Trump, Coronavirus Task Force hold press briefing at White House | 4/1/20
Fox Business
Secretary of Defense Mark Esper breaks down efforts to stop cartels from exploiting the coronavirus pandemic.
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  • Mia Lang
    Mia Lang

    this big movement by the military is got to be about more than the drug cartel , hmm wonder what else is going on !? anyone else .....

  • Nicki Snyder
    Nicki Snyder

    Never in history has a president told the doctors how to handle a medical crisis. Watch on Netflix "the next pandemic" or "contagion" you know what you'll notice? There is no is medically run....the worst disaster that no one ever saw...was a president with no medical knowledge....micromanaging the CDC. With one error leading all his decisions...that the fewer tests we did ...the lower the numbers would be. Somehow, no adult could get through to trump that TESTING WOULD STOP THE SPREAD...causing lower numbers that would have made him look better & competent. Had we accepted the data from WHO at start of this we could have prevented all of this.

  • Bryan Payne
    Bryan Payne

    Trump = 💩

  • Jimmy the Greek
    Jimmy the Greek

    How many idiots can fit on a stage? Drumpftards are a special kind of stupid.

  • Richard Webb
    Richard Webb

    Could they stand any closer??? Trump is responsible for the worst economic disaster in US history due, in large part, to his willfully ignorant denial that the coronavirus was real, and his subsequent tardy, irresponsible, delusional, and inept handling of the crisis. He will be blamed by Americans and voted out of office, to face criminal charges. In US, and elsewhere in the world, Covid-19 will become known as the TRUMP VIRUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Peter Pulis
    Peter Pulis

    I'm voting "AMERICAN CONSTITUTION". Party!!!!!!

  • Peter Pulis
    Peter Pulis

    Good think we have feema coffins. We are prepared. GOOD JOB.

  • Kerry Swails
    Kerry Swails

    So much for open borders but that single payer system isn’t looking bad

  • able street
    able street

    Did you see when Trump was reading about the plans to deal with the coronavirus instead of reading the word covid-19 he spelled it c-o-v-i-d-19. People have been saying he doesnt read well and he showed that it is true!

  • backspace4353

    Jan22: “We have it totally under control. It’s one person coming in from China. It’s going to be just fine.” Donald J Trump

  • Nicki Snyder
    Nicki Snyder

    Just show the Doctors speaking....trump has no idea whats going on. All he cares about is brainwashing his cult into thinking he'S doing a good job......which isnt hard. He lies says he's doing good....they questions asked. Hospital RN here....HE BLEW IT.

  • Nat King
    Nat King


  • Doc Brown
    Doc Brown

    It is time for America to make great babies again.

  • Alex

    Trump Failed Again

  • Bad Corvette
    Bad Corvette

    Please let Andrew Cuomo take over the federal coronavirus task force! Jack

  • Baxter

    Trump golfing this weekend

  • ty m
    ty m

    We do not have the items in hand to save american lives but we want to bluff other countries that we can help them. Everbody around the world is seeing that we do not have our crap together so they are downgrading us.

  • brokebastard

    Are the sheep still listen to Fox FAKE 'News' and the Orange Buffoon?

  • brokebastard

    Are the sheep still listen to Fox FAKE 'News' and the Orange Buffoon?

  • brokebastard

    Are the sheep still listen to Fox FAKE 'News' and the Orange Buffoon?

  • Robert Shrewsbury
    Robert Shrewsbury

    The Cartel are of the most brutal and vicious people on earth!

  • Cutitout G
    Cutitout G

    Where is Pence? He speaks so well. Trump gives me a headache.

  • Vince

    Trump i cant believe am saying this ,, he is now there puppet ,, i wonder why, stay away from any vaccine these people push,,

  • carbon copy
    carbon copy

    Covid 19 is called this because it was out in 2019 NOT 2020. Liar in chief waited till his buddies to sell their stocks, then quit calling this a hoax. Money is more important to him. Low life always blames the democrats for 'his' failures' he's had many..Buttwipe in chief has failed, & WE The People should sue over misleading.....Get rid of him & the base that have Thrown America under the bus. Nancy wants him to open factories to make masks & what we need, but he won't ok it. Americans need to work. It's time he owes up for being a complete failure..Cheeto, racist, shady , con, corrupt. money hungry moron..He has thrown America under the bus AS his base has.......Shame on you trumpretards..Too bad you can't talk to stupid

  • Never Again
    Never Again

    From '' it'll all disappear like magic '' to a quarter of a million victims '' if we do a really good '', late reversals on everything is killing people.

