What's inside the Senate's massive coronavirus relief bill?
CBS This Morning
The Senate has reached a bipartisan agreement on a historic relief package for those suffering the economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. The massive bill includes $2 trillion for workers and businesses, as well as people who have already lost their jobs. Nancy Cordes breaks down the contents of the massive stimulus bill.

  • james fiaco
    james fiaco

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  • Judy

    You aren't a good conversationalist. Do something else.

  • Just Passing Through
    Just Passing Through

    And if you owe back child support dont even bother looking for a check.

  • I'll fight u in Comments
    I'll fight u in Comments

    This is just *borrowing YOUR OWN MONEY*

  • Rick Park
    Rick Park

    American politicians will continue to borrow money and increase the national debt until we become the next Greece and your $100 bill can鈥檛 even buy a loaf of bread.

  • Rick Park
    Rick Park

    Democrats in Congress stalled the bill to add pay raises, ...for congress. The American republic will stand until congress realizes it can bribe the people, with the people鈥檚 own money.

  • Gabe Floyd
    Gabe Floyd

    "Big" "Quick" Omfg shut up with the buzzwords.

  • Gabe Floyd
    Gabe Floyd

    "Money is the answer" Bring on the nukes ya nut.

  • Quoai Tran
    Quoai Tran

    1200? There's still evictions and cut off services if legislators don't make it a law for now.

  • Paul de Roulet
    Paul de Roulet

    Okay, diverting $24,000,000.00 to the N.Y. opera house is going to help me to feed my children. Cannot even tell you how much I hate politicians.

  • AMC2283

    that $2 trillion they want to dole out should fill you with disgust--that's the amount they robbed from the Pentagon just before 9/11.

  • blakwolf37

    bunch of pork snuck in by democrats ...holding americans hostage to get money for BS, endowment for the arts, and BS like a washington theater really?

  • Peewee0413

    page 518 on the boeing bailout states no buybacks. page 519 gives the right to waive such restriction.

  • Busy Worx
    Busy Worx

    Inside the "Senate's massive bill"馃槀 Forget about the House

  • Mike Johnson
    Mike Johnson


  • gingerville 8
    gingerville 8

    Nancy Pelosi got 25 million for the Kennedy Center 馃う

    • Robin Twilla
      Robin Twilla

      gingerville 8 I know I had to block someone on fb she was trying to be fb police. If I want to post the truth that should be my progative. These people are insane

    • gingerville 8
      gingerville 8

      @Robin Twilla your welcome, I gave up trying to convince Democrats, they don't want to listen, they listen to the lies on main stream media and believe it with all their hearts. Good luck to you darling 馃槅

    • Robin Twilla
      Robin Twilla

      gingerville 8 thank you

    • gingerville 8
      gingerville 8

      Page 722 apps.npr.org/documents/document.html?id=6819239-FINAL-FINAL-CARES-ACT

    • Robin Twilla
      Robin Twilla

      gingerville 8 please post where that is in this bill I want to prove this to a bunch of democrates

  • laura lpez
    laura lpez

    Franklin D. Roosevelt proclam贸 una ley llamada Glass-Steagall (por el senador y congresista que la impulsaron), que consist铆a b谩sicamente en la total separaci贸n de los bancos de ahorro y los de inversi贸n. Es decir, los bancos normales no pod铆an especular con el dinero de los clientes, y los bancos de inversi贸n no pod铆an actuar como bancos de dep贸sito. De ese modo se garantizaban los dep贸sitos de los clientes, ya que su dinero no saldr铆a de all铆. Roosevelt lo dej贸 bastante claro: 芦Prefiero rescatar a los que producen alimentos que a los que producen miseria禄. La ley se aprob贸 en 1934 y, a partir de ese a帽o, la econom铆a estadounidense comenz贸 a crecer y desarrollarse para convertirse en la primera econom铆a mundial.

  • Average Joe78
    Average Joe78

    Thanks Democrats for adding 75 MILLION dollars to NPR television that's really important right now 馃が

  • Tom Campbell
    Tom Campbell

    In case you wanted to know where what your tax money is paying for鈥 In this bill is 25 Million Dollars that will go to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts鈥

  • Web Surfin
    Web Surfin

    Pelosi, Schumer, & the Washington DC "elite" Democrats are LOOTING America through this bill as America's citizens are crying for help! Thank God for President Trump's STRONG & very STEADY LEADERSHIP! MAGA 2020!!!! The mainstream media IS.... the PRAVDA-PROSTITUTE for the DNC!!!

