The Undisputed ERA gangs up on Keith Lee: WWE NXT, Jan. 15, 2020
Keith Lee addresses the NXT Universe ahead of his NXT North American Title Match with Roderick Strong next week, only for The Undisputed ERA to attack him.
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  • Baramirel 123
    Baramirel 123

    This reminds me of the Shield

  • Ellafunt

    don't you forget about Keith

  • MTN_ LMK
    MTN_ LMK

    Nxt is best

  • It'syourboy

    Next week on nxt Keith Lee put undisputed ERA tough tables

  • Antlover420

    Hahahahaha hahaha O’Rielly with the Shane O’Mac punches at 1:57

  • Johny Nguyen
    Johny Nguyen

    Man dream handycap match shield vs undisputed era


    ???? 0:31 ? ??????

  • Omar Abdinur
    Omar Abdinur

    Adam cole Always run off like a kid lol

  • Arturo Cabral
    Arturo Cabral

    Beth Phoenix sounds so annoying

  • Zul Shahmi Ruslan
    Zul Shahmi Ruslan

    "Hey have you see what we've done to Imperium, what we've done to Velveteen Dream, to Tommaso Ciampa?" "But guess what dummy, you're next!" Adam Cole, 2020.

  • SMB Reborn
    SMB Reborn

    2:02 those punches .... they look so brutal, the man has a family by gawd....

  • POPOY 20
    POPOY 20

    stick with the pink shoes keith lee. Its awesome!

  • J Mugen
    J Mugen

    Well at least Kyle O'riley punches ate connecting unlike the dork Odor and crappers lol

  • Mr. Swindiggle
    Mr. Swindiggle

    Old-school 4 horsemen beat down.

  • Steven Trudeau
    Steven Trudeau

    Aew is better

  • Angela Caruana
    Angela Caruana

    Unstupited Era 💖

  • Dustin

    Dem punches 🤣🤣🤣

  • Nathan Robert Jacob
    Nathan Robert Jacob

    Why can't Management look at each members STRONG! They really look like cowards when they attack.

    • Nathan Robert Jacob
      Nathan Robert Jacob

      @Son Gohan Well, if that's what you think but I prefer loner heels like Drew and Lone Wolf Baron Corbin. They can look stronger at least.

    • Son Gohan
      Son Gohan

      That’s the whole point of a heel faction, you use coward tactics to get the upper hand.

  • Crazy destructor 39_7237
    Crazy destructor 39_7237

    Keith Lee destroy undisputed era

  • Master MoJo
    Master MoJo

    1:08 Perfect Timing

  • Chris Kirk
    Chris Kirk

    UE = ove rated arseholes.

  • Christian Galdones
    Christian Galdones

    keith lee = cole train

  • Marcinho da lepre
    Marcinho da lepre

    Who sucks?

  • Bergr B
    Bergr B

    I want Keith to join Roman. Both of them together was amazing.


    Super liked

  • Jose Mercado
    Jose Mercado

    Adam Cole has been the Vince Russo of the Undisputed Era!

  • Gregg Darby
    Gregg Darby

    AEW just feels a lot bigger then this

  • Mirembe Leah Aisha
    Mirembe Leah Aisha

    I love Adam Cole. His handsome

  • Stormbreaker Gaming
    Stormbreaker Gaming

    that beard though

  • Angel

    why is kyle punching like a game character 💀.

    • tony matrisin
      tony matrisin

      But is a real trained guy in MMA

    • Tཛསzศས

      Angel 🤣🤣 it’s too funny Tho or he’s punching like a 5th Grader

  • CPA

    Keith Lee will forever shock the system.

  • Orgio GL
    Orgio GL

    2:02 that punches

  • Zulfikran Zulmos
    Zulfikran Zulmos

    Actions of coward

  • Jullian York Santos
    Jullian York Santos

    Keith Lee is THE. FUTURE. PERIOD.

  • Saixophone

    Kyle is the best for business 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Niño Rafael
    Niño Rafael

    The Undisputed ERA vs DIY, Keith Lee & ???