  • David Benard
    David Benard

    Donald Trump can't have everything BOTH WAYS ! Either he has saved the economic future of the U.S. or this was all a cosmetic political advertising they must get it implemented so far NOTHING IS HAPPENING !!

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone

    Hey Donald now uk this some karma for all your bullshyt l y i n g a s s.😀

  • Gregor Resch
    Gregor Resch

    The Trump Virus is taking full advantage of Trump’s very poor leadership skills.

  • Edward Haglin
    Edward Haglin

    Misdirection not working .Trump's lies cost lives .200 thousand will die because of the Trumpfox lies .

  • Goomer

    This Administration had plenty of time to gear up, they dragged their feet and with their partner Fox News called it a Democratic Hoax.

  • Edward Haglin
    Edward Haglin

    Churches have spread more Corona virus then the cartels .

  • Edward Haglin
    Edward Haglin

    Mexican cartels not spreading the Corona virus but Trumpfox lies are .

  • Bloop

    I’m just glad the republican supporters are the Kushner just informed us that federal stockpile isn’t meant for the states. You happy now?

  • Edward Haglin
    Edward Haglin

    Thank you Mr President for making this worse .

  • Edward Haglin
    Edward Haglin

    Why are you talking about drug war folly at a Corona virus update?

  • Edward Haglin
    Edward Haglin

    Trump had a press conference on 2/26/18 bragging why he fired the national security pandemic reaction task force because he was a business man .that killed any chance we had to react effectively .that's makes him responsible for any deaths above the curve set by s.korea

  • The Mannn!!!
    The Mannn!!!

    Trump : "The state governors are complainers. The federal government is just a back up" Smh wow unfreakingbelievable! How do you say that? You're suppose to be a leader.

  • jarchitect

    Lost your job because of Covid 19? Lost your health insurance that came with that job? Thanks to Obamacare, you can apply for coverage and your pre-existing conditions won't be a factor. That is, unless you are unlucky enough to live in a GOP controlled state that restricted the ACA's benefits.

  • themetal

    Dumb Don @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1371">22:51</a> "Pesidenchee" Does he mean "Presidency"? This bobble head idiot speaks like a drunken 6 year old trying to read his book report to the class.

  • themetal

    BTW...this is just a shiny object they are waving around to confuse the cult followers. It has been proven over decades of fighting the so called war on drugs that you cannot and will not stop the flow of drugs into the market. You must reduce the demand. Look how Prohibition did between 1919 and 1933. All it did was help strengthen organized crime.

  • themetal

    Amb. O'Brian @ <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="910">15:10</a> "Fake news about this virus"? The fake news and disinformation is coming out of THIS administration! Worthless lying stooges.

  • Joel Sattler
    Joel Sattler

    Trump rides a pale horse.

  • American Rage
    American Rage

    trump CULT MORONS... Dont forget to bash socialism when your standing in a food bank line! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • great outdoors
    great outdoors

    It should be clear by now that our clown president can't be believed about anything

    • themetal

      Only to those with functional frontal cortexes. The rest wear MAGA hats and cheer for the orange faced clown as the bodies pile up by the thousands.

  • Robert Palmer
    Robert Palmer

    Watching this fuckwit struggle to read is incredibly painful.

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    Just learned Italy and British are using CPAP machines for breathing machines since do not have enough breathing machines. British modified the design. Could US do this to help those not quite as sick as others?

    • Bumble Bee
      Bumble Bee

      Just learned that pap does aerosolize virus, but if you can't breath, is it better than nothing?

  • Havanorange

    During those 2 hours, did they say when Americans will be free to buy alcohol-based hand sanitizer again? Because we've been denied access to buy it for 2 1/2 weeks now.

  • James Harris
    James Harris

    I read Like a 5 year old

  • James Harris
    James Harris

    War time President.... LMAO!!! Pathetic

    • themetal

      More like Game Show President. He's pathetic. Only thing more pathetic are the fools and idiots who continue to follow and support this complete clueless moron. Don't Boo. . .Vote Blue. Vote this enemy of the people and all his republican stooges out of our Great Capitol.

  • James Harris
    James Harris

    A Little Closer together Boys!! REAL Leaders Lead, they don’t BLAME!!

  • Rob P’Gallo
    Rob P’Gallo

    Please, like a miracle, Trump will be gone.

  • Pookie Mcdookie
    Pookie Mcdookie

    And here he is the second coming of Charlie Manson and his cult is right behind him.

  • Tez Tezza
    Tez Tezza

    That does not look like social distancing. Wtf. ..

