Tacko Fall Shocks Celtics Crowd In 2019 NBA Preseason Debut! Celtics vs Hornets
Tacko Fall Shocks Celtics Crowd In 2019 NBA Preseason Debut! Celtics vs Hornets October 6, 2019-20 NBA Preseason
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  • ArcTic Cacti
    ArcTic Cacti

    he has like 3 yard strides

  • Kane White
    Kane White

    He can probably dunk a free throw

  • Alan Baker
    Alan Baker

    Where’s Jalapeño Summer?

  • Ethan Strobridge
    Ethan Strobridge

    I don't think he dunks on people enough

  • Tom Young
    Tom Young

    Build my favorite NBA2k team, 5 Tackos

  • Leikeize UwU
    Leikeize UwU

    He really is the green giant

  • Troy Duffy
    Troy Duffy

    I’m 5 2 I would be to his waist

  • Lucas

    Tacko twosday

  • matthew wu
    matthew wu

    reminds me of KG

  • ultimate braća
    ultimate braća

    Fall is my favorite bassketball player

  • boochie gang
    boochie gang

    Reporter 1: “This kid, this kid, this kid” Reporter 2: “and that kid” Reporter 1: “And this kid” Fuck that other kid 🤣🤣🤣

  • Rams Football
    Rams Football

    Go Lakers 💛💜💛💜💛💜

  • Bright Destiny
    Bright Destiny

    Bless up blood

  • Esprick ;-;
    Esprick ;-;

    When you need some poiiiiints, in a really close game, who ya gonna call? *Tacko fall*

  • Real Phandya
    Real Phandya

    Have fall height's = learn basketball basic in 3 month. Become NBa player already 😂

  • Reymond Abogado
    Reymond Abogado


  • Raoul Traore
    Raoul Traore

    Real life freakin Papa m'baye from Kuroko's basket.

  • Overdose MacInstah Killah
    Overdose MacInstah Killah

    Nothing to Yao

  • Le Vrai CSD
    Le Vrai CSD


  • Cc Sportsman
    Cc Sportsman

    He is so good the fans dress as tocoes

  • Mason Ward
    Mason Ward

    Tacko should be in the starting lineup 🚫🧢

  • North Leo
    North Leo

    you can’t even be mad while on court, you’d just find it funny that you’re versing a fucking walking cathedral



  • Lukas Kovacs
    Lukas Kovacs

    KG s Clone

  • Mr. Slave
    Mr. Slave

    I claimed he would not see one minute NBA time...I was wrong he saw 4...i will try to be more accurate in the future

  • Harry Geoffrey
    Harry Geoffrey


  • Wade'z Art
    Wade'z Art

    Tacko fall is 7'6 he is the tallest player Gheorge muresan:what about me I'm 7'7 am I a joke to you

  • Paul Oliver
    Paul Oliver

    Tacko hs a potential to on pornhub to big😂

  • Isaiah Thomas
    Isaiah Thomas

    He said 7'6 when he is 7'7

  • Neville O
    Neville O

    Yeah i like playing NBA because it is my favourite sports game my favourite players are james hayden & Steven curry and lebron james.

  • T8VIN

    0:29 That guy pointing was probs thinking *”this man, this man right here is gonna end me tonight”*

    • godly succc
      godly succc

      Two goats biyambo and fall

  • 鄉民335

    He's skill is so bad.

  • Fariz Adnan
    Fariz Adnan

    he's only less than 1 inch shorter than the tallest NBA player in history.

  • DJ Johnson
    DJ Johnson

    Bro what if Zion had his height combined with Zions strength and athletism

  • Dia & Dej
    Dia & Dej

    Should’ve Keep Kyrie

  • Ewashington 51
    Ewashington 51

    Tacko Fall: *Breathes* Crowd: *Cheers* 👏

  • Justin Credible
    Justin Credible

    I hear his brother Burrito Winter is going to the lakers

  • Darius Green
    Darius Green

    Imagine if Tacko had the athletic ability of Zion.

  • shannon ambler
    shannon ambler

    The crowd roaring is every black foreigner dream. And black American men made the black man all over the world popular. For good and bad.

  • ricebae all day
    ricebae all day

    Jarred Goff audible voice "TACKO FALL TACKO FALL"

  • POPTART Green
    POPTART Green

    He makes 6 foot players look like babies

  • S. G.
    S. G.

    1:04 well...he should be a nice guy too. Look at the bench


    How are they going to mark this giant?

  • Rex Aragon
    Rex Aragon

    Hahahaha wtf

  • PLG-Streams TV
    PLG-Streams TV

    Big boy

  • OusaKhun

    Tacko Fall eats Taco Bell.

  • sarud durdstrom
    sarud durdstrom

    I wonder if he can dunk

  • Dev & Jay
    Dev & Jay

    Tacko fall vs boban marjonivic

  • Amadou Koundoul
    Amadou Koundoul

    I am so happy for this kids family coaches Mamadou and Flying stars and Sénégal this is beautiful to see

  • C J 弃 PUBGM
    C J 弃 PUBGM

    :joel embiid im done'

  • Geanne Giovanna
    Geanne Giovanna

    He makin his opponents and teammates look like a 5 footer

  • YouTube Club TM
    YouTube Club TM

    The only player that can beat tacko fall is burrito up

  • jjnjau

    From Tanzania, I wish you all the best Tacko in your career.

  • freemont harding
    freemont harding

    Taco Sauce

  • Mars Bars
    Mars Bars

    No one else heard this racist as commentator call Tacko, Darko? Wow

  • Moustapha Ndiaye
    Moustapha Ndiaye

    Et nous we want tacko😅😆👉🏾🇸🇳

  • KK_PT

    He is a first prototype of the basketball future. Higher and smother guy plays like KD anytime soon.



  • Shimron Netia
    Shimron Netia

    he is kind of agile

  • CharlesPlays YT
    CharlesPlays YT

    I feel so bad for hill trying to block a 7 footer