We Built a WOODEN Drive Shaft! Will It Survive a Clutch Drop?? (VERY SKETCHY)
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  • Cleetus McFarland
    Cleetus McFarland

    What should we build a drive shaft out of next? My mullet?

    • Squrkols

      PVC pipe, rebar and concrete

    • Jordan

      Should have used JB Weld for the epoxy.

    • Nate 2283
      Nate 2283

      Laminated wood beam

    • NJ in the MJ
      NJ in the MJ


    • David Dickerson
      David Dickerson

      PVC filled with JB weld.

  • duramax502

    PVC pipe

  • Adam Mohammed
    Adam Mohammed

    Man I always wondered about this

  • DeviceMangler

    Drive shaft needs some FiberFix. They built a rollcage for a car out of that stuff and drove it off a cliff. It survived.

  • Crazyey

    no-one going to mention his sleek back hair and his nerd glasses XD

  • Dave David
    Dave David

    Use the car as a wood lathe and sandpaper it till its balanced

  • Black Dot
    Black Dot

    Wow that drive shaft lasted longer than Jeffrey Epstein in jail

  • Bradlee Blazintires
    Bradlee Blazintires

    Oak probably would've lasted a bit longer. Maybe put a PVC pipe over it

  • Alan Benzo
    Alan Benzo

    These guys don’t know what a lathe is

  • Chris

    I knew it wooden work.

  • RCPro Driver
    RCPro Driver

    needs to be laminated boards, with the grains crossed.

  • Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420
    Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420

    The wood will easily... it's your connections that will fail. You know wood is ofter a stronger and lighter choice other than steel. If you were an engineer you would know this.

  • Adam Weaver
    Adam Weaver

    Ya'lls need to calm down.

  • Patrick

    Soak the wood with a resin.....

  • The Prometheus Report
    The Prometheus Report

    I think you could have used a bit more glue

  • Adam Gee
    Adam Gee

    You guys still have pennies?

  • Dave Pawson
    Dave Pawson

    "Sorry sir, you need to treat your car with Terminex once a year as you live in the termite belt." Seriously, use laminated live oak with oposing grain lines which is a native species to Florida.

  • Evan Jones
    Evan Jones

    Y'all have a quality shop, but no access to a lathe?🤔 Treat the next drive shaft with Lin/flax seed oil... It will harden the wood.

  • Odie Ecklund
    Odie Ecklund

    Listen, listen, it worked for a bit. Soooooo technicallyyyyy

  • Jeff Neely
    Jeff Neely

    What's next a wooden turbo?

  • DayTripperCrack

    I have the same exact car they used, A 1995 although mine is cherry red and the interior is completely custom and miss matched looks really nice. The best car I’ve ever driven to date probably always will be personally

  • Hasiel Mena
    Hasiel Mena


  • MrVBG

    PVC pipe with concrete?


    how about a concrete drive shaft

  • SwapSupra

    do the same but wraped in ducktape!

  • Lucky Muse
    Lucky Muse

    Glue some 1×1s together, then round the sides down on a wood lathe, like your making a post. Thats how they make wood beams , and they are super strong.

  • Lucky Eights
    Lucky Eights

    Dont test a new driveshaft IMPROVE! have someone with a woodshop turn you a peice of hardwood like oak. Fit into the shaft. Then carbon fiber the whole shaft. By my mullet calculations you should have no problem doing a burn out or 6.

  • Chris Dorr
    Chris Dorr

    Turn your car into a lathe ;)

  • The Sworded Beardsman
    The Sworded Beardsman

    The first airplane props were made out of wood, Try some hickory or oak and turn it down with a lathe to fit tight in the driveshaft ends.

  • David Kelm
    David Kelm

    hard wood worth a try

  • Joshua Pierre
    Joshua Pierre

    Garage54'in it haha, could have seen how thin you could go, used steel rebar. I wanna see if the mustang is strong enough to twist it.

  • Allen .Berge
    Allen .Berge

    They should have put it on lathe to balance it out more.

  • sinaloa tc
    sinaloa tc

    Try bamboo

  • jacob 4wol
    jacob 4wol

    You should fill a tube with spaghetti noodles and flex seal and use that as the drive shaft

  • Anthony Alit
    Anthony Alit

    Make one out of concrete!

  • Anthony Alit
    Anthony Alit

    Now this is automotive internet done properly

  • Lairex Rai
    Lairex Rai

    Should have used a wood Turner lathe

  • KingKingg

    You should use some rope!! Ship rope... Maybe I'm a bit blazzed, but now im worried how dangerous this could be, what if it twists and bends the car. Not only the potential to squish the driver, also force metal up through the cab?? Maybe do this one with our first ever remote control car build hahaha

  • ponchis1966

    Try a piece of hardwood like birch. Pressure treated posts are generally softer woods. Have a viewer turn it down on a lathe and ship it to you

  • Mihai Kober
    Mihai Kober

    I bet a shaft made out of oak would have lasted longer :)

  • GrifFungin

    Definitely a paid commercial for Gorilla Glue

  • Jacey Heiner
    Jacey Heiner

    Build it out of walnut or at least a stronger piece of wood pine has to be the worst one but nice job

  • Spiz D
    Spiz D

    You're not even country at all should change your name pussy

  • amicidavinci

    Do y'all think a steel tube driveshaft would stay put being that far out of balance? (I wouldn't try it without a driveshaft safety shroud.) Try using a real good hardwood like Ash (baseball bats) and turn it on a lathe until you get a perfect fit in your end tubes. Gorilla glue & bolts were very good.

  • Retrogamer1010

    Did you even phase the ends? Basic driveshaft tec I've shortened a few over the years and didn't even need a rebalance.

  • brandon Cherry
    brandon Cherry

    need to use bowdark or hardwood..

  • Wanja Schonecke
    Wanja Schonecke

    wood and epoxy? :)

  • landau46t

    And here’s me thinking you were going to turn it down on a lathe...

  • Ethan Mathias
    Ethan Mathias

    Try a fiberglass one

  • Boys Rback
    Boys Rback

    Use heart wood oak,Hickory,ash or any other hard wood center grain then turn it. Their is a reason pine is not used for baseball bats,sledge and regular hammer handles why? strength!!

  • Joni English
    Joni English

    MAYBE choose a Different WOOD Plywood or a HARDWOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOD is Very Strong !!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks what Happens to a CAR hits a TREE !!! Car Splits in Half and Tree is still there - INTACT

  • harleycharley

    So much for "pound for pound, wood is stronger than steel" Yeah right!

  • fernando

    You gotta wrap the wood with steel or heavily reinforce it

    • fernando

      @Joshua Pierre 😆 did not notice that till now

    • Joshua Pierre
      Joshua Pierre

      your dad shoulda wrapped it, jk jk I just had to say it.

  • Sound_trick_clique Stc
    Sound_trick_clique Stc

    Try another one lol

  • GOLF super sound Mix ööö
    GOLF super sound Mix ööö


  • Yuck Foutube
    Yuck Foutube

    That is not a mullet Cleetus. You have to have at least three inches for it to be classed as a mullet, smh.

  • Jake MacDonald
    Jake MacDonald

    3d printed drive shaft

  • username username
    username username


  • anthonygrasso117

    Should have used beach wood

  • Apaulo Thegreat
    Apaulo Thegreat

    I'm not even going to watch this video you wouldn't head wouldn't you Wooden Nickel what the hell are you thinking are you on prescription medication Sun