White House, Democrats Reach Agreement on Virus Stimulus Plan
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Mar.25 -- The White House reached a deal with Senate Democrats and Republicans on a $2 trillion stimulus plan to respond to the economic shock of the coronavirus outbreak. Bloomberg’s Derek Wallbank reports on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East.”

  • Gucci Mane
    Gucci Mane


  • shonz88

    Saturday Night Live used to refer to the Clintons as “Corrupt murderers, selling the country to the Chinese”. SNL used to call Hillary, “That corrupt, lying b!tch who murders people”. After the liberal movement, now she is the savior and Republicans are satan. Google/USsofts it... #facts

  • Technicolor-mom

    So basically this was clickbait

  • john kennedy
    john kennedy

    New Zealand initiates level 4 Lockdown. Covid Cases: 200 United States “ Let’s re-open the economy.” Covid cases: 51,000

  • ss wsp
    ss wsp

    America virus

  • Suh Steven
    Suh Steven

    Well. It is weird that people in America are infecting and dying by coronavirus, but stock index keeps raising up and up due to helicopter money.. See! United States is not democracy but plutocracy at all. As long as stock market restores, no doubt about Trump re-election! The world will be more painful even rather than coronavirus catastrophe!!!

  • Fraps 4dinner
    Fraps 4dinner

    ok and on once again to another video that actually gives me some information

  • Jenny Titus
    Jenny Titus

    So wait, the government was sitting on a trillion dollars while so many Americans were in need ?????

  • kidwave1

    What does one TRILLION dollars look like? ussofts.info/hd/video/tqzScabOsoPJgWU

  • crash override
    crash override

    What shit coverage

  • Sean

    Jesus , so many crybabies in the comments . The govt could give out $3000 and people will still find a way to complain . We live in a country of opportunity people , maybe this is a wake up call to make something of yourself and create a legacy by starting your own business . Instead of crying and crossing your fingers the govt will give you a handout , take some initiative and manifest some wealth in your life , instead of simply crying 😢 and waiting for a measly check in the mail

  • camaro rider
    camaro rider

    pelosi and chuck need to go.

    • Chelsea Runyan
      Chelsea Runyan

      Trump needs to be voted out!!!

  • T M
    T M

    Balanced Federal Budget and Revenue Neutral?

  • Andrew Roman
    Andrew Roman

    The pay for politicians should be no more than 60000 thousand a year

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  • Raji Abdul Shabaaz Abbar
    Raji Abdul Shabaaz Abbar

    Black women gonna buy weave 🐴 with their $1000 Korean stores are waiting!!

  • Justus Americans
    Justus Americans

    extra 600 dollars per week plus unemployment for 4 months ussofts.info/hd/video/xn_Ia6mX3KiymZg

  • PoohTrippy


  • Lying Eyes
    Lying Eyes

    Oh boy these ppl are in the news business? Trump said a large portion of the country that doesn’t have a problem. Obviously not the infested areas like New York.

  • Untainted Indigo
    Untainted Indigo

    The virus haven’t killed 65 mil as we expected to so, we gonna stimulated. Maybe tweak it a little so, I’ll do a good job the next time.

  • Average User
    Average User

    The last bill would of gave every American 1,200 dollars and an extra 500 per child. Sounds like this new bill is only for people laid off. If that's the case, Chucky and Piglosi really fucked it up for a lot of people in need too.

  • iiBleedReality

    Does anyone know how funds will be determined for babies who were born in 2020? If they use our 2019 tax returns, the babies won't be on there.

  • Wrek100

    What kind of dumpster fire is this? Bait and switch with a click bait headline?

  • Smug Smugly
    Smug Smugly

    You can bet Nasty Nancy will put a stop to it today, she proably wants money put in to feed homeless cats, or some other nonsense.

  • Ben Hodge
    Ben Hodge

    People who lost their jobs and paid taxes should get it. Thats it. People still working/ on wellfare should not. Solved.