  • Larry Myers
    Larry Myers

    People like me that's been unemployed for months....if we don't get some financial relief the I'll be GOD DAMN if trump will get my vote again

  • D Me
    D Me

    Since Repugnants are always bitching about "big government", don't give those hypocrites any $$. Let's see how they react to THAT!

  • May Ariani
    May Ariani

    YT CCP=Red Dragon-Satan YT CCP=Red Dragon-Satan

  • Arizona Sky
    Arizona Sky

    Yeah it's only money after filing taxes for 2020! Liars!

  • Elihu 37
    Elihu 37

    Event 201

  • Bryan7119

    Even under normal circumstances, most congressional members still do not read any bills in their entirety.

  • MisterE Raps Dali Lama
    MisterE Raps Dali Lama

    Just make sure that money reaches every American, there are a lot of people who work under the table

  • kidwave1

    What does one TRILLION dollars look like? ussofts.info/hd/video/tqzScabOsoPJgWU


    The demos have added so much pork to the bill the republicans don't have time to read it,I smell pelosi!

  • Blirdy

    -- "The $2-trillion stimulus bill is expected to include direct payments of $1,200 or less to most adults..." Who is MOST ADULTS? -- "by expanding those covered to include people who were furloughed, gig workers and freelancers, and by increasing the payments by $600 per week for four months on top of what states provide as a base unemployment compensation." So technically your EMPLOYER can DENY you this benefit? If you are FIRED for 'MISCONDUCT'? Los Angeles Times, March 25, 2020. Deal reached on $2-trillion coronavirus stimulus bill - largest by far in U.S. history

  • David Stutz
    David Stutz

    Get in line and wait your turn.

  • Shake&Bake

    How can people blame Trump when the Senators can't even seem to get a damn thing done. It was all the rage for awhile. Now it's just a cop out.

  • Ralph Sims
    Ralph Sims

    The fact that the DEMS held it up just so they could take advantage of a crisis to get their 鈥渨ish list鈥 included is DESPICABLE

    • PoisonTheWell

      That's not even what happened. You're trying to spread fake news to push a political agenda. You're basically the worst kind of American.

  • Ankit Patel
    Ankit Patel

    They are trying to tell people what they want to hear not the truth. They bailed out the rich and government employees who have jobs. Also, Senates and some people in the government are making millions on inside information. Trump has a close door meetings with investors yesterday it wasn't about the virus. They left millions jobless. These rats don't care about the people and they are the VIRUS. Wait for the unemployment rate

  • Darth Palp
    Darth Palp

    That鈥檚 so sad that money has to be the answer here.

  • Judy

    Why is schumer up there running his mouth like he's done something?

    • PoisonTheWell

      @Judy they all got raises dipshit. Republicans and Democrats alike. That's why they all came out smiling and happy. You're politically bias and that's why you come off so stupid. You dont care to see the truth for what it is. You want to believe "YOUR SIDE " is right. Even as Reps and Dems both get rich off the backs of hardworking americans. But go off sis. 馃檮

    • Judy

      You poor soul. I know they did, but the reason that "jack" was a major part of the impeachment of our President and not only that their was a 20mil dollar raise slipped in there for the Dems. Do your homework. 馃

    • PoisonTheWell

      @Judy explain what? Both parties made a deal to get this done. It wasnt one side or the other. How are you this stupid? 馃槀 every one of your comments are complete nonsense.

    • Judy

      How would you like to explain what. Some people are smarter than others.

    • peerpdiepie


  • Shojogurlp

    What they don't tell you is that we'll have to be the ones to pay all of this money back on our taxes.

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith

    So! Pelosi packed the bill with pork for the rich- 35 million for The Kennedy Center??? Do we all get free season tickets?? WTF DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH THE CHINA馃??

  • John Enterkin
    John Enterkin

    This be will be more damaging then good when its all said and done.

  • Paul Cook
    Paul Cook

    why are you giveing kennedy center $24 millon for?

  • Paul Cook
    Paul Cook

    people on social security want to know if they are getting a check dont just say most adults

  • Cabeza de Verga
    Cabeza de Verga

    The only thing they can agree on is how many standing ovations to give the Israeli Prime Minister. Now let's print money and inflate the currency, because we don't just give our people money, we give that to Israel. They will pay this back with inflation and tax in time. Here we are working for the system that was supposed to work for us, as always... Then you got these jerks who wouldn't even vote to give the people money at all unless they could sneak in something they wanted. Have to earn that donor money! It's time people open their eyes.

