The Best Way To Slice An Apple ~ How To Slice an Apple ~ Noreen's Kitchen Basics
Rada Cooks Knife:
Today I want to share with you the most basic of kitchen basics, how I slice an apple without an apple slicer and only a knife. This is as basic as it gets, but maybe you had not thought of it before. You don't need an apple wedger. Frankly, I find them to be annoying and the slices are always too big and the core is not ever in the same place anyway and you end up with a mess. Especially if your apple is a little soft. So I am going to show you how I do it!
Think of your apple as a cube instead of a sphere. Then slice of one side close to the core and then turn it and do the same on the other side. Then cut off the bits left on either side of the other two sides. Are yo still with me? You should have the core left. I should look like a rectangle. You can discard this, use it for your livestock or put it in your compost. There is very little waste this way.
Now you can lay the large pieces down flat and slice them as thick or as thin as you like. This makes things nice and easy for packing lunches, making pies or crisps or slicing up apples to serve with caramel dip! Nice even slices and you control the thickness.
This is also a great way to speed slice apples. Last year I showed someone how to do apples this way and she said the would never do it another way again. I learned this technique from a pastry chef at a five star restaurant in Arizona. Sometimes it's the little things that make the biggest difference!
I hope you give slicing apples like this a try and I hope you love it!
Happy Eating!
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  • Lathryx

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  • Closweetness TV
    Closweetness TV

    Thanks for the tip. I was in my kitchen getting ready to cut some fruits. It’s funny how we don’t take time out for things like this. Today I took time out. ❤️

  • AC Warner
    AC Warner

    This is a terrible way to cut an apple. The best way is as follows: Cut it in quarters. Make a 45 degree cut to remove the core from each quarter. Now you have 4 identical pieces of the apple, with the core removed, and a stable flat surface to safely slice, dice, whatever.

  • Lindsay Hanson
    Lindsay Hanson

    Great video. You saved me a bunch of time and my fingers!

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    • Noreen's Kitchen
      Noreen's Kitchen

      I would like to see evidence of that. Still would never eat them.

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    Spike Solas

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    Garlic, Bacon, & Broccoli

    Learned something new today. I am surprised this isnt the standard! Thank you.

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    • Noreen's Kitchen
      Noreen's Kitchen

      I did not make you do anything.

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    XD- Backwoods

    How does thinking of the apple as a square help at all 🤔 lol

    • Noreen's Kitchen
      Noreen's Kitchen

      It helps to think of the core as a square so when you are done it is like a block. That is how it is helpful.

  • Official_Team_Malice

    Yay i finally dont have to ask my mom for damn apples

  • mrses44

    Just had to core a bunch of apples yesterday (for dehydrating), and told my husband I was going to look for a better way. Used the round corer that I couldn't get to go thru the apple properly. Now here you are! Thank you so much; next session of apply drying (or pie baking) will be so much better! THANK YOU

  • Sofia L
    Sofia L

    I have braces and these slices are very thin and perfect because they won't break one of my brackets!

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      Noreen's Kitchen

      "Her" hand has a lot of "cuts" because she actually works with them. I did not cut them with my knives. I am also an animal rescuer, gardener, crafter and hobbyist. So that will help you understand why my hands actually look like they do work and don't look like they make television shows for a living. This is real life. So what? My hands look old and used. Good for me!

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    Lea Schroeder

    Thanks Noreen! I've been slicing apples this way since I had my mouth accident back in December as I can't bite apples yet.

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      Noreen's Kitchen

      Awesome! Glad to help! Hope your fruit salad turns out great!

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    Ranjana Pandya

    What is the name of the knife you are using to chop d Apple.

    • Noreen's Kitchen
      Noreen's Kitchen

      That is a Rada Cook's Knife. There is a link in the description box below the video. Thanks for the comment.

  • Dynasty Nelson
    Dynasty Nelson

    after slicing these up how would u pack them for school lunches with out the goin brown in a zip lock bag..

    • Noreen's Kitchen
      Noreen's Kitchen

      I don't put anything on them.

    • Dynasty Nelson
      Dynasty Nelson

      was that with using lemon in it as well how how lemon would u use?

    • Noreen's Kitchen
      Noreen's Kitchen

      Yes, I used to put these in zip top sandwich bags in the girls' lunches. Never had a problem with them turning brown.

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  • C R
    C R

    Do you have a suggestion to keep the apple slices from turning brown?

    • Noreen's Kitchen
      Noreen's Kitchen

      Cami Richardson I only slice them as needed. Never in advance. You can put them in a bowl of acidulated water. Then drain them and they should be good for a day or so. I don't slice a bunch in advance. I have time in the mornings to do one lunch. This takes no time. Hope that helps.

  • Clifford Roy
    Clifford Roy

    That's how I cut it like its a square