  • Ronnie Carroll
    Ronnie Carroll

    Yeah... the businesses amd friends get more money than the American People. What a lie and a scam

  • Mark Freedman
    Mark Freedman

    "The White House and US Senate leaders reached a deal early Wed 3 25 20 on a massive $ 2 trillion stimulus bill TO COMBAT the ECONOMIC IMPACT" of ( the Wuhan China originated ) Coronavirus ( Covid-19 global ) pandemic." ( CNBC ) In other words, as Bubba Clinton would say: “This, BUD, AIN’T for you, its for the ECONOMY, STUPID !”

  • Chris Sparks
    Chris Sparks

    I heard non essential workers who have to stay home, get a free check from the government.....but people who work essential jobs, don't get shit, and still have to go to work regardless. If that's the case, then I'm going to be actively seeking out the Coronavirus, just to get that check. Because that's extremely fucked up to ONLY give money to people who have non essential jobs!!

  • Charles Chin
    Charles Chin

    print more dollars.

  • James Brasher
    James Brasher

    Pelosi's bill had passafiers ,dildos and anal beads for all liberals in it

  • Avatar Productions
    Avatar Productions

    Even the title of this video is bullshit Bloomberg is full of it

  • Neural Stimulus Recordings
    Neural Stimulus Recordings

    Don't Fear Donald Trump Is Here To Save You! ussofts.info/hd/video/m5ysbLyrmm2bd44

  • Neural Stimulus Recordings
    Neural Stimulus Recordings

    Don't Fear Donald Trump Is Here To Save You! ussofts.info/hd/video/m5ysbLyrmm2bd44

  • willie buck
    willie buck

    Trash news

  • Mark Wood
    Mark Wood

    Help us mr. president govner Wolfe is talking our guns...help us man, hes walking all over a constitution as if it don't exist...arrest him now


      At least you don't live in Philly, kenney is even a bigger idiot than wolfe.

  • Mark Wood
    Mark Wood

    Mr. President, governor wolfe is taking guns illegally...stop him. Hes a known vomiting commie. Hes a law breaking sob.

  • Bush 2018
    Bush 2018


  • Patty Dehaan
    Patty Dehaan

    This will go back to the House of Representatives and watch that wicked witch from California princess Pelosi screw it up. There's a hell waiting for that b**** is she and her daughter gladly right there. I don't give a damn about Americans because they are getting their big fancy paychecks and all their perks still and that is the reason why politicians are crooked. I think during the next Crisis there ought to be a law that forbids politicians from drawing paycheck in Washington then and only then will you see things getting done

  • Jeremy Winston
    Jeremy Winston

    Click bait

  • mweads62

    Why isn't Trump dead yet....

    • D S
      D S

      More like the anti-Christ

    • ForsakenConstitution

      Because he is the Messiah lmao

  • Michael Newell
    Michael Newell

    Well one thing we know for sure ? Trump can read ? a teleprompter. Do you feel safer now? Trump has received the antivirus and coronavirus test. Have you? Do you know where even to get them? Have you tried to make a call and find out where you can get one? I bet you like me a lot of you have and cannot get an answer. What a White House? We are in great hands?

  • HumbleBee ASMR
    HumbleBee ASMR

    So approximately $1,500.00 per each taxpayer, $3,000.00 for people who filed joint on their taxes and an additional $500 per child , maximum $1,500 per child which is subject to change. From what I read on the stimulus package. Beginning the first 2 weeks of April people should start seeing direct deposits or checks depending on how they filed their taxes.

    • ForsakenConstitution

      $1200 per is the last I heard. $1500 sounds better lol.

  • CrackheadMagician

    Gonna spend every cent on onlyfans 😛

    • Michael Elam
      Michael Elam

      CrackheadMagician go purchase the real thing and quit being a simp

  • Lauri Pfeifer
    Lauri Pfeifer

    Why does our government have to cut "deals" to protect the Country and Citizens? Could it be because our politicians are bleeping HEINOUS?! Heinous: (of a person or wrongful act, especially a crime) utterly odious or wicked.

