WORLD BOSS OMEGA 09 Vs Majungasaurus Triceratops || Jurassic World - The Game #5
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  • CassyYT WildCraft
    CassyYT WildCraft

    Im lvl 41

  • Thuy an Nguyễn
    Thuy an Nguyễn

    i level 19

  • WWR Pixonic
    WWR Pixonic

    You gotta be strong to be 75 hacker dude

  • marlon Diaz
    marlon Diaz

    My spinosaurus has reached to level 40

  • millarkaper 14
    millarkaper 14

    Rip majungasurs.triceratops:v

  • Thắng HC
    Thắng HC

    1 DNA haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa You fight with the boss but you get 1 DNA haaaaaaaaaa

  • Carl Johnson Carl johnson house
    Carl Johnson Carl johnson house

    Why the majungasaurus sound like a t-rex I don't know the creator of the game is just dumb brb

  • Masonplayroblox

    If you reach lvl 9 its hard thats hard for me

  • TheGamingKingGhidorah


  • TheGamingKingGhidorah

    He is hacking the game XD

  • Meiry Vieira
    Meiry Vieira

    Majungasaurus vs Omega 09

  • dino lover10
    dino lover10

    You should have hybrids to take down the project 09

  • jul bahena
    jul bahena

    I feel so bad the I’m crying

  • asha latha
    asha latha

    Where do you get those

  • Samantha Cigarroa
    Samantha Cigarroa

    i thought this was gonna be a 999 lvl dinosaurs

  • Oskar Rychłowski
    Oskar Rychłowski

    Ja cie zaierdole

  • Theronno how to play five nights at fraddys
    Theronno how to play five nights at fraddys


  • Pandary Channal
    Pandary Channal


  • Najaluay Ubon
    Najaluay Ubon


  • ChainedHeārt

    Lol i remember having level 40 triceratops and now i have a level 20 i-rex

    • Demon flare
      Demon flare

      I remember around 2 years ago I loved the prestosuchus, but I have the indoraptor and the mammotherium at this point of time

  • Perfect Blue Boy OP
    Perfect Blue Boy OP

    Is it just me or does level 40 majungasaurus look like it would be baby omega 09 ? am just saying.

    • Ender Acrocanthosaurus
      Ender Acrocanthosaurus

      Not just you.

  • Lance Soriben
    Lance Soriben

    Why would you fight a omega boss when ur weak

  • Isaiah Hernandez
    Isaiah Hernandez

    I'm level 75

  • Isaiah Hernandez
    Isaiah Hernandez

    I can beat all of you with my level 40 yudon and metrianphodon

    • Samantha Cigarroa
      Samantha Cigarroa

      Lol noobs i have maxed indoraptor , Yudon and metoposaurus

    • Gacha Deadly_Angel of darkness
      Gacha Deadly_Angel of darkness


    • Gacha Deadly_Angel of darkness
      Gacha Deadly_Angel of darkness

      Your dream Dino is a Yukon and metrianphodon

    • Gacha Deadly_Angel of darkness
      Gacha Deadly_Angel of darkness

      And I will send a screenshot

  • Isaiah Hernandez
    Isaiah Hernandez

    Bad dinosaurs I have the level 40 yudon

  • Stanciu Georgeta
    Stanciu Georgeta

    I have majungasarus att 3 stars

  • casey104

    im 100.00

  • casey104

    im cheat you are lost

  • fabian gaming 25
    fabian gaming 25


  • The training Football
    The training Football


  • vagin i
    vagin i


  • Josue Salgado Carbajal
    Josue Salgado Carbajal


  • Mr. ŠhøęsNBøõts
    Mr. ŠhøęsNBøõts

    9:59 1 DNA lol

  • GachaYT

    me LVL 76

    • Tấn Phúc Phan
      Tấn Phúc Phan

      crepeer wybuchowy555 max level is 75 dual

  • indominus rex
    indominus rex

    my majungasaurus koolasuchus and triceratops has reached level 40

    • Saudy Rivera
      Saudy Rivera

      Same but every other dinos I have and the indorapter are level 40

  • indominus rex
    indominus rex

    awesome battle

  • Pacman007Taiga


  • Ann Abraham
    Ann Abraham

    You are not cool boo

    • Harvard University
      Harvard University

      Neither are you

  • Viviana Simbaña
    Viviana Simbaña

    Yo le gane a omega 09

  • 哲老第 二頻道
    哲老第 二頻道



    oye lo jakiaste eres un puto jaker

  • lag spino lagger
    lag spino lagger

    me omega lvl 99999 indominus rex lvl 999999999999.9999999999999999.9999999999999999999o99999999999999889999999

