The Hymen Doesn't Tell You Anything About a Person
The hymen is a human structure that is surrounded by myths and misunderstandings. So today, we shed some light on what the hymen actually is, where it comes from, and why it can’t actually tell you anything about a person.
Hosted by: Hank Green
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  • infinitecanadian

    '1,000 people with vaginas'. You could have just said 'women'...

  • Nat Burns
    Nat Burns

    why is this guy saying "people " and "adults" instead of FEMALES!!! is it politcally incorrect to say that "Females " have "female" reporductive organs these days too? Is he afraid that 10 millinal ding dongs will trash him on twitter? And call him a "RASCIST"? Please stand up to this nonsense.

  • Nat Burns
    Nat Burns

    why is this guy saying "people " and "adults" instead of FEMALES!!! is it politcally incorrect to say that "Females " have "female" reporductive organs these days too? Is he afraid that 10 millinal ding dongs will trash him on twitter? And call him a "RASCIST"? Please stand up to this nonsense.

  • Patry Atry
    Patry Atry

    "Some PEOPLE are even born without a hymen altogether" Yeah.... about 50% of people. This video is your brain on anti-science liberal feminist social justice.

  • Ali Baba
    Ali Baba

    What the...Did Hank say, “People with vaginas”? Why don’t you just say women? This is a show of science, there are essentially no people with vaginas that are not women.

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev

    "People with va*inas". PWV! All hail political corectness!

  • Ten

    So nothing we've assumed is true about the hymen, except some of it is?

  • Robin Sattahip
    Robin Sattahip

    You mean it's not like tearing the wrapping off a new pack of cigarettes?

  • Nightshade Kelly
    Nightshade Kelly

    He is brave for talking about this. Usually this would be a good video for a women to host not a guy

  • Nishant Sengar
    Nishant Sengar

    Thank you for breaking this myth, I was too afraid to talk to my fiancee about it

  • Natasha Chenkov
    Natasha Chenkov

    This is why we shouldn't segregate sex education. It's time for our species to grow up and deal with the human condition on a practical basis, and that starts with not allowing our boys to grow up having to incorrectly guess everything about female anatomy.

  • Natasha Chenkov
    Natasha Chenkov

    Someone send a link to T.I.

  • Sophie Dearden
    Sophie Dearden

    People with vaginas, not ‘women’ thank you

  • hed wig
    hed wig

    What about childbirth? I imagine that causes some serious scaring in the area? Obviously, at that point "virginity" isn't questioned

  • Amando Bahena-Hernendez
    Amando Bahena-Hernendez

    I forgot what a hymen was, I regret watching this

  • Gustav Gnöttgen
    Gustav Gnöttgen

    But why do I get the notifications from Sci show always a week later? I've seen it already...

  • Mlg Pug
    Mlg Pug

    I love how he says people with vaginas instead of women

  • Clare Banks-Smith
    Clare Banks-Smith

    Is Clifford the big dumb dog listening?

  • ra30r

    "people with vaginas"? did you mean "women's"?

  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller

    I watch this video and shortly afterwards this horrifying story comes out:

  • andy low
    andy low

    i guess it's biological purpose is to be a barrier for microorganisms until regular menstruation will meet this purpose.

  • B(.Y.)BIES!!

    2019 almost 2020 We still need freaking youtube videos to tell us that hymens are freaking useless.

  • thecabbage

    I'm so, so grateful that you used gender neutral language here. I actively avoided sex ed resources when I was a teenager because having my anatomy repeatedly associated with the wrong gender was so uncomfortable, and looking back, that left me vulnerable to misinformation and a lot of bad choices. It's great that you're making these topics accessible to everyone.

  • Sarah Seriah
    Sarah Seriah

    The only man I will let educate me about my body

  • C.I. DeMann
    C.I. DeMann

    an episode on the foreskin would be cool, too.

  • Kyïv stuff
    Kyïv stuff

    Yeah, I wish I knew this when my gray-haired gynecologist told me with all seriousness after seeing my vaheen that I probably had an unfinished intercourse, while I was a virgin and never even seen a boy half-undressed.

  • Andrew D
    Andrew D

    Why the obsession about virginity? I've slept with a few virgins and it is not what people (guys) imagine it to be. The girl that knows what she is doing and has that confidence aura is far more appealing for me at least. I guess there will always be the beliefs from the dark ages and the "virgin fetishes".