  • Lavar Master Ball
    Lavar Master Ball

    Can I get mine in bitcoin instead

  • Zissou Moonshot
    Zissou Moonshot

    Our president is a moron. On behalf of all Americans, I apologize to the rest of the world.

  • Wayne Brock
    Wayne Brock

    With out people having money to spend all these businesses will falter again, and we will be in the same boat in a year. Put money into peoples hands so products sell, and no one goes without. #UBI

  • Scribbly

    They have to make an agreement to save their country. Wow....

  • Nalanease Foods
    Nalanease Foods

    We are one more stimulus package away from destroying the world economy. I would say 5-8 years.

  • craig combelic
    craig combelic

    You put your right foot in, you take your foot out, you wag your tounge and only bull s--- comes out, why are we pissed? by now you should know what it's all about !!! You need to put your hokey where your pokey is! (Oh and please grow a pair, Thank You.)

  • WetBob SpongePants
    WetBob SpongePants

    What the U.S. needs right now is reliable, trustworthy, competent leadership. The Gov. of N.Y. is doing what trump is incapable of doing and he's doing it in spades. If someone should be Pres. it's Cuomo. **LISTEN to trump and DIE! Listen to Cuomo and LIVE!**....You choose people.

    • Glenn

      WBSP..you are an idiot


    Its the new age people you want church do a televised church or FaceTime but stay on lockdown until this has reached its end

  • Veronica Zawodniak
    Veronica Zawodniak

    THEY NEED TO STOP PAYING THE OUR GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS!!! Until we receive our stimulus checks and they are cashed. Our politicians are not hurting right now not the way everyday citizens are. I'm disabled we're under self quarantine I have nothing in my fridge nothing where's my congressperson!!! Again I am so ashamed to be a Democrat right now! I'm 😷. Have no food in my Fridge. For Shame on the US government shame on you. No lifetime political positions. I'm doing a crisis at the American people are suffering Congress and the Senators need to not take a paycheck! "YOU GREEDY ASSHOLES!' President Trump isn't taking a paycheck! Where in the world crisis your voters are suffering! I called one of our Senators and one of our congressman who I know in Arizona. He's a Democrat I'm a Democrat and all I got was a run around. I've been a Democrat since I was 19 and I'm in my fifties. if I live through this b******* I will never vote Democrat again

  • Bobby Glander
    Bobby Glander

    Just give me 2 million and ill forgive the 🇺🇸 for giving me this life :)

  • savage justice death bolt
    savage justice death bolt

    Get to actually facts not bullshit!

  • Kevin RAAAMAGE
    Kevin RAAAMAGE

    Get these people out of here. No more career politicians! All these people want to do is play politics while people are dying. And these people have the audacity to cry from their mansions because they had to fire their cook and now are stuck cooking their own food. You all have failed the American people. You think this is all a game of chess, but for us. IT'S OUR LIVES, THIS ISN'T A GAME.

  • CaliforniaUSA ResidentalMindset
    CaliforniaUSA ResidentalMindset

    F the lazy news. Get some real work done and quit lagging

  • Ken B
    Ken B

    Nice to see they finally got together on the stimulus bill. I doubt everyone is happy but will at least be a help to those people in need even though it is a short term fix. I doubt I will receive anything but if I do I am going to turn every penny over to as many homeless veterans as I can find in this small town I reside in.


      Are you trying to say couldn't care less? I think you're saying the opposite of what you mean. It's couldn't care less.

    • you are domb
      you are domb

      Those large corporations employ thousands of workers and if they didnt get funds then they would have to cut jobs. Keep in mind that a lot of these companies are suffering because of government measures against corona. Also the Bill helps everyone, helping small businesses and individuals was included in the original deal

    • Vegeta Is Better Than Goku
      Vegeta Is Better Than Goku

      It would be fair to give everyone a share whether they need it or not they are taking a huge hit too. The bigger the company the bigger the loss and that leads to lay-offs, pay decrease, cut hours and worst of all total economic inflation. Again if they need it or not they will make that money back and it’s just going to hurt the consumers and employees far worse in the long run. They are pigs but Trumps right on that aspect, without reimbursing them their loss just like everyone else, the economy will go in the toilet. Trump is treating the economy like a business right now and that’s what it is. You gotta think in future tense and think of the long game here.