  • Powers Evans
    Powers Evans

    Wait wait wait wait wait, what do you mean by the senators won't be able to read it until they pass it? I'm not saying this bill is good or bad, I just feel like the senators should know what they're passing before they pass it.

  • Anti-Nihilist _
    Anti-Nihilist _

    Hope the stimulus doesn't pass. Stop wasting tax payer dollars. People will need help but not from the government

  • Nick Sieber
    Nick Sieber

    Gov: Sign here and you get $1200! Me: What's in this 1400 page document that I'm signing? Gov: Do you want $1200 or not? JUST SIGN IT!!!

    • coming storm
      coming storm

      It's more like, "Put this chip in your hand or forehead so that you can access the digital money we are giving you."

  • Scott Smith
    Scott Smith

    328 million people in USA (men women and children) x $1200.00 = 396 billion. Do you think there is a chance they will make a copy available for download so we can see where the 1.2 trillion is going.

  • Bri Will
    Bri Will

    you would think they would try to help out people who receive government assistance but nope instead the rich take advantage of this chaos to launder more money in the form of (helping) americans

  • Chris Mas
    Chris Mas

    House of representatives must have put alot of nonessential attachments to the bill, causing a delay for passage in senate. I can't wait to read it and ask who made the ridiculous attachments.

  • Are See
    Are See

    I certainly don't trust the Dumocrats at all but I have no real trust for Mitch McConnell or most of the rest of the Repugnants. Both these fake professional political parties have for the last 30 years simply betrayed the welfare of the American people and sold the country out to China. Both are the problem and neither has a solution.

  • BroMz Mz
    BroMz Mz

    Hello , this movie explain how to stop the next pandemic. ussofts.info/hd/video/qofKgMveyJ6XfW0

  • pushy sniff3r
    pushy sniff3r

    Now the way i heard it this virus was created by Sadam Hussein in baby incubators he had recently obtained while simultaneously hide his WMD's and leprechauns pot of gold. He then had the Easter bunny AND Santa transport the virus to China riding on Chubracabras. Then David Hogg and. Robbie Parker from Sandy Hook witnessed the first patients being brought to the ER.... where they mutated into the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters. But luckily the doctors had proton packs and defeated it. . True story

  • High Mountain Fishing
    High Mountain Fishing

    Americans Workers DON'T HOLD YOUR BREATH ! ! ! We Will NOT GET HELP ! ! !

  • Mike Breler
    Mike Breler

    What a greedy bunch of self serving provisions in this relief package! The government wants to give money only to businesses and individual tax payers so that they can get resume paying taxes once they get back on their feet. But hey if you're not paying taxes or if you owe IRS taxes (never mind that you likely can't pay or are uncollectible due to poverty), or are getting minimum social security and depend on food banks and/or food stamp cards to eat; well then you don't get the benefits of the safety net. You can just lose your tiny apartment and join the homeless. You can deal with the higher food prices with what little money you have to buy food since all the grocery stores will once again jack up prices knowing everyone will have cash in their wallets. But not you the really poor with a higher percentage of suicidal tendencies as it is; No you can just die we don't care cause you don't pay taxes and therefore cannot be considered an American citizen. The government might consider giving you a one time tax break for your funeral expenses if you die during the emergency window of time! But hey if the state just cremates you cause there is no money in your "estate" to pay for a funeral, well then you won't qualify.

  • Miguel Montoya
    Miguel Montoya

    Are we still getting two checks or just one now?

  • Christopher Hierl
    Christopher Hierl

    CORONA see what Trump says about the Corona outbreak: raboninco.com/2FiT


    Pelosi proposal would ban corporations receiving coronavirus aid from lobbying

  • Mathew Music
    Mathew Music

    God is the answer!!!! Money is the root of all evil.

    • john mayer
      john mayer

      that comment has never made sense to me, the rapist is driven by money?

  • Andyman34

    They need to pass the bill

  • Matt Urban
    Matt Urban

    The Democrat party should have been dissolved and outlawed after the Civil War. They were evil then and they are evil now.

  • TacoTacoTacoTaco

    Americans and businesses need money to keep our economy afloat? Better make your own party go back on their revisions and hold the entire country hostage over some windmills.

  • Chodey Won kenobe
    Chodey Won kenobe

    Tax payers will foot this bill as well

  • Fact Checker
    Fact Checker

    I LOVE how these progressive liberal tools shove that 800 deaths number out there like it's the end of the world!!!!! ........ When in fact THEY and THEIR party are DIRECTLY responsible for over 800,000 deaths in the US last year alone!!!!!! ........ And unlike a virus EVERY single one was 100% preventable!!!!! ......... But liberals don't even think twice about murdering 800,000 babies!!!!!

