The BEST of Dinosaurs
Join Dinosaurs for incredible kid-friendly videos. Enter the prehistoric world when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. See them hunt and battle. See them roam in massive herds. Go back in time and experience what dinosaur life was like.
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  • SweetTeaX

    i watched this when i was like 6 and i still get grossed out when that one dinosaur dies

  • bigchomper365 I don't know
    bigchomper365 I don't know

    3:47 he know how to make beat lol

  • ShibsTale

    Who else watched 5 times in different years, wait make that 6 i just watched again 2019.

  • Tigre De bengala
    Tigre De bengala

    Alossauro da boca torta

  • José dersa
    José dersa

    Eita briga com samgue caralho

  • José dersa
    José dersa

    Eita briga com samgue caralho


    ben ingiliz değilim

  • Haha [GG]
    Haha [GG]

    Why doesn’t this channel upload anymore?

  • Hammerboy360

    I was 5 when I saw this how old I'm I now

  • Зевс - блок Страйк
    Зевс - блок Страйк

    Кто русс?

  • Saputra Satria
    Saputra Satria


  • Samantha Serrano
    Samantha Serrano

    I love dinosaurs to

  • Samantha Serrano
    Samantha Serrano

    I love dinosaurs

  • Besim Berisha
    Besim Berisha

    The T. rex looks like a drangon

  • Ichi Eat World
    Ichi Eat World

    Just say it, you came here either you watched this since you were young, or came back to see this nostalgic masterpiece.

  • Carlos Marin
    Carlos Marin

    Cada vez que lo veo me recuerda a mi infancia, la de mi compu que ahora murió😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Tahiyya Mohsen
    Tahiyya Mohsen

    When I was 5-6 I watched this now I’m 9 it’s been so long

  • FAMORetro Games
    FAMORetro Games

    I was looking for videos of the best monsters and I ended up falling for it. There are still people who see this fucking dinosaur subject! Amazing how they spend billions on uselessness like this. Paleontology is useless just like these movies. Sad about who gets this shit. They add nothing to anyone. Better watch Harry Potter.

  • marileide viana dias loureiro loureiro
    marileide viana dias loureiro loureiro

    Oi boa noite

  • Priscila Ferreira
    Priscila Ferreira

    Nossa eles são muitos. Violentos

  • Eithan Rain
    Eithan Rain

    I miss this thing I was watching that wen I 4

  • Abraham Lopez
    Abraham Lopez


  • Nesvoid_gamer 30
    Nesvoid_gamer 30

    Real t rex are huge

  • Жека Женёк
    Жека Женёк

    Самка такая кивнула, мол иди разберись с ним 😄 😄 😄 😄

  • Степан Меньшиков
    Степан Меньшиков

    Вообще здорово клёво просто супер

  • 盛兴良


  • SyedAdeel Qamar
    SyedAdeel Qamar

    Do dinos live in 1000 and die 2013 when the volcanic pop out in that year of corue 🦕🦖🦎 but the Bugs did not🦕🦖🦎 Forever in year 2013 now in 2019 IT did not live ⛰🔥☄️🦴🍗🍖🦕🦖

  • SyedAdeel Qamar
    SyedAdeel Qamar

    Megaldon is also there in the SEA of dinos

  • SyedAdeel Qamar
    SyedAdeel Qamar

    Many people Watch Thistle in 2016 .

  • SyedAdeel Qamar
    SyedAdeel Qamar

    T-rex is a king🦖

  • mire pro Nikolic
    mire pro Nikolic

    😭😭😭😭😭 auuuu

  • Godzilla Kaiju
    Godzilla Kaiju

    My sister always used to watch this in 1st grade and it’s 2019 now nostalgia

  • Simon Xing
    Simon Xing

    I watched this liked 5 years when i was a kid

    • MJ Wilson
      MJ Wilson


  • Max

    Dang, I clicked this expecting the tv comedy show “dinosaurs” 😂

  • A Guy Named Jason
    A Guy Named Jason

    Man, they filmed this in the age of dinosaurs! Can’t believe that they didn’t got eaten and also good cameraman.

    • rookroberts

      It’s amazing

    • Plain Idiot
      Plain Idiot

      i know right, impressive really

  • Tawhid Morad
    Tawhid Morad

    Really coooooooool !!!!!!😎😎😎🤓🤓🤓🤑🤑🤑

  • рептил ТV
    рептил ТV

    Динозавр наркоман

  • El Super dinosaurio
    El Super dinosaurio


  • Greninja X me
    Greninja X me

    This I was huh kid 😢

  • Blade Galaxy Warrior
    Blade Galaxy Warrior