  • David Beppler
    David Beppler

    No money for businesses! Govt supporting businesses with TAX PAYER MONEY is SOCIALISM! Let them fail. Only give people money. We will not buy stock with it!

    • Glenn

      Beppler...You are an idiot

  • Wayne Brock
    Wayne Brock

    This agreement is a slap in the face to every US citizen. one time payment of $1200.00 while state and local government gets 150 billion and hospital aid only 100 billion,and big business bailed out again with even bigger numbers. what a crock of B.S ... Makes me sad to be an american.

    • Nevaeh Jenkins
      Nevaeh Jenkins

      Citizen not everyone the only ones who will get a check is taxpayers laid off because of this small business to help pay for medicine in find a cure in small business to help pay there employees the whole time

    • Easton M
      Easton M

      It is bs, these companies should be held accountable for their actions or go belly up. We have a few bad weeks and they want everything and the kitchen sink. Have an emergency fund you idiot's.

    • Tanasha Brown
      Tanasha Brown

      @Vegeta Is Better Than Goku were you get $5,000 from?

    • just enough
      just enough

      It's time we realize that we are slaves to the zionist

    • Vegeta Is Better Than Goku
      Vegeta Is Better Than Goku

      You guys aren’t thinking of the future. $5,000 might help you now but even that won’t mean squat once the larger corporations and small businesses alike take this huge hit. Think of the outcome.... first there will be a huge inflation to the price of practically everything, than you’ll have massive lay-offs and unemployment will sky rocket, and if not lay-offs hours will be cut across the board, there will be massive pay decreases and small businesses will be shut down and can’t recover. What good is that money if you can’t find a job for years?? These corporations are greedy and they WILL make that money up either from the government or the workforce and the everyday consumer. Think of the long haul, it sucks to think of giving those rich pricks even more money but if we don’t it will have long term consequences that will hurt the everyday American. The bigger the company the bigger the loss so they WILL make that up trust me.

  • death pandemic
    death pandemic

    tlaib put forth a brilliant idea that would bail out the people of this country. naturally the establishment stopped arguing almost instantly over partisan pork to ensure they get big business as much money as possible before the people expect direct help in this time of crisis. expect a bill that supports the wealthy while leaving the rest of us disappointed and long term wiping out our savings, and driving us into debt.

  • Valerie Price
    Valerie Price

    I checked Asia an hour ago and it was all green. Covid is another run of the mill novel Corona virus, a hospital acquired infection in the vast majority of cases, with negligible mortality among age groups below 70 years old, and only about 3.4% in 79 and up age group. Covid 19 is well within averages for seasonal Flu-like illnesses. Novel Corona viruses are identified all the time. This one appears to have been handy for HOLDING THE WORLD HOSTAGE for a 4 TRILLION DOLLAR RANSOM. The US and Italy were on the brink of DEFAULT. Bank owned global media has been spreading fear porn to panic the public. Businesses shut down because their credit froze up. This is a FIASCO. of EPIC proportions, and the fault lies with CDC for going along to get along, hoping for a budget increase. CDC should be SHUT DOWN! Not one more penny of taxpayer money should go to them. They should have been shouting facts from the housetops. TUBERCULOSIS kills TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE EVERY YEAR. HIV/AIDS KILLS MORE THAN A MILLION A YEAR. MORE THAN 74 MILLION PEOPLE HAVE DIED OF AIDS SINCE IT EMERGED. Priorities people. Get a grip! Covfefe-- Covid February Financial Event. It was all planned in advance, and they don't care who knows.

