Yet More Evidence That Vaping Is Probably Terrible | SciShow News
Did you know that your body's fight-or-flight response to danger may, in part, come from inside your bones? Plus, another study suggests that vaping may impair to your ability to fight off lung infections.
Hosted by: Hank Green
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Fight or Flight
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  • adat smith
    adat smith

    Tobacco doesn't cause cancer. Thats absurd. Polonium in tobacco causes cancer. Thats why so much as putti g in in your lups gives you mouth cancer. Guess where these high levels of polonium came from? Maybe the 1000's nukes set off by the US government... Vaping has allowed millions to stop smoking.

  • Nunnles

    Vaping has issues, but it's incredibly sad to see SciShow promoting propaganda like this. It's CLEARLY much better for you than smoking.

  • B.B.C Gaming
    B.B.C Gaming

    so basically if I vape, I'll be coughing for like a week whereas if I smoke, I'll be coughing my whole life

  • Nick Darker
    Nick Darker

    Wow, way to spreadd misinformation "SciShow"

  • nicola dollard
    nicola dollard

    Hmm yes and cigarettes are better right all these teens in hosptial from vaping. Well they clearly cant afford proper juices so who knows where they r getting them from its so annoying. When cigarettes came out no one knew what damage they did people still smoke

  • Myrna Dragonchild
    Myrna Dragonchild

    Well that really reinforces the phrase “feel it in my bones” 👍🏽

  • Swanky Pants
    Swanky Pants

    You guys are stupid. Misleading title


    Suffered from asthma all my life, started vaping (CBD) around 2018 and have been asthma free for 2 whole years .

  • Sylvia Street
    Sylvia Street

    Starting at 3:58 about vaping has more information on it.

  • TheVapist

    Annnnd Cut.... that's a wrap.....and a DISLIKE those scientists I mean sponsored actors suicided those poor mice....cite the study(!?) not a pic of cells from a Wikipedia link. You anti's are soo strange.

  • Chuckle Honeybear
    Chuckle Honeybear

    Literally every scientist ever: VAPING IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH Vapers: ...but is it tho??

  • Chuckle Honeybear
    Chuckle Honeybear

    Vape supporters are like ant- vaxxers lmao, stupid and ignoring all scientific evidence.

    • FaberOfWillAndMight

      vaping is a new technology, what Hank fails to emphasize better was that simply changing the ingredients could make vaping almost harmless (besides high blood pressure).

  • Blueis Notgreen
    Blueis Notgreen

    "probably terrible" is what someone says when they are just what dries up from the regurgitate of pop mainstream trend science. Should change your channel name to SciFiShow

  • Amanda Kronstadt
    Amanda Kronstadt

    I have no idea why the U.S. government made smoking against the law but not doing drugs or vaping.

    • FaberOfWillAndMight

      Imagine thinking that smoking is illegal and 'drugs' are totally fine. A drug is a general term that can describe a deadly substance or a totally legal prescription or everyday caffeine. As for vaping zero casualties(excluding deaths due to stupidity like buying vape from your local drug dealer. or freak accidents).

  • Kartavian Macrath
    Kartavian Macrath

    I started smoking cigarettes at 13, and smoked from 1996 to 2012. After 16 years of cigarettes I would get bronchitis every August like clockwork. But when I switched to the e cig, I stopped getting sick, I stopped losing my breath when walking 4 ft. For me, e cigs saved me. But I have years of cigarette build-up in my lungs. Maybe that protects me from the infections caused by e cigs

  • Xerox Prime
    Xerox Prime

    Vitamin E acetate in e-cigarate is responsible for lung problem. But reality is legal e-cigarate doesn't contain vitamin E acetate. Here is the source where I get this Watch last one third section of the video for the info I quote.

  • andrew munz
    andrew munz


  • andrew munz
    andrew munz

    this is all miss-info. and i dont know what the agenga is bit it is dismissing tobacco, thc oil and all recerch that is known

  • andrew munz
    andrew munz


  • william Johanns
    william Johanns

  • Allways

    Cool animal cruelty thought we moved on from this inhumane practice hoe everyone that does tests on animals should be put on tests to where we can test different ways to destroy his life but kept alive

  • John Lee
    John Lee

    Just smoke oxygen

  • Dustin Brooks
    Dustin Brooks

    An incredibly misleading title.

  • Josh B
    Josh B

    Everything is bad for you and gives you cancer, who cares.