  • Caterfree10

    Thank you for the gender neutral language. 💜

  • yousef aljazwe
    yousef aljazwe

    Doesn't make sense

  • Amy Reynolds
    Amy Reynolds

    Loving the non-gendered language, inclusive of trans guys and enbies!

  • Slugjie

    Last time I saw an informative video on this topic, the reception was a minefield. Good job everyone

  • Hail Laure
    Hail Laure


  • Fina Bentley-Kimura
    Fina Bentley-Kimura

    You should have mentioned how estrogen affects the hymen.

  • Pramienjager

    So may I ask a follow up question? If someone at some point did bleed profusely during normal vaginal sex and they weren’t previously menstruating what is the most likely cause for all the blood?

  • Hannah Elisabeth
    Hannah Elisabeth

    I heard from an OBGYN that the purpose of the hymen is to protect the vagina from getting urine and feces in it when you're a baby, but after you're potty trained it's basically unnecessary.

  • popstarprincess123

    For all the people in the comment section NOTICE he didn’t tell me what these hymen myths actually are

  • Ginny Jolly
    Ginny Jolly

    What do you mean "we," Hank?

  • Dale Stevens
    Dale Stevens

    I thought the hymen was one of the hosts of Mythbusters

  • MrsG87

    I'm 4 days past the upload date (dang it USsofts) BUT: The Hymen is also just a piece of tissue that keeps things out (bacteria, fecal matter, etc) while allowing fluids to exit.

  • 33melonpaws77

    How bad some cultures are at obsessing over virginity astounds me. They need to get their priorities straight.

  • Ian Marubayashi
    Ian Marubayashi

    I found this episode depressingly enlightening, which is a phrase I have never used, and will most likely never use again...

  • MultiRobotnik

    The beginning animation is great.

  • Maniac Bob
    Maniac Bob

    No idea what to make of this video, just that it is good to know that as a person my hymen is intact 🤨

  • Ry Bohm
    Ry Bohm

    actually the status of a hymen reveals a lot, the title is misleading. it just doesn’t confirm virginity

  • Dave O
    Dave O


  • Kate Klika
    Kate Klika

    Can I just say thank you for the fact that it’s entitled “... Anything About a Person” and throughout the video it’s not explicitly stated that the presence of a hymen or vagina has anything to do with being a woman. This is such a subtle way to integrate into our society that biological sex doesn’t equal gender expression or identity, and it just made me so happy to see this, whether or not it was intentional (though I’m guessing that it was).

  • Questionable Logic
    Questionable Logic

    Hentai has tainted us all

  • Alexander Rüffer
    Alexander Rüffer

    a person..

    • patty green
      patty green

      careful every comment about this has been removed

  • •YouNeverKnowTheTopTilYouGetTooLow •
    •YouNeverKnowTheTopTilYouGetTooLow •

    At 1:37 why does the script say “1 in 10,000 people with vaginas” instead of “women with vagina?” Is it grammatically correct to say people instead of women?

  • Antenor Briareo
    Antenor Briareo

    "people with vaginas" i love u so much scishow

  • Katarina Bergqwist
    Katarina Bergqwist

    In Sweden we have even changed which word for hymen to use in sex ed, just for the reason that people misunderstood it. The outdated term is “mödomshinna”, literally “virginity membrane”, and the new term is “slidkrans”, literally “vagina rim”.

  • Ujuani Abelsen
    Ujuani Abelsen

    It is one of the most misunderstood parts og the human body.. AND it belongs to a woman... Surprised, anyone..? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😡

  • Green Grass
    Green Grass

    Preach !!

  • Moonspell67

    what happened to Sansa Stark?


    Since hymen tearing doesn't cause too much blood, bleeding during the first sex must've been a sign that the partner is being too rough right?

  • Stone Merritt
    Stone Merritt

    Trying to find and marry a virgin is a dumb Disney fairytale, grow up y’all

  • passiversosogni

    Virginity is double standard

  • Brendas Anderson
    Brendas Anderson

    This guy is wrong Hyman was ment to protect your internal woman parts from fecal matter and outside pathogens when your a baby

  • David Medway
    David Medway

    "People with vaginas", not females. Inclusion win. Well done SciShow.

  • Michael Elbert
    Michael Elbert

    Horseback riding bicycle wrecks that'll wreck yo taint I know that for sure what