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Here are four reasons why you shouldn't worry about President Trump's visit to Walter Reed hospital #TheDailyShow
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  • henrylepeley79

    Funny how we went from a President who didn’t eat pork to one who looks porky lol

  • Fact Check
    Fact Check

    So what, I'm 30 years old yet sometimes I mispell some words. This often happens when you have big hands. That doesnt indicate someone is healthy or not.

  • marti85cr

    "He is almost super human" so, not only in North Korea they brainwash "news" anchors who then try to brainwash their audience

  • Justin Finkelstein
    Justin Finkelstein

    What's the music in this video?

  • unlikely Faery
    unlikely Faery

    He’s almost super human 😂😂😂😂😂 I can’t

  • Felix Ray
    Felix Ray

    In the words of Keith Olbermann, I wouldn't trust that woman to judge a pie-eating contest.

  • Ocal

    Trevor was unable to comment? Couldn't stop laughing at "he's almost super human" ?

  • Mark thebldr
    Mark thebldr

    People really are that dumb.

  • K bar
    K bar

    I see politicians in my country become really unhealthy when they are faced with charges after their presidential term, so they plea for a nicer hospital arrest. When they escape charges as a political ally assumes office, they jump back to the pink of health at once. Beware america trump may be setting this up

  • Tom Kenney
    Tom Kenney

    He's definitely something other than "normal" human. Not sure I'd go with "super," though. "Sub," maybe. "Proto," "entitled," "wannabe," those are possible, too.

  • lou poh
    lou poh

    He’s healthy.......only his brains is not functioning........& his potty mouth!

  • Thomas Bradley
    Thomas Bradley

    I think he’s Oogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Pull a loose thread and he’ll unravel and be full of maggots.

  • Frosty Los
    Frosty Los

    Lisa Ann and judge fuck head

  • Jerry Lorosae
    Jerry Lorosae

    "He's almost a super human". So right now he's not a human yet?

  • Kingsley Boerz
    Kingsley Boerz

    ''He is almost superhuman'' sycophancy of the highest order. 😒

  • Mik Szekely
    Mik Szekely

    Healthy as ever huh keep riding that golf cart fat boy🤣😂


    Trump should confess to several impeachable crimes as is normal for a president with such good health Me: You're saying that as if it will be a given knowing full well he gonna fight before all of that

  • John Public
    John Public

    FOX NEWS = anus lickers

  • Alexander Brusilovsky
    Alexander Brusilovsky

    Sarcastically, Trump answers for his crimes. HmmmBut, what crimes? Let's help me out: is it about Schiff lies, Biden quid pro quo, Pelosi/Clinton campaign bribery, Yovanovich foreigner administration extortion, Vindman treasons? You have to be more specific, librats, you gonna face justice very soon.

  • Lifter Of Shirts
    Lifter Of Shirts

    What, Jeannine Pirro, only ALMOST superhuman? For his rabid MAGA hat-wearing supporters some of them are so monumentally stupid that they'll see that as being a slanderous statement on your part, won't they? By the way, rumour has it that during this unscheduled visit the doctors found three things missing - a pulse, a brain and a spine - and they just gave him some extra Adderall to compensate for them not being there!

  • Rob Santos
    Rob Santos

    Super human my ass.

  • Di_

    Do any of these people have children? Teaching their kids that bullying is ok.

  • PyroHook

    Not bias at all... this site.

  • Kattywagon29

    I think she meant to say sub-human..."He's almost subhuman"

  • ffeff

    That stupid, stupid, shrill and unbearable Pirelli or whatever her name is needs to be taken behind a shed and shot.

  • JupiterMoon

    These White bitches defending Orange Trump is hilarious.

  • MrElionor

    "He's got more energy than anybody in the White House" that's because he sucks it all out of them

  • Jane Boucher
    Jane Boucher

    When I see people Exaggerate the visual truth for this idiot president makes me vomit especially when it’s Woman....he has a ton of medical issues look at him it’s visible he constantly sniffing and looks like he’s about to have a stroke he sweats like a pig and has horrible eating habits and look at him without a suit on and Jeanine also makes me sick she’s a screaming babbling Idiot so far up Trumps ass how bad do u want a job just go over and do a dirty deed I’m sure he will appreciate it instead of trying to fill us with BS!!

  • Aster Davies
    Aster Davies

    Textbook malignant narcissism.


    Trump found a lump on his breast.

  • SEN

    "Almost super human" and perfect timing with Trevor's smile at the end

  • Mawile #303
    Mawile #303

    This bitch said almost superhuman

  • Meron A. Admasu
    Meron A. Admasu

    Superhuman?? Ok it's confirmed... Trump supporters might actually be turning into a cult and I'm very concerned

  • Our Dimension
    Our Dimension

    "sick fuck".

  • Wicked Jim
    Wicked Jim

    So embarrassing.

  • Helgali

    As healthy as can be. Right..

  • Jonny Rosado
    Jonny Rosado

    Trump can do no wring to those people. He could suck a whole horse dick and they would say "HE COULD DO NO WRONG"

  • Tired of the lies
    Tired of the lies

    Trump should have gone on to Vietnam. He says his Vietnam was dodging STD's. I don't think he dodged them. I think he's has syphilis on the brain.

  • Mas Muhamad Dzulfikar
    Mas Muhamad Dzulfikar

    I think she meant "He's a sub par human".

  • Cerridwen Rodriguez
    Cerridwen Rodriguez

    Maybe all his symptoms are completely normal for a geriatric lizard-person?