  • Brendan MX
    Brendan MX

    Yet another group of idiots getting on the bandwagon.

  • David Webster
    David Webster

    My God this channel is like CNN


    Wow what an effin idiot and an uneducated as the UK has vape shops inside their hospitals and massive studies massive studies proving that it is 95% safer than smoking cigarets. Let's just say my state government says not only that it is legal but pays for safe houses to shoot up heroin but yet vaporing is not OK and is probably safer than the air that you breathe when you go out and to your garage after you started your car without opening the door and we don't ban garage doors yet who has lost some brain cells now. People like you should not even be talking about anything you have no clue and what you're talking about and make yourself look very very effin stupid.

    • Thomas

      Are you British?

  • Paul Dana
    Paul Dana

    I have smoked 2 to 3 packs a day for 58 years and have never had any lung problems.

  • Keallei

    TIL about osteocalcin

  • Adam wiggins
    Adam wiggins

    Well granny was right... she really could feel it in her bones...🤷‍♂️

  • The Fried Man, Mark Carter
    The Fried Man, Mark Carter

    I assure you that cigarattes are far worse. This video was made by an uneducated twat. Cigarattes kill 1300 daily. No one has ever died from vaping nicotine. The illnesses and reported deaths were caused from vaping illegal black market THC cartridges, NOT from vaping nicotine. If you want the actual truth, watch the documentary " A Billion Lives" for free on Tubi for free.

    • Thomas

      Hmmm your account looks like a big tobacco bot

  • Victor Guivernau
    Victor Guivernau

    I've been watching SS for years, but this time I feel like I shouldn't... I mean, they crossed the boundary between science and street-level politics, "interpreting" results and kicking the whole non-sequitor thing right off the frame... Shame on you guys, I'll take this as a "strike", next time you miss the ball I'll unsuscribe...

  • Eris

    who's here after Duterte banned vaping?

  • End My Pain
    End My Pain

    It helps people who are addicted to traditional tobacco products. This “skepticism” about vaping comes across more like corporate interests trying to quash competition. It’s a shame that you guys are riding the bandwagon for clicks. Although given how you’ve been formatting your titles, it’s not much of a surprise.

  • Zachary Sturgeon
    Zachary Sturgeon

    Vaping is a public health benefit. It's harm reduction.

  • Malcolm Lee Pillay
    Malcolm Lee Pillay

    This video is ridiculous

  • Casey James
    Casey James

    Living is harmful in its own unique way.

  • The Sober Thug
    The Sober Thug

    Recent xray on lungs due to shallow breathing reveals some sort of scarring,but they cant work out what's happend.......still under investigation.. ..let me tell u this, I have been vaping for 5 years, last 8 months I have basically had the flu, always caughing, shallow breathing ect......I chose to quit 2 days ago, so were see......PLEASE, IF U FEEL SHALLOW BREATHING, GO TO THE DOCS IMMEDIATELY.......just because vaping is better than cigs, doesnt mean it comes with its own risks

  • Dipboi69 Yeeha
    Dipboi69 Yeeha

    The test for vaping/ smoking the scientists had the mice in the vapor and smoke for up to 4 hours straight every day which is not how people smoke or vape it’s usually a 10 minute period for every hour so the test was on a very extreme level

  • Art Emis
    Art Emis

    Thanks you re great

  • Jay Boh
    Jay Boh

    I'd like to sue your channel for misleading people. I'll be taking it into consideration and yes, it damn sure is a possible thing. You're spreading lies. You're lucky vape companies don't have time for you.

  • OtakuUnitedStudio

    I have a friend who had pneumonia 12 times since he started vaping but insists that it's harmless. It's true the majority of issues come from people using illegal or homemade liquid, but it seems like the lungs really aren't meant to be inhaling oil to me.

  • J. Botwin
    J. Botwin

    Propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, and usp nicotine or nicotine salts. That is the standard formula used by EVERY reputable vape juice supplier and it has not caused ANY lung disease ( lipid pneumonia) Also, the flavoring is usually P.G. based but sometimes V.G. based. All of these ingredients ARE water soluble and the CDC has labeled vitamin e acetate ( a not water soluble OIL) as the culprit. I think it is also worth noting that 13 of the 18 tested cartridges were also positive for an antifungal pesticide that, when heated, turns into hydrogen cyanide. 29 tissue samples, across 10 states were ALL positive for vitamin e acetate. For the first time they have found that, not just an overwhelming majority but, ALL tested lung tissues tested were positive for vitamin e acetate.