  • peter macura
    peter macura

    Wow I never thought I’d see four guys jump someone at the same time, attack him with a chair, throw easily over 20-30 punches, and the dude who got jumped doesn’t have one scratch on him. Those four guys couldn’t jump my 4 year old nephew if that’s the case.

  • Stefon Wilson
    Stefon Wilson

    This is what makes UE 1 of the best factions they ain't no hoe they'll come for yu

    • exile otibi
      exile otibi

      omg man i don't see what the big deal with these guys like they have no gimmicks bobby fish and rodrick strong suck on the mic like i honestly don't see these guys coming to the main roster any time soon

  • Sierra Vortec
    Sierra Vortec

    Kieth Lee needs to be pushed to the moon!

  • Bryann Beaudin
    Bryann Beaudin

    Next week Keith Lee will forever shock the system? Okay

  • 周嶝錦

    E:᠁Bobby Fish᠁Roderick Strong᠁

  • Rumble Gear
    Rumble Gear

    I'm in love with Lee pink shoes Also good job Ciampa

    • exile otibi
      exile otibi

      why would you love this it ruined his image he is supposed to be a monster

  • Dave G
    Dave G

    I cannot stand that guy standing over Keith Lee throwing his weird punches. I don't know his name, but he annoys the hell out of me.

    • Willie Nelson
      Willie Nelson

      Kyle O' Reilly.

  • __STALKER10__

    Gotta keep that beard

  • Asaju Nnamani
    Asaju Nnamani

    Hybrid nWo

  • Malcolm Doherty
    Malcolm Doherty

    The way Kyle o Riley huts tho 😂😂😂

    • tony matrisin
      tony matrisin

      Kyle o Riley is i dont have words 🎸

  • Kyle Lee Jr
    Kyle Lee Jr

    He gotta clean shape up

  • Eric Nana
    Eric Nana

    Keith Lee is incredible athlete, the future is bright for him if he continues like this.

    • exile otibi
      exile otibi

      yeah bright future on the main roster

  • Timo Dosdall
    Timo Dosdall

    totally saw that o'reily only pretend to hit lee

  • Nick Tipton
    Nick Tipton

    Keith Lee needs to win the royal rumble and then spirit bomb Brock

  • Focused 56
    Focused 56

    Velveteen Dream will return and embarrass Roderick Strong

  • abu mat
    abu mat

    Stupid team.. coward era

  • Bobby Farmer
    Bobby Farmer

    The undisputed era is the most dominant faction ever and the NXT brand is their house. Keith Lee is fearless and tough,I can't wait to see him vs Roderick strong for the NXT north American Championship.

  • Khalifa qusais
    Khalifa qusais

    Wrestling gives youth an interest in sports

  • A PeaceSoul
    A PeaceSoul

    The way kyle punch keith though

  • The Queen
    The Queen

    Keith lee will be the next north american champion next week

  • ACDC guns'n'roses ramones motörhead
    ACDC guns'n'roses ramones motörhead

    Where was the "don't you forget about keith" chants?

  • Princeroman28

    Who else was waiting on The VELVETEEN DREAM to run in? 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • The Gentle Criminal
      The Gentle Criminal

      I hope he gets better soon

    • Joe Mendez
      Joe Mendez

      Hes out for awhile.

    • xWarmth Dork
      xWarmth Dork


    • Addy M
      Addy M

      I'm thinking it'll happen during the title match.

  • Smarks Killed Rasslin
    Smarks Killed Rasslin

    Kyle o reilly's punches look so fake and pathetic, he punches like a toddler. Wrestlers can't throw decent looking punches these days. Get the stale undisputed midgets outta here.

    • THATGAMER 4589gaming
      THATGAMER 4589gaming

      How about you get out of these NXT video comment sections!!!!! why is it so hard for you to understand?

  • 150 Subs With Only One Video Challenge!
    150 Subs With Only One Video Challenge!

    Keith lee is the NXT version of Braun Strowman

    • exile otibi
      exile otibi

      braun danced on smackdown and keith lee is wearing a pink shoe yeah the same