*Wears AirPod Pros Once*
The AirPod God is back and he still can't hear you.
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  • Saikubo

    Bro the part at the end was real in my eyes lmao

  • t3chhh

    Does this dude remind anyone else of that Tevin dude from I Love You Man?

  • Lettuce In Yo Burger
    Lettuce In Yo Burger

    the people who use Any airpods they can't afford the wire

  • Gingerjesus Films
    Gingerjesus Films


  • Ethan Heatherington
    Ethan Heatherington

    No one: Literally no one: My friend with his new pros enters my house: YOOOOOO I CANT BE HERE, u have galaxy pods

  • Henry Romero-Ortega
    Henry Romero-Ortega

    Trevor: Samsung Galaxy Buds are 🅱️roke earbuds. Samsung: Hold my Buds.

  • Dee Woods
    Dee Woods

    The funny thing about the broke part, a lot of broke people have ear pods. LMAO the priorities.

  • O O
    O O

    *drinks oat milk once*

  • B.E.J Productions
    B.E.J Productions

    *I Can’t Hear You* Paper And Pen: Allow Us To Introduce ourselves

  • Aman Khan
    Aman Khan

    I died at 3:38

  • Bastien Levesque
    Bastien Levesque

    When he said hey siri my phone went on

  • Shane H
    Shane H

    Was that big head from Silicon Valley at the end

  • Bushcrafter Outdoors
    Bushcrafter Outdoors

    The beginning kills me every time😂👌

  • Colin Glasbergen
    Colin Glasbergen

    Whahahahahha i love this video, beacause ive got them buy myself

  • marc30599

    the pros look ugly, I will still act boujie in my regular airpods muahhh!

  • Daniel Dimas
    Daniel Dimas

    3.3k ppl still on their old airpods

  • Code

    As a Samsung fan I lolled so hard at 3:49

  • Cordell Erskine
    Cordell Erskine

    Soundcore airs were before airpod pros

  • Justin

    Poverty Pods

  • Treason

    i’m done, he said hey siri what time is it and siri answered for me

  • Erik Vank
    Erik Vank

    These jokes are on another fucking level

  • Tragicsoap

    When he said hey siri what time is it my fkn Siri went off I died

  • Gaby Officer
    Gaby Officer

    “The noise is canceled. So are deaf people.”

  • Komal Bharti
    Komal Bharti

    Apple should hire you

  • Hayden Cohn
    Hayden Cohn

    I love how he says your gonna wake up with androids in your stockings like please give me the superior phone

  • joshua hand
    joshua hand

    Sennheiser baby

  • Luke Schofield
    Luke Schofield

    4:43 so noise cancelling doesn't work haha

  • Mohit T
    Mohit T

    Watching with pros on.

  • J Gore
    J Gore

    Galaxy buds are better

  • Alfred Santiogo
    Alfred Santiogo

    I post mated chick fil a on a Sunday lol

  • NeXeR

    0:17 is that Austin Evans?

  • [TKW]SpaceTyperTM

    when people see people wearing airpods gen 1: they have airpods in they can't hear us people wearing airpods pro: i see a mouth moving but no sound who muted the TV

  • P.C. Gameplay
    P.C. Gameplay

    This is such a first world problem

  • Michael Lyric (Miguelito)
    Michael Lyric (Miguelito)

    Dude that was absolutely hilarious! Funny guy 👌

  • Emily Hu
    Emily Hu

    When he said hi siri my siri activated hahaha

  • minineyrab12 neyrab12
    minineyrab12 neyrab12

    I’m just gonna say in the beginning he has his AirPods are in the wrong ears

  • Eddie 4X Pharo
    Eddie 4X Pharo

    Oops I'm rich again hahahahaha subscribed after that

  • Benjamin Szemok
    Benjamin Szemok

    If there was new devil wears prada movie this should be one of the characters big time lmao

  • Devon Warwick
    Devon Warwick

    When he asked Siri what time it my Siri respond

  • Justin Clemmer
    Justin Clemmer

    Unless im dumb i cant tell if the ending is real or not