    • Stevie Rios
      Stevie Rios

      Valerie Price who are you and what do you know

    • Washyourface

      Valerie Price damn you this is so good and so bad I love you but you made me mad

  • Danny Boy
    Danny Boy

    Easter is a pagan holiday but then again you Anglos are pagan.

    • Glenn

      Eat crap Danny Boy

  • a n g e l
    a n g e l

    These politicians don't care about us.. democrats, republicans they only want our vote


    $1200? Should have been $2000 each Adult! Why should corporations keep getting billions and billions over & over again. Hard working people are getting nothing but scraps? Chump change.

    • EEJ EEJ
      EEJ EEJ

      @camaro rider The cruise industry registers as foreign companies to avoid paying US taxes. Now they want US bailout money & are getting it in the Stimulus Bill! Why should they get tax payer money, if they are avoiding paying US taxes?

    • EEJ EEJ
      EEJ EEJ

      @camaro rider The airline industry: $50 bil The private space industry: $5 bil The candy industry: $500 mil The hotel industry: $150 bil The natnl assoc of manufacturing $1.4 tril. If a company can't save money from their last bailout, then they should be replaced by a company that can manage their money better. A company that are not responsible with their money deserve to go under.

    • camaro rider
      camaro rider

      Because without corporations there are no jobs and without no jobs your 2000 will disappear in a month and then you'll be begging for work.


    Worthless individuals and a worthless video.... 😝

  • Jason Cougar
    Jason Cougar

    No what it is is we would rather have covid-19 than a great depression.

    • Yo Mammas Boo
      Yo Mammas Boo

      I'm with that. Theres literally a 98% chance I'll survive if I get Corona but if the economy crashes theres 100% I'm grand level fucked.

  • ben ben
    ben ben

    Hopefully they put a plan in place to take the dotard down! They just can’t go on with this shit show!

  • Roxanne sosa
    Roxanne sosa

    someone really needs to get Nancy pelosi out of office. This female trembles and slurs her words like an alcoholic get her out of the office. she's asking for money for places that have nothing to do with people being infected by the virus she's using this disaster for her own political and personal gain.

  • Will Williams
    Will Williams

    what about the check going out to us

    • ForsakenConstitution

      If you weren't laid off and drawing unemployment due to the virus, I'm afraid that you are going to be shit out of luck.. Pelosi's plan is just that. Trump's plan was to give every citizen worker a check. We should know in the morning what the shitty details will be.

  • Warren Ash
    Warren Ash

    What do you expect from Bloomberg, the King of Fake News!?

  • Boyd Otero
    Boyd Otero

    And here is the latest meeting of the "never have anything good to say malcontents"! Too bad you guys didn't have a voice in the "womb",I would have voted for abortion! But instead we voted for "right to life",and we've been paying for it ever since!

  • eric heine
    eric heine

    All you have to do is misinterpret the bell-shaped curve and you've lost thousands of lives. Part of the problem is knowing the exact time the infection began. Jonas Salk, I wish he was here to school you. Jonas knows what it's like to miss the curve. Eventually he got it right. Best to error on the side of safety. Don't screw this up.

  • Roxanne sosa
    Roxanne sosa

    Okay what is this guy even reporting. I can't believe this reporter actually gets a pay check. Isn't this the same guy who reported fake news during the Trump impeachment trials?


    did they squeeze in a toll road and bridge tax in the covid-19 bill. or maybe the dems and rhinos sold more of our country to china


    Divided and conquered we are.

  • Cowboy

    I will need yo go back to work because i need to money to eat. Not because im comfortable.

  • Xander Frandsen
    Xander Frandsen

    Thank fuck

  • Yoga Mom
    Yoga Mom

    Good. They know we are gonna come for them after all of their corruption. I think we should still overthrow all of them!!!!

    • Micababy Green
      Micababy Green

      I agree

  • Stephen Blankenship
    Stephen Blankenship

    From what I was able to see it said 250 billion to the people. According to google there 209,128,094 adults in the US. So that comes out to less than $120. I hope that’s not accurate because it’s a crock of fucking shit if it is.