Why Sexy Is Sexy
Hank delves into the scientific reasons behind why we are attracted to the people we're attracted to. It's complicated.
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  • Rahul Tripathi
    Rahul Tripathi

    Whhhaaat...how can someone from showbiz can't understand this🤦🏻‍♂️🙄... Being sexy is not about body type, it's about attitude....it's like fashion, changes with time and places...nothing to with body or shape...;)

  • EyesOfTheLion 11
    EyesOfTheLion 11

    There is a lot of unjustified claims made in this video

  • Yash Choudhary
    Yash Choudhary

    So basically u behave on hormones.. That's means something influences u to behave.. That means u don't really have it.. It's just a chemical reaction.. How to go beyond it.. How u ever thought it..

  • hrishikesh ingole
    hrishikesh ingole

    in one video you stated that pheromone in human is not found till now but now in this video you stated that "pheromones change the sexual attractions" It is contradictory

  • Riley Red
    Riley Red

    More like 1970's show girls evolved to look like peacocks

  • Some Random Dancer
    Some Random Dancer

    I like men that breathe.


    Does personality help??

  • Masen S.
    Masen S.

    How does this apply to (binary and non-binary) trans people? Not all of us are on HRT, but some of us are. How does this apply to bisexual and pansexual people? It’d be cool to see an updated video, addressing those questions

  • ShyGuy

    This guy looks like a virgin

  • faith over fear
    faith over fear

    Why then do i have fat around my stomach and everything else is basically unaffected?

  • Brynn Studebaker
    Brynn Studebaker

    I get the distinct feeling that Hank didn’t want to talk about this

  • Phantom 404
    Phantom 404

    I like 'em chunky

  • Artificial Idiot
    Artificial Idiot

    I think everyone is not sexy because if you get too sexy you ugly

  • Zes

    wrg, big shoulx, musx s not manx, just bloatx, cepitx, any be infix man no matter what

  • Ariella Russ
    Ariella Russ

    Why don’t I find anyone attractive? I came here because I wanted to better understand why people say others are sexy but now I’m more confused? How do I know what pheromones I have and how do I find someone with pheromones like mine? Is it like the odor from sweat?

  • puirYorick

    It's Complicated was the title of a 1990s sitcom iirc.

  • alisoncircus

    Watch a video of a peacock flying. That tail ABSOLUTELY tests his strength and health; any dude who can even show up for a date with that big a handicap has got to be /amazing/ and acquiring resources. And if it's not a tattered mess when he does, all the more so.

  • Fiercely Humble
    Fiercely Humble

    I like a woman with a pleasant personality and values personal hygiene. I don't know but if I find a girl attractive and her natural toenails and fingernails are unkept my mind just turn away from her. My Nana says you know how clean a woman is by checking out her toe and fingernails, cause they require time and pride to keep clean and some nasty people don't even bother washing and trimming them and I've unfortunately found it to be true!

  • Zain Ali
    Zain Ali


  • KSWfarms

    Good thing I don't wanna pass on my genes. And that I'm fat. No one wants me and I'm totally fine with that. xD

  • Jade Chrysalis
    Jade Chrysalis

    As far as physical features go, freckles and red hair tend to be some of the only things that stand out for me. What I'm really attracted to is someone's aesthetic, specifically punk style and body mods like tattoos and piercings. A girl with a side shave and snake bites will turn my head way more than someone generally considered model attractive.

  • Add Infinitum
    Add Infinitum

    Hank I'm gonna be honest I haven't looked at the comments but asking people what they're into on the internet seems like a can of worms best left unopened

  • Aesthetic Yi
    Aesthetic Yi

    I have 92

  • John V4.2.1
    John V4.2.1

    I like girls with very girly voices they can slap me all day and I don't get mad, why body why do you think this is ok

  • Bongani Mahlangu
    Bongani Mahlangu

    Fat ass

  • Grace Coons
    Grace Coons

    What treat like I have know that hav all ways like bark hair and green or brown eyes. Why is that?

  • Humoud Aladwani
    Humoud Aladwani

    Would you change over time, like a new host would be nice and no offense

  • All in one!
    All in one!

    Hi,very hot video

  • Arthur Davis
    Arthur Davis

    Pfft his last name is Winkler

  • Maide Canyakar
    Maide Canyakar

    I am not satisfied with this explanation😂

  • Brittnie Little
    Brittnie Little

    Teeth. Feet. Hands

  • Shaynee Gokool
    Shaynee Gokool

    Smart men turn me on 🤓

  • Dirty Wash
    Dirty Wash

    I believe 1970s Las Vegas show girls evolved to look like peacocks

  • creepy whiteTrash
    creepy whiteTrash

    How do u explain homosexuality

    • Jose Jimenez
      Jose Jimenez

      @John V4.2.1 One in one thousand would be too many let's say 1 in 1 to 10 million cause if it were 1 in 1 thousand we would be screwed ten times over.

