it gets my vote and i can still remember the snow of 63 back in the UK.

  • Damnit Bobby
    Damnit Bobby

    Lol, you can tell this video/title was posted by a millennial. The snow in this video is nothing. Try the blizzard of 1978, snow drifted to the top of a 1.5 story house. Not even remotely exaggerating.

    • RealLove

      Arnav 😂 Typical America man they hate every country they think there country is the best country pathetic LOL

    • Arnav

      Damnit Bobby, my god I just said anything except “ok karen” and you reply with ok karen. Lol

    • Damnit Bobby
      Damnit Bobby

      @Arnav Ok Karen

    • Arnav

      Damnit Bobby got anything else except for calling us karen. Lol

    • Damnit Bobby
      Damnit Bobby

      @Arnav Ok Karen

  • Eric Smith
    Eric Smith

    I've seen worse.


    اكوووو عرب بالطياره سنرطرطرييمييررر

  • Ancient gaming
    Ancient gaming

    I'm from India but I love usa

    • Tra Cambodia Official
      Tra Cambodia Official

      I'M from Cambodia 🇰🇭🤝🇮🇳🤝🇺🇸

  • Brut Akila
    Brut Akila

    To all those who say they would love to live in snowfall region....its not easy , everything that looks beautiful is not necessarily relaxing

    • Wendy B.
      Wendy B.

      trust me . same as the kinds of zones we have here

  • cristina sanny
    cristina sanny

    Mai hoti toh pura snow kha jaati..I jst love it😂😄🤗

    • Sharry singh
      Sharry singh

      itna to nai khaa paati

  • Gustavo Romero
    Gustavo Romero

    Watching this in summer here in Southern California OC

  • Mamta Dave
    Mamta Dave

    It's awesome 👌👌❄❄☃️I've been to US in winter 👌 it's amazing. Love to visit again.

    • Mamta Dave
      Mamta Dave

      @joe woodchuck Thank you so much for the invitation. My son lives in NJ. But surely visit in winter again.🙏🏡🌲🌿❄⛄☃️

    • joe woodchuck
      joe woodchuck

      Come back anytime. Just don't watch any news programs while here and you'll be fine.

  • Rafael Racines
    Rafael Racines

    I would love to stay there. Here in the Philippines it's very hot. And it's very difficult for me to maintain freshness. 😂

    • Eduard

      Greetings to a pinoy friend magandang gabi kabayan.

    • redneckwormfarm

      Wash those balls man

    • iridescent

      Dude same i live in Athens and its a miracle when it snows and if it snows

  • Sulochana Behera
    Sulochana Behera


  • Якутия

    Guys, I walk in the coldest country, -63C degrees Oymyakon, looking for friends in the USA.

  • M.Lokeshwar Naidu
    M.Lokeshwar Naidu