  • threeflip2244

    This administration is the worst we've ever had in a crisis. Trump is a moron

    • themetal

      This is the crisis we hoped would never come during this clown's administration. He has proven his incompetence and ignorance. He is truly an empty barrel.

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez

    What about the lies that is costing millions of lives in the middle east.

  • David Martinez
    David Martinez

    Our military is bringing opioids from afghanistan.

  • Hey Now
    Hey Now

    239 more days, you’re gone scumbag

  • gareth jordan
    gareth jordan

    at least the covid-19 virus is keeping the orange off the golf course lol

  • Richard Cory
    Richard Cory

    Nobody knew coronavirus was infectious. Nobody knew anyone could die from it. Nobody knew we had no testing facilities. Nobody knew what the world's leading economy would do in a pandemic. Nobody ever thought there might be a pandemic ever again.

  • Conrad Surak
    Conrad Surak

    Trump is the attempt to keep the mythos alive that the most ignorant white man is still better than the most educated black man

  • dj1200

    It's one thing that Trump kills American companies/contractors who dare doing business with the deadbeat , but now Trump's incompetence is killing Americans. It's time for Trump to step aside and allow the adults to try to fix this mess that Trump made worse with his indecision, lies, and incompetence.

  • Mike Hartman
    Mike Hartman


  • J C Meeks
    J C Meeks

    Well, ceva logistics in mt. Juliet just gave their employees authorization to spread the corona. Virus. They already have 2 confirmed cases. They are really helping to fight this by having their employees work together in a warehouse side by side. They are an offset of dell computers. Is this helping fight this virus. No. They gave the employees a piece of paper for them to carry with them back and forth to work showing that its alright for them to go back and forth to work. Its nothing more than a free ticket to keep spreeding the virus. Lets give it up for ceva logistics for being above the law. I say thanks for keeping this virus alive and kicking. You money hungry bastards are truly a piece of work. This needs to be sent to the white house so they know that what they say does not mean crap to ceva. They gonna keep this corona crap alive regardless of what the president of the united states says.

  • Sandman 123
    Sandman 123

    Where is Don jr. And his dumb brother hiding during this epidemic?

  • Ralph Boyd
    Ralph Boyd

    More people have died of Covid-19 than on 9-11 and we just had the worst Stock Market Collapse since 2007. It's official, Trump sucks worse than GW Bush. We should send the former President a fruit basket.

  • Susan DeLaney
    Susan DeLaney

    👎🟧👎🟧👎🟧👎🟧👎🟧👎. I do not watch his call pinnacle rallies ( he calls them briefings) Do all the people on stage speak? What are they there for?

  • Dale's101!!!!

    This is supposed to be an coronavirus update right??? 🤔🤔🤔🤔😤

  • GerardPedrico

    World politics amidst Corona epidemic: Iran and Communists see the entire world as being led by two "Ayatollahs", namely the Ayatollah of Iran and the other competing "Ayatollah" who leads the Western world. Ayatollah there... Ayatollah everywhere... Sounds comical and weird but the word Ayatollah is sounding more toxic these days.

    • GerardPedrico

      In my country, the word "superhero" is an audio cue for "jihadist". Oh, bummer... really obnoxious reference.

  • Barbara Chieppo
    Barbara Chieppo

    I like that General 👍🇺🇸

  • JQT Camba
    JQT Camba

    Trump, there's no worries against the virus in terms of social distancing and face mask. Maybe because he have already a vaccine???

  • Haba Ñero
    Haba Ñero


  • Didymus Mac
    Didymus Mac

    tRump has had THE WORST RESPONSE to the Covid-19 virus than ANY OTHER LEADER IN THE WORLD. THE WORST. Passing blame and responsibility IS NOT A RESPONSE!

  • FizZeld

    Thanks trump for telling us another whole load of nothing. Show up on time next time.

  • Enrique Ventura
    Enrique Ventura

    funny how this one reporter heckling or complaining about that low oil prices... ? WTF?

  • Preston Taylor
    Preston Taylor

    Horrible, horrible virus! Where's Dr Fauci?

  • Sam M
    Sam M

    Fat, dumb, and orange means money in my pocket.

  • Beware The Locusts
    Beware The Locusts


    • justj sse
      justj sse

      You think that initiative started 3 years ago? That's is decades in preparing

  • Emerald Archer
    Emerald Archer

    Trump, you have failed this nation.

  • Mateo Feo
    Mateo Feo

    Bumbling. 😣

  • richie rich
    richie rich

    China will have to pay Trillions of Dollars in conpensation when this is all over !!!!! Or the World will stop investing in China simple as that !!!!