  • Lukáš Wohlmuth
    Lukáš Wohlmuth

    proč čítuješ

  • Mami G
    Mami G

    The I am The best

    • Demon flare
      Demon flare

      Nubs, I got a max indoraptor

    • Paul Raynor
      Paul Raynor

      Second of all i have a level 40 pachygallsaurus

    • Paul Raynor
      Paul Raynor

      I have a a level 40 Yudon So you are not the best

    • Chantal Shore
      Chantal Shore

      Gema Interiano i have a idominus rex

  • Godzilla 2014
    Godzilla 2014

    I'm sorry but am i the only one who's just laughing? it's just funny that anyone thinks a majungo or a trike could stand up to even a level 1!

    • SirEpik Duck
      SirEpik Duck


  • Chris Hovland
    Chris Hovland

    I have a level 999 mjungsurus so I can kill it in one hit so yeah PS I hack my game

  • Brylan helepololei
    Brylan helepololei

    so easy to beat in a battle my nundasuchus will take you out

  • Kimi Tan
    Kimi Tan

    I woudnt advice putting level 30 commons againts the omega 09

    • Yazmin Hermida
      Yazmin Hermida

      Why did you put commons

  • Hi

    My mjung is lvl 30 how may food is lvl 30i forgot i need 1 more lvl majung 30 so i can get on 40

  • kind thoughts with Patty
    kind thoughts with Patty


  • Jeffy Jeffy
    Jeffy Jeffy

    Inmage he won xD LMFAO

  • Alesha Ali
    Alesha Ali

    I can easily beat you

    • gamer and cover of songs from jjba ya
      gamer and cover of songs from jjba ya

      iGameplay1224 yea is she sure _-_-_-__-_-_-_--__--__--_-_-_____

    • iGameplay1224

      +Alesha Ali are you sure? :)

  • Akatosh classified
    Akatosh classified

    i hate to say this but right now you are weak

    • dino lover10
      dino lover10

      I agrred

    • Paul Raynor
      Paul Raynor

      I agree

    • Godzilla 2014
      Godzilla 2014

      Akatosh classified extremely

    • Nicolo Joseph Punzalan
      Nicolo Joseph Punzalan

      josh bandhuaer

    • Akatosh classified
      Akatosh classified

      @iGameplay1224 i dont say because who gets killed on the first level of omega 09 only beginner players do

  • josep y ferchis
    josep y ferchis

    llora tengo más dinosaurios

  • monstersinmydreams

    How the heck all the 💰

  • S. From Brum
    S. From Brum

    Your not playing it right you can't do three attack two times or the over player will do three block

    • Kevin Wu
      Kevin Wu

      Conor Geering you are very dumb

  • audel gonzalez
    audel gonzalez

    Great job man

    • Kevin Wu
      Kevin Wu

      audel gonzalez you are awseome

    • iGameplay1224

      +audel gonzalez. Thank you

  • Hardy Dharma
    Hardy Dharma

    level 7 and you have 1,3 million bucks. How can ?

    • live boy
      live boy

      Hardy Dharma i think his a hacker😑

  • A N T H I X
    A N T H I X

    i know gaming beaver and i have strongest hybrid max lvl

    • CassyYT WildCraft
      CassyYT WildCraft

      Cool .Thats good,I now gaiming beaver 2

    • андеркрафт Санс
      андеркрафт Санс

      Yeah you have indoraptor or yudon lvl 40 (no you not)

    • Demon flare
      Demon flare

      @Gacha Deadly_Angel of darkness shut up you filthy animal. He is just proud about his park. Not like you!!!

    • Gacha Deadly_Angel of darkness
      Gacha Deadly_Angel of darkness

      lorcastarsailor you can’t even spell and you only have like a level 2 majungasuares

    • Gacha Deadly_Angel of darkness
      Gacha Deadly_Angel of darkness

      Guys stop lieing you guys will like have only a trike

  • A N T H I X
    A N T H I X

    and im talking to all of you i can conttoll animals