Royal Family
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  • Selena Smith
    Selena Smith

    9:34😂😂😂she trippin

  • WideJuly

    He threw the paper from his straw out the window?!? Pickup your trash!

  • sara bien-aime
    sara bien-aime

    "you would think Michaels was selling popeyes chicken" lol

  • Diamond Velazquez
    Diamond Velazquez

    Wow you guys are amazing ❤️ #godbless

  • Sandra Vizer
    Sandra Vizer

    *throws straw wrapper out the window* I liked this video until I saw that

  • Kimiko Sade
    Kimiko Sade

    This was so nice of you guys!!! Love it

  • Crissy Angel
    Crissy Angel

    I love this ❤️

  • Dr. Rick
    Dr. Rick

    6:15 I fw this nigga heavy💪🏼

  • Nicole Monahan
    Nicole Monahan

    Love ya

  • Betty Boop
    Betty Boop

    Come to katy Texas and tip some bus drivers lol and queen I jus love ur song karma I think u made that jus for me 🤩

  • Paris Evans
    Paris Evans

    That "babygirl" got me messed up

  • savannah brandhorst
    savannah brandhorst

    I love this so so much. Do it more often. And I'm sure it helped for bills or Christmas

  • Sam Sung
    Sam Sung

    No need to film or record your good deeds, just do it and move on. Now it seems you did this purely for attention.

  • Alayzha Toston
    Alayzha Toston

    Royal family is one ☝️ was Christmas Day is the Christmas opportunity and to have him come first opportunity to it and to be free until Christmas Day day was the best Christmas love 💕 we got love 💕 is one

  • Jayla Ross
    Jayla Ross


  • alexys williams
    alexys williams

    Clarence: “Look at my balls .... Look at my balls “ 😂😂😂😂

  • Jess Yd
    Jess Yd

    Aww bless y’all 🙏🏽 hope to encounter y’all one day round da cityyy 😖🥴❤️

  • 3 of 9
    3 of 9

    Yall are so fucking humble... I can't believe it.

  • Sid Santana
    Sid Santana

    I’m sorry but the way Clarence is passing the money out is like he blessing his homies.. 😖 smh I would’ve gave it to the ones who appeared to have a little more responsibility this holiday but either way, this was beautiful ❤️ minus ol dudes ego smh 🤦🏽‍♀️

  • RoseGold Production
    RoseGold Production


  • Eva Beasley
    Eva Beasley

    Yall did great.Im in Houston and no one does that in h.town

  • shut up sonic
    shut up sonic

    Y'all funny Royal family

  • Blessing Zeh
    Blessing Zeh

    4:40 yo really pushed her back was like you better move tf back am getting my tip tf

  • Paris Burton
    Paris Burton

    brooo queen is funny asf 😭😭

  • teresaromo428

    Wish you wouldn’t have said Santa isn’t real 😫 me and my daughter watch you guys lol

  • xyz

    what about the niggas in the back making the food

  • Michelle VanGuilder
    Michelle VanGuilder

    I love you 2 so much.. you should definitely do more like this 1

  • Zeb Vigil
    Zeb Vigil

    The littering reveals that you are only getting as much attention as possible. I don’t care how much money you have. “Royal Family” only means you’re as good as Burger King.

  • Tiffany Walker
    Tiffany Walker

    This was such a good video 🤗❤️

  • Jada & Joshua TV
    Jada & Joshua TV


  • Tae Santana
    Tae Santana

    The recording from the backseat makes it kinda weird.

  • Justina McMillan
    Justina McMillan

    I love you guys! Just keep being a family and doing what y’all doing 💯♥️

  • Hefner

    @4:22 the world is against you bc you litter 😂

  • Lili Torry
    Lili Torry

    Queen always has me dead 🤣❤️

  • Skyy Lockhart
    Skyy Lockhart

    When he called her baby girl 🤩

  • Jada Peters
    Jada Peters

    this is so dope

  • Anna’s World
    Anna’s World

    I love you guys so much ❤️

  • Anna’s World
    Anna’s World

    God bless y’all. ❤️

  • Kydere Wilson
    Kydere Wilson


  • Kydere Wilson
    Kydere Wilson

    So proud of you guys honestly ❤️❤️❤️

  • Louis Lark
    Louis Lark

    Phenomenal in terms of giving to others. Love this video!

  • Jessica

    _I hate that _*_"Light Skin"_*_ stuff, my Stepmom used to put that stuff in my head about how we are light skin and people hate on us. That is considered _*_colorism_*_ and I wish colorism was put to a stop in the Black community._

  • Just a person
    Just a person

    This probably helped a lot of people

  • Candice Bright
    Candice Bright


  • Juliana Franco
    Juliana Franco

    I love when queen act like a dude lmaoo❤️

  • Simply Kimberly
    Simply Kimberly

    I can't wait to be able to give back to ppl very soon🙏🏾❤️

  • Natasha Chose By God Clark
    Natasha Chose By God Clark

    Man this is so sweet and from the heart. ❤️❤️ 😢😢😭 They will be blessed even more

  • Kyla Hearts
    Kyla Hearts

    “Us light skin people gotta stick together too” LMFAOOOOOO WHAT😭😭😭😭😭

  • Charlie Harper
    Charlie Harper

    All those waitresses out there supporting babies and earning $7 an hour because a law allows employers to pay below minimum wage purely because customers may leave a tip, and you give money to some idiot 16 year old kid in a drive thru window. Sad Tipping should be illegal. Make these companies pay a real wage

  • Mekyiala kidd
    Mekyiala kidd

    "Queen, come on y'all lets bless a woman today" lol they so funny.

  • Mekyiala kidd
    Mekyiala kidd

    Awh, this was so sweet... ❤❤❤❤

  • Mitch Stone
    Mitch Stone

    If you want recognition for the gift, it's more for you! And for you to look like you're an awesome person! A true gift would be with no video of it and without them knowing who it's from! Stuff like this is for shallow people who just want to flaunt the fact that they can do this! It's really cool that these people received the money, but really tacky video recording it!

    • ashley sears
      ashley sears

      Mitch Stone people like you smh how is it tacky and it’s vlogmas? They probably do stuff like this all the time and don’t even record it. People are never satisfied then y’all would be saying they have all this money and don’t give back. It was simply a blessing and even made my day. You never know someone’s purpose. This comment was quite “shallow” if you ask me

  • Michayla Mason
    Michayla Mason

    This is how many times Queen said,”You know what I’m sayin’?”💕😂🗣 (Like below) ⬇️👍🏾

  • Taylor Coss
    Taylor Coss

    “ I need 100 dollars too ! “ 😂😂

  • alyssa jerry
    alyssa jerry

    This was so sweet of y’all ❤️❤️❤️

  • Maria Miller
    Maria Miller

    That’s right plug your USsofts channel. I’m going to follow! It makes you feel good to give. I’m glad that Clare said that. He was feeling down and they made his day to make someone else’s day. Queen you the Queen! Just continue to do what’s on your heart! You two are blessings! Amen

  • Maria Miller
    Maria Miller

    God bless you all for such a kind act. You don’t know how much you probably made these people’s day, week, season! 🙏🏽💕

  • Nieka Rose
    Nieka Rose

    It’s awesome that y’all do stuff like this and I know my fair share of it being tight but it’s really great y’all are in the Christmas mood

  • Naiyah Nicole
    Naiyah Nicole

    Y’all good people

  • tikitwi

    This is why I love y’all ✨ these people were shocked. But I was touched by my boy at bonjangles 😂 he was geeked.