    • John V4.2.1
      John V4.2.1

      In men there is a there rare genetic mistake that they shouldn't get but they get from the female chromosome that makes then like men because that is what females like it is like one in a thousand though For the rest of men they are just to scared to date a woman For females it's all a choice but hey I can't complain cause oh girls, yeah they're great😍 well most😐 but still I'm in 8th grade so yeah I say girls doesn't make me a petafile

  • Roblox_lover

    you talk to much!😒😒😒

  • apenas um nome de canal
    apenas um nome de canal

    Sex for no reprodutive goals should be banned!

  • guitarherochampion92

    I just need somebody that accepts me for who I am and loves video games as much as I do 😀

  • Storm Lord
    Storm Lord

    For me, its all about age (preferably below 14) and tiddies

  • David

    Thicc ass

  • Carlee Maurier
    Carlee Maurier

    Prince Zuko and Todoroki with their giant burn scars, still pulling in all the fangirls/fanboys: "sounds fake but okay"

  • Erik Petto
    Erik Petto

    "If it's warm and above 40kg, it's good enough"

  • Leonidas446

    Anyone know where the references are for this episode? I tried clicking the link, but it looks like it's broken.

  • Mark Stockman
    Mark Stockman

    I'm a sapiosexual; I love people with huge brains.

  • Julia Prohaska
    Julia Prohaska

    Dear potential mate : Have an honest smile A spark in your eyes And be adventurous That is all I'll ever need.

    • John V4.2.1
      John V4.2.1

      I sound like me but my teeth are all out if place from adventures, aka falling on my face in the woods and getting into fights

  • Joško Bačić
    Joško Bačić

    "Male peacocks have evolved to look like 1970's Las Vegas show girls." Did u even consider the possibility that 1970's Las Vegas show girls have evolved to look like male peacocks???

  • Zzul Ma
    Zzul Ma

    The comment section is far more entertaining than the video 😂 and when a guy flirts with me but I am not interested I try to be polite,it takes a lot of courage to ask someone her/his phone number.

  • Devansh Rathore
    Devansh Rathore

    I'm Indian and I find Indians the most attractive.. especially ones with caramel coloured skin. I wish I had darker skin as well..

  • Jace Cavacini
    Jace Cavacini

    Um. Your 2016 pheromone video basically dismisses the pheromone part of this video. Maybe you should add an annotation to this one.

  • Sharonmxg

    Smart + Funny = sexy

  • Steven Kelty
    Steven Kelty

    *Correction!!* 1970's Las Vegas show girls have evolved to look like healthy, virile peacocks.

  • Grant Bartley
    Grant Bartley

    What's the most important thing you will ever do if you don't do it? Nothing?

    • Steven Kelty
      Steven Kelty

      Its to authenticate your free trial of Mcafee antivirus software, of course.

  • Wolfman Jack
    Wolfman Jack

    Pulse? Check! Why be picky?

    • Wolfman Jack
      Wolfman Jack

      Steven Kelty Alice Cooper fan huh? (Cold Ethyl)

    • Steven Kelty
      Steven Kelty

      Maby not even that ;)))

  • HenryHelpMe

    Life hack; use your previous victims to extract as many variants of pheromones as possible

  • Nona

    i wonder if psychological conditioning also plays a role in what we are attracted too... its always interested me why fashion has such changes and why we see out dated fashion as weird, ugly, or in some cases fashionable again. the idea that certain clothing choices are more sexy than others and why this idea is mainly centered around women rather than men is an interesting thing. why are fishnets more sexy than bare legs? why are swim suits modest but undergarments are not, why is a piece of clothing that covers skin modest but something that does not? it's all in our heads i think and the way advertising and groups of people behave. it's really weird and interesting, would love to know more about it all.

    • Steven Kelty
      Steven Kelty

      My fishnets bring all the fish to the yard.

  • Goroyo 9090
    Goroyo 9090

    Oh no

  • Sabando.USMC

    I got my girlfriend because I'm intelligent

    • Steven Kelty
      Steven Kelty

      Im a very effective goat trader actually.

    • Sabando.USMC

      @Steven Kelty Damn I didn't know you had to resort buying a wife

    • Steven Kelty
      Steven Kelty

      I got my girlfriend as a mail order bride, stop your showmanship.

  • I Am The Real Slim Shady
    I Am The Real Slim Shady

    The hottest guy on earth is Michael Jackson

    • I Am The Real Slim Shady
      I Am The Real Slim Shady

      Steven Kelty technically, he was undead in thriller

    • Steven Kelty
      Steven Kelty

      I was talking about the thriller!

    • I Am The Real Slim Shady
      I Am The Real Slim Shady

      Steven Kelty that’s not funny but instead very rude! Don’t you realize that joking about the death of people can hurt people?

    • Steven Kelty
      Steven Kelty

      Good news! I hear hes available on account of his being dead. swoop in for the rebound i say

  • Jason B
    Jason B

    Legit, I am super turned off by tattoos and piercings. What's the deal there?

    • Jose Jimenez
      Jose Jimenez

      You may subconsciously think that it's a genetic defect.

  • Shadab Khan
    Shadab Khan

    I like girls that like me I like no one

  • brayen brian
    brayen brian

    2:20 But I prefer ethnically Swedish girls (I live in Sweden, I see them everyday) but I am ethnically Kurdish/Turkish, I am genetically nothing like them, how come? EDIT: Wait, it has to do with how they smell genetically, got to watch the video again...