  • Teddy Mcminn
    Teddy Mcminn

    Smoking caused me to have a lung infection every year. I quit and went to vaping and it went away. For 5 years

  • Teddy Mcminn
    Teddy Mcminn

    You gave mice a 10000% more than a person would see.

  • Teddy Mcminn
    Teddy Mcminn

    I thought I blocked this, yet it comes back up 😒

  • Bren the Wizard
    Bren the Wizard

    Boooo 👎

  • Uhhh tf?
    Uhhh tf?

    All this news about how bad vaping is for you and we “must ban them!” Cigarette’s: I’m way worse lol, i’ll kill your ass for sure no prob. CNN: Yeah, but you bring in lots of money for everyone so you’re clean in our book! Cigarettes: So do you need me to prove how much more dangerous i am than a lil pg and vg? CNN: You’ve proven that plenty enough icky stick! Keep this a secret, but if mf’s don’t start dropping dead we gonna have population problems. And the fact that “The vape industry” isn’t involved with your guys at big tobacco like we try to consistently plow through the entire population to get them on our side. That means you’re losing money icky stick! If you lose money, we lose money! Fake news doesn’t pay for itself out here icky! Cigarette’s: (coughs) so like... it’s a good thing that i kill people to bring in revenue? You’ve got people who are hooked on me believing they’re gonna become a cancer patient after vaping? Fruity pebbles does that much damage? CNN: Just shutup and go with it, they’ll believe anything...

  • Atty-Tude

    The power of misinformation........

  • Roger Wilco
    Roger Wilco

    so its a interpation ,or a guess . if you give anything a lethal dose of anything they will die anyway.

  • viperdemonz jenkins
    viperdemonz jenkins

    we know the cause of these lung illnesses vitamin E acetate a component is black market THC pods. you really need to talk about that, instead of being a big tobacco shill.

  • amritansh rai
    amritansh rai

    When first I see this video I was first wandering how can bones release harmones.

  • Dr.FragensteinM.D.

    Such a douchey trend, I hope this curbs it a bit

  • Hanco Kamper
    Hanco Kamper

    The title is complete and utter clickbait - very dissapointing :(

  • J.P.L 79
    J.P.L 79

    It is about QUITTING Tobacco! A HEALTHIER ALTERNATIVE TO SMOKING! 95% Safer Sounds good to me from The Royal College of Physicians who have nothing to gain or lose by educating people about vaping compared to combustible Tobacco products. I will go ahead and trust them for now. Do the same thing with Tobacco and let us know how the mive are doing! Poor little mouse lungs! Equivalent of vaping out of a smoke machine!

  • J.P.L 79
    J.P.L 79

    So Vaping Regulated Vaping products are not 95% safer and up to 97% less Toxic! Seriously the Royal College of Physicians will want to know.

  • J.P.L 79
    J.P.L 79

    Quick! You should go give this research to Royal College of Physicians! Oh and also the British Cancer Research and Foundation. The British Heart Foundation and also The British Lung Association! They would like to know that they have all made a terrible mistake, before they convert more smokers to Vaping!

  • Georgi Georgiev
    Georgi Georgiev

    Don't smoke OR vape. How hard is it?

  • Ilan Weinberg
    Ilan Weinberg

    This is a harmful video. Please retract it. Just because e-liquid MAY reduce immune response (so a few persons MAY need to take antibiotics for awhile) doesn't at all disprove that vaping isn't much much safer than combustion ash, CO, ammonia, .. , inhalation from combustible cigarettes. None of the multiple cancers, or blood oxygen reduction effects occur in vaping versus cigarette smoking. Additionally, see 25 Psychonaut's comment hereto: The same e-liquid has been used in asthma treatments for years and contains antimicrobial properties that may nullify the immune response you describe here. Common sense, as well as other studies (UK, Swedish, other, health ministries), all indicate that water soluble nicotine e-liquid from certified vendors is much much safer than cigarette smoking. As well, nicotine has benefits for Alzheimer sufferers and as an appetite suppression compound in those who are overweight. You're doing the public a great disservice by producing half baked videos with very misleading titles (come on, "terrible", in your title??). Cigarette smoking is by far the most preventable cause of death and disease and vaping is potentially life saving and a great development for society.

  • Dallia dawagui
    Dallia dawagui

    Well it helped me to remove smoking cigarettes so i dont believe you guys