  • Angela Owens
    Angela Owens

    It鈥檚 still all politics. Congress has deeply disappointed the American people. Nothing should be in this bill unless it is directly related to the pandemic. How is bailing out the airlines part of the pandemic? Last time I looked most airlines were posting PROFITS in the millions!

  • Roddny Jones
    Roddny Jones

    Pestilence is one of the major signs of the end times馃棧馃寠馃尓馃尒 Keep in in Prayer馃檹馃様

  • Mack Darwinian
    Mack Darwinian

    Oh cool! Another method for the rich to get richer and the poor get poorer.

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    World of Drawing 毓丕賱賲 丕賱乇爻賲

    ussofts.info/hd/video/24y2iqqbsICckoo Corona threatens the lives of millions 馃槩 馃槩 Covid-19

  • Dcenteio

    The Bible teaches how God will resolve all our problems that human government cannot. It explains how rebellion introduced suffering and raised a universal issue that is being resolved once for all time in our day. It answers all the tough questions. Please visit the non commercial website JW.org for free downloadable bible study aids and more. There鈥檚 nothing to lose. Our creator really does care about us, and will restore his original purpose shortly. Daniel <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="164">2:44</a>, Rev <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1263">21:3</a>-5

  • Mykola Rieland
    Mykola Rieland

    Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel Wisdom begins in wonder

  • Olde Grunt
    Olde Grunt

    LOL, we have to pass the law in order to know what's in it...

  • Wood Peck
    Wood Peck

    How is property tax in other states? CA REFUSED to fix the law demanding city property taxes be cut back for a while (yes it鈥檚 a STATE) law. So everyone makes sacrifices except the government. So many get a paid vacation from us while we have to figure out how not to lose everything. This is no different than looting and robbing innocent people during disaster. Only people paid should be most police), fire, ambulance. Everyone else should get a cut, because we are all in this together.

  • J. Lee
    J. Lee

    700 Billion dollar Tax-Break for the Wealthy & Corporations, 2 Trillion for the Virus Victims ("and hidden others)... and here I thought it was the GOP that hated SPENDING, Handouts, Freebies? THAT IS SOCIALISM people, but only for the Wealthy - the ones who do the actual work, suffer with lousy pay and get disrespect as a bonus, will always (because of the GOP) we FU*KED!

  • Andrew Gocken
    Andrew Gocken

    Ha,ha,ha really? This should be good. Come on don't just say it and walk away. Let's see you guy take it all back from the government. For 1 you're not smart enough. Look at the Dems for instance, DIVERSITY!!!! 1st woman, first, asian, etc. They're gonna vote for an old, rich, white guy. See how they slid that by ya. They are there and you are there because they are smarter, they are rich and you are poor because they are smarter. They make the rules and you follow them because they are smarter. They do as they want you do as your told because they are smarter. Stop kidding yourselves. It make them look smarter.

  • Lisa Mills
    Lisa Mills

    So I am on disability and totally understand why I would not get any money. My neighbors which have 3 kids, they both are still working and they will get 2400.00 plus 500.00 per kid? I don't get it.

  • J. Lee
    J. Lee

    "I want YOU TO DIE for our ECONOMY - Open America Today." This is what DJT will ACTUALLY be saying to you, America, no matter what lies and moronic garbage you hear from his mouth-hole. PS: This STIMULUS PACKAGE, is actually SOCIALISM - so, frightened and upset Republikkklans should return their checks... but they won't, because they've been schooled in HYPOCRISY, by the GOP!

  • Kirby Little
    Kirby Little

    But, if you couldn't afford to file your tax returns....you're not getting a check. You know...the people who need it the most.

  • Chang Ly
    Chang Ly

    The money it good to help out people staying home and the government also suspend on rent too that most expensive thing is rent should be suspend for now people cant afford that dnt government know that or think of that omg now they wait for Congress to pass bill on money wtf dnt they see what going now omg

  • Sydney Austin
    Sydney Austin

    All this talkn just vote!..All this media Flame Fanning! BS'n... Why do you never Report the RECOVERY Cases!.. Media Panic Play..

  • David

    The nephilim reptilians have hi tech holographic type stuff that masks their true appearance . Some type of liquid crystal projection . WATCH OUT 馃毃馃毃馃毃馃毃馃毃馃毃馃敟

  • Jakob Stagg
    Jakob Stagg

    Money for the airlines? They quickly brought the disease to the world. They should be eliminated entirely.

  • Slade Baker
    Slade Baker

    If anyone cares about the world then please